7 thoughts on “Pic of the Day”

  1. I have this toy decorating the top of one of the chalkboards in my classroom. On average, I get four kids a week (both those IN my classes and random passersby) who tell me that they either want to buy it from me, they want to steal it from me, or some combination of the two.

    …and it's really not all that great a toy!

  2. @jestergoblin: Yup, that's the line. I own the Link myself. He's a good figure, but I'd definitely love a new line of Nintendo toys. Not sure why it hasn't happened. Maybe they want too much money, or the license is all tied up with Japanese manufacturers.

    If a new line ever does get made, though, chances are it would be made by one of the big manufacturers like Hasbro, Mattel or Playmates.

  3. I remember when the Ocarina of time came out for N64 and the set of three zelda figures was an exclusive for preordering at Toys R Us. Getting Link, Zelda, and Gannon in a boxed set for preordering was amazing.

  4. @barbecue17: I'm pretty sure I picked up my Link at Electronics Boutique, back when they had all the videogame figures that would come out–Duke Nukem and Quake II and so forth. Most of the time you couldn't find those anywhere else.

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