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“A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, God said: ‘Let there be lips,’ and there were lips and they were red.” Every Saturday at midnight in dozens of movie theatres across the globe this line is shouted at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the quintessential cult classic films. It premiered in 1975, but performed poorly in theatres, until 1977 when it began showing as a midnight movie. The hallmark of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is the audience participation. At any given showing, you are bound to see girls & guys in makeup and fishnets doing the Time Warp, throwing rice & toast, and shouting obscenities at the movie screen.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical comedy which parodies many of the old classic science fiction and horror films. The setting is the small town of Denton, USA,, where me meet a newly engaged Brad Majors and Janet Weiss on their way to visit an ex-tutor and now friend, Dr. Scott. On their way, they have a flat tire, and recall passing a castle which they decide to approach and ask for help. Upon entering the castle, they stumble upon a Transylvanian Convention, and meet Dr. Frank N Furter, a scientist. As the film progresses their worlds are turned upside down and inside out as they succumb to Frank N Furter’s desires.

Over the years, the Rocky Horror Picture Show has had all varieties of merchandise such as t-shirts, poster, pins, bobble heads, and finally in 2000 Rocky Horror finally had action figures, er, sort of. Vital Toys began producing a line of Rocky Horror Picture Show figures to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the film, However, even as the film has lived on another decade and is approaching its 35th Anniversary, their line of Rocky Horror figures went the way of the ex-delivery boy, Eddie, in the deep freezer.

In the first wave of Rocky Horror figures, we got Dr. Frank N Furter himself, along with his handyman, Riff Raff, and his groupie, Columbia. Frank is wearing his outfit from the Sweet Transvestite number, a black sequined corset, black garter belt, fishnets, elbow-length gloves, a rhinestone anklet, and a pearl necklace. Riff Raff is wearing his good suit, well, his only suit. A black tailcoat, low-cut white tuxedo vest, half-finger black leather gloves, black pants, black boots, and a white spat on his left foot. Finally, Columbia is wearing a gold sequined tailcoat, a red sequined bow tie, sequined bustier, black satin shorts with metallic ribbon stripes, and black tap shoes.

Unfortunately, the sculpting is okay at best, the quality is below what we’re used to from Movie Maniacs and Cult Classics. They did manage to get some small details, such as the sculpted fishnets on Frank and the ruffles on Riff’s pant legs. That said, the most important part, the likenesses are just not quite there. Little Nell looks more like Lady Elaine Fairchild from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and while Frank vaguely looks like Tim Curry, Riff Raff looks nothing like Richard O’Brien. My biggest issue with these figures, beyond the facial sculpt is that they’re barely able to stand without their display stands. Riff Raff is actually slanted to the side, and Frank leans to the left too. Columbia is the only one who I can manage to get to stand on her own.

The figures also severely lack articulation. It seems like they have slightly more articulation than the Masters of the Universe “stactions”. Frank N Furter has swivel articulation at his head, wrists, forearms, and waist. Columbia has swivel articulation at her head, shoulders, waist, and thighs. Finally, Riff Raff has swivel articulation at his head, shoulders, waist, and wrist.

Paint is where these figures really shine. From Frank’s rose-tinted cheeks, to the dots on Columbia’s tap shoes, and the glitter in her jacket, bow tie and corset, they really put a lot of love into the details. The figures also really lack in accessories, despite the aforementioned display stands, the only other items included are with Frank N Furter, who comes with his Sweet T cape, and Columbia comes with her gold top hat. However, you could argue that since these are part of their costumes they aren’t really even accessories to begin with.

Despite all the shortcomings of these figures, as a big fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’m still really glad to own them. However as an action figure collector, they are rather disappointing. If a company like say, NECA or SOTA were to announce they were making new Rocky Horror figures, I’d truly jump for joy, and then maybe we could finally get toyetic versions of Brad, Janet, Magenta, and Eddie. However, until that day comes I’ll proudly display these on my shelf with the rest of my Rocky Horror collectibles.

PrfktTear is another child of the ‘80s, the first toys he can remember collecting are from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Chris also writes film reviews at

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  • I remember buying these toys at Big Lots years ago. I don't know what happened to Frank, but this girl I took Columbia. I don't think I ever picked up Riff Raff.

  • I picked these guys up on eBay, they're not too bad price wise. Like anything you've got to watch 'em pretty good.

    @dayraven: Heh, yeah, I was kinda going for the He-Man/Rocky correlation with that shot, plus to give them a sense of scale.

  • One thing I didn't mention was the three pack. The 3 pack Frank has the alternate head (which you can see in the picture of the three Franks together). I never said they're good, I'm just glad to hav 'em. How I would LOVE for NECA or someone to come out with updated figures. The 35th Anniversary is next year, they just held auditions in New York for a BluRay special feature. Maybe its something thats in the works to coincide with the Anniv. One can only hope, right?! 😉

  • but Janet… I'd get her.

    The bra and slip costume. Articulated.

    I remember when the Picture Show was really fun. It got a bit "dangerous" and crazed toward the end in my city. The vulgarity and stuff was taking the fun out of it. Too bad!! I like Meatloaf's appearance alot too. But it was a lot of fun for a long time. Ah… the good ol' days!!

  • Oh My browser edits words wrong….anyway dayraven do you dress like chick too?

  • i took to long to edit, sorry for the double post:

    Edit: Before everyone starts attacking me, I'm going to say this,I wasn't born in before the 70's hence no big 70's movies have interested me, I saw clockwork orange and it was overly-hyped (among others). Second I hate Horror Movies, I just think there lame, last one I've paid to see was Texas Chain Saw and like it. Thirdly my reason to attack a film i have yet to see; Musicals really? Those things can't any more boring….and annoying. And finally men that dress like females-gross, it scares me, why? I think of the prostitution that goes on everyday, how many of this tricks are men, and how they might get beat up by Homophobic men. See it's not that they dress like females, because if they feel feminine enough to dress like woman it's fine, but they don't dress like women they dress like hookers, which is representing women the wrong way. So yea Dayraven I don't like the movie but don't call me out either.

  • @CrazyZero What city did you see it in? I'm in RKO Army, we perform Rocky Horror and Repo! The Genetic Opera in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. I don't mind the vulgarity as much, but I find I enjoy the clever lines more. I've only been going since 2005, so I'm sure the scene has changed again and again. I'll admit though, the crowds don't quite quite have the energy of something like Repo!. I happen to play Meatloaf's character, Eddie.I'm only up there for about 5 minutes, but its real high energy and a lot of fun.

  • @George: george buddy, you need to lighten up just a tad… what i was picking on was your unusual typo… if i might hazard a guess, english isn't your first language is it? the word you were looking for is "tranny" short for transsexual. you said tanny, which in my twisted mind, is one of those unique kinds of retards who turn themselves orange by over-using the local tanning bed.

    and for the record, i've dressed in drag on a couple occasions, the favorite of which was wishing my college roommate a happy 21st birthday by singing "happy birthday mr president" marilyn monroe style while dressed only a petite pair of women's underwear and while dry humping the wall to our kitchen. needless to say, at 220 lbs (at the time) and covered in body hair, i scarred him for life. it was brilliant and freeing… you should try lingerie some time, you might just broaden your perspectives.;)

  • @dayraven: I'm sorry for acting soo Red in the Face, and OucH! wow, really, English was my first language, but it's hard to type from my I-pod; so i try not to proof-read everything I post. Although I do post very improper posts, and i try to fix most of them as best I could, I don't care much because its not my English Composition Class it is in fact a forum.

    P.S. I have dresses as a woman in high school and although it was very uncomfortable I didn't mind. (Opposite Sex Day Homecoming Week) But like I said I wouldn't pay to watch another man to do it as entertainment.

  • Its easy to mistake the word… I remember once several years ago I read a headline that said something to the effect of "BUSH FIGHTS TYRANNY" but I thought it said "BUSH FIGHTS TRANNY." 😉