Walmart on DCUC10


Pendragon’s Post got in touch with Melissa O’Brien, the Senior Manager PR & Brand Reputation for Walmart, and got the inside scoop on DCUC10 from Walmart’s perspective. It’s a great scoop and a fascinating read, and comes complete with a list of Walmarts nationwide that are supposed to be carrying DCUC10 (whether they actually have them in stock at the moment is another story entirely). Some of the more salient points from the piece include:

  • DC Universe is hard to keep in stock because it does sell out quickly. They do realize this is a popular item and it why they increased the order from 1,800 stores to 3,000 store.
  • They are considered a collectible and not a standard toy like GI Joe or Transfromers, and that makes for smaller purchasing amounts for DCUC.
  • They determine with stores get Wave 10, by the total number of sales in each store. The higher the overall action figures sales are, the greater the chance that store will get DCUC.

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  • It is very cool to see someone working to get to the bottom of this. Most of it sounds reasonable. Still, pretty odd for Walmart, a store that would kill its own mother to make a buck, would choose to take a product that they themselves claim is a hot seller and to order less of it. I'm not sure how offering this online would be any less fair to collectors or why walmart even cares as long as figures are geting sold and they are getting money.

  • I wish they would share a list of stores that are expected to carry Wave 10, but that would probably just cause problems. Not a single store in the Austin area has these yet.

  • @ Philip Reed

    Click on the Pendragon Post link and scroll down. They posted a pretty comprehensive list of stores that are "suppose" to carry it.

  • Saturday, after I saw this list, I found DCUC 10 at the Wal-Mart in Hudson, MA. There had been no sign of them there before, so i wouldn't give up hope that these figures will become more common.

  • All of the Wal-Marts where I shop and where I have people keeping their eyes open for me are on the list, but NONE of them have had anything beyond Wave 7.

    I realize no one is guaranteeing these figures are going to be in stock at the times when I'm in the stores, but to see 9 different locations on the list, but no sign of Wave 10 in any of them…it is frustrating.

    I'm glad though that someone was able to talk to a Wal-Mart rep, whether they disclosed everything or not.

  • Well, it looks like about five Walmarts right around my house will get them. I guess now it's just a matter of when.

  • Well, this certainly sheds a small ray of light onto things.

    I think I came really close to Wave 10 late Friday/early Saturday. I had gone to a Super WM in Coventry, RI, and asked the person stocking the shelves if he'd gotten any in. He was nice enough to check the little scanner gun and saw they had a case of DCUC outback (he did not say if it was Wave 10 or not), he went outback and looked for the case (was gone for about 10 minutes), but alas, he came back empty handed. He said he couldn't find it, plus there was too much Wave 7 clogging the shelf to justify opening up a new case.

  • Able to get get all thru trading except manBat. What a pain for those who haven't been as lucky. Would be nice if exclusives were available as sets on Would keep the tuffer ones from selling out first.

  • Well, that list explains why my Walmart I work at doesn't have them. NOT ON THE LIST. Which i believe we got one case of Wave 7 and wave 6 in June, and those are still floating around and they put them on clearance. I did figure we were not going to get any more in. I hate being right all the time. That report from PR is exactly the kind of explanation you always get from the company about everything. I guess I can stop hoping to find these in stores, since none of the ones in my area of the state carry them. I actually have almost all of them care of the great and evil eBay.

  • I'll be honest, I'm a bit worried about that list. It's just a giant list of Walmarts. It lists several Walmarts in my area that haven't had a sign of new DCUC in months.

  • I still don't understand why these aren't online… isn't that a haven for the collectors they claim are buying these? shouldn't that be their main outlet, as many people don't always have access to their stores? seriously, they defy their own logic…

  • Well, as I haven't been able to keep my "boycott Mattel" promise (my MOTUC Sub refuses to die – unlike some that don't want theirs to but have had them cancelled for no apparent reason….but that's another rant) I threw the rest of my self-esteem to the wolves and bought Bats and PG off of Evil Bay for about $19 a pop – which isn't as horrendous as I had been lead to believe the price would be. Heck they are going to hit $20 in stores before too long anyway…..

    Anyhoo, It's early days but that is nowhere near as bad as prices were for Wave 5 so either there are more of them – somewhere, or the desire for them has wained a little.

    That might be no comfort for those of you pulling hair out and burning gas actually trying to buy them at retail but I thought I would mention it.

    Oh, and WalMart, Mattel and logic don't really belong in the same sentence. Oxymoron has a Mattel logo next to it in Websters……..

  • I'll be hitting evilBay later in the year, I'll just have to bite the bullet and expect to shell out a few hundred quid.


  • I have three Wally Worlds that I frequent, and I saw one DCUC Black Batman in one of them, but no sign of any other wave 10. I don't collect the line but watch out for it for kicks. I was going to pick up that Batman but a kid beat me to him by three feet. On the plus side, it was an actual, real-life 10-12 year old kid who got it.

  • @misterbigbo: Wow, a kid actually got one of these figures? Oddly, that makes not finding these myself all the more stranger and ironic.

    I'm surprised no one mentioned the statement Walmart gave at Pendragon's Post that went something like: "we won't offer them online to be fair to collectors". Now there's irony!

  • So, 3,000 of the 7,000 Wal-Marts out there are getting this line. That is less than half. I'd love to see someone throw this in Mattel's face next Q and A.

  • Well, according to this list, the two Wal-Marts closest to me…one five minutes from work, one five minutes from home…should carry this.

    Both have 2 or 3 pegs of DCUC stuffed with Cyborg, Captain Cold, Mr. Miracle and Dr. Impossible. They have had these figures for months. Both of them did get in, and still have, the Gotham 5 pack…maybe there is hope.

  • Checked all six walmarts in my area this morning…. 1 wonder woman, 3 cyborgs, 1 mister miracle, 1 dr. impossible, a kid flash and NO WAVE 10. What a joke.

  • The Super WM nearby me was clogged with 26 Wave 7 + Cyborg and Batmany Beyond variants. Now they're down to 16… maaaybe in another month they'll start stocking 10!!!

  • I'm glad this list was released, it eliminated two of the walmarts I'd been checking out. I did incidentally find all of wave 10 at the walmart closest to me when I went in to buy something not toy related, and walked out with that something, a Joker, and Man-bat.