Battle Armor He-Man bio revealed


Mattel updated their Facebook page with photos of Battle Armor He-Man packaged. They also mentioned they’d received a packaged Battle Cat, but the package was so bent they didn’t feel comfortable showing it. Insert your own joke here.

On a side note: whoever writes the Facebook page should really think twice before writing a comment like “(anyone have the art book?)” Given what happened with the art book, it’s very easy to interpret that as a taunt–and there are people who won’t be able to read it any other way.

Other good news: they’re finally putting the names of the figures on the white mailers.

Here’s BA He-Man’s bio:

To adapt to new enemies and situations, Adam has learned to tap further into the great power which his sword unlocks. The combined Power of the Universe and the Knowledge of the Elders is used by Adam to imagine and create new forms of armor and weapons to combat evil. His Battle Armor was created to protect He-Man during his early battles with Skeletor and the evil warriors. Using the Power of Grayskull, He-Man, the Most Powerful Man in the Universe, is now shielded by his mighty Battle Armor!


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  • It really is a lot less fun having to change the chest plate every time you wanna switch his state of damage. Oh well. He's still cool I guess 😀

  • I think it's awesome that they mention his sword in the bio but don't actually include it with the figure.

  • These bios are about as important as a bus-timetable as far as I'm concerned but Lord help me I'm down for getting the figure – BA was my He-man as soon as he surfaced in the original line and it will be the same now.

    He doesn't come with the sword? Which genius green-lit that?

  • @Motorthing: Eh. I don't miss the sword–between my first-edition He-Man, my new He-Man next month, my King Grayskull and the stuff coming with the Goddess, I already have four of 'em.

    However, given BA He-Man's ubiquity with an axe and shield in MOTU art, I'm a bit annoyed the shield is missing. Again, not really, though, since it'll come with the Goddess.

    I suppose they're considering the removable chest pieces as accessories.

  • I actually enjoy these bios, despite some of the wonky names and little weird things they slip in there.

    I don't think I'll mind too much having to switch the chest plate. I'm sure I'll play with it a few times, but I think I'll go with the middle one as my standard for display. Though, I really won't be able to judge that until I see them for myself.

  • I don't know how to use the @ link thing.

    Poe, you can't use the sword that comes with Goddess, because she doesn't come with it, either.

  • you are right poe. i sort of felt the art book jab/joke was in VERY bad taste since alot of fans are angry about that. I am surprised they'd even mention it ever again let alone jokingly.

    the bio is sort of meh and doesn't explain why this set of armor is all that special.

    i am surprised that he is missing the sword. if anything i would imagine they would give him the sword since a harness, shield and axe come with the goddess. not too bright mattel….

    i DO however like that the armor damage is replaceable since i wont have to worry about a spring going bad a couple years down the line.

  • uhm… I'm the only one still thinkin' that he-man's head/face is the worst in the entire motuc line? all the other guys have wonderful "classic" versions of their original counterparts..

  • @Cobra1977 (cobra.creations): Actually I like the He-Man head. They can't do the classic cartoon head, because Filmation owns the likeness. I think the current head is a nice blend of the cartoon, original figure, and classic artwork depictions.

    But that's just my opinion.

  • Have they announced a Battle Armor Skeletor? I'll likely skip He-Man, but I could be convinced to drop another $30 for a new Skeletor.

  • @Thomas B: I would have rather seen the spring-loaded effect. I know springs can wear, but the trick was just too cool to ignore. (Those old diecast cars that used the same trick were also a lot of fun.)

  • @Philip Reed: They haven't announced a Battle Armor Skeletor, but he's a lock to get made.

    I may not get him, though. He-Man's Battle Armor looks bitchin' and yet functional, but Skeletor's always looked a bit too toyish(?) for my taste.

  • I doubt it – looks like his lower torso is sculpted armor smooth like Hordak's.

  • i have no doubt it is removable but i wouldn't remove it.

    all you'd be left with is a He-Man with a silver torso and no abs. lol

  • I like the figure, but it seems a bit crap not having the actual feature or his power sword….I mean its He-Man, he needs his power sword.

  • Regular He-Man came with a full sword and half sword anyway. I'll just give BA He-Man one of those.

  • 24.Scott

    11.03.2009 20.07

    Regular He-Man came with a full sword and half sword anyway. I’ll just give BA He-Man one of those.

    But not ALL the Collectors have a spare He-Man. (Assuming that they're unable to get the rerelease as well) They're basically screwed over. Had BA He-man come with the Sword, there was an excuse to get The Green Goddess. Now, there will be a swordless He-Man…

    He-Man MUST come with a Power Sword. That's like having Ghostbusters without Proton Packs.

  • my friend's older brother had the battle armor he-man and skeletor when we were kids. i always wonder if he-man slept over at his boyfriend's house and he is wearing that armor to bed instead of a big t-shirt. because no pants and huge bulky torso armor makes me think that.

    still i guess it looks cool.