Clash of the Titans remake gets figures from NECA


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I have very mixed feelings about the Clash of the Titans remake, as I’m a huge fan of the original. Yet I didn’t think I was so out of the loop as to not know NECA was making figures.

Anyway, BigBadToyStore has the main character, Perseus (played by Terminator: Salvation star Sam Worthington) for pre-order. It’s a two-figure set that includes a battle-damaged Perseus and a nice clean one.

Anyone know if the Kraken will be in the movie? I’m wondering if that thunder got stolen by Pirates of the Caribbean.

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  1. There was an article in Empire recently, and it seems that this movie is pretty closely related to the old school film. There was a reference to the giant scorpions being amped up. Give me Calibos!

  2. I'm torn because even if the movie is pretty sweet I think I'd rather have a Harry Hamlin Clash of the Titans figure than Sam Worthington.

  3. I remember Harry Hamlin reprising his role as Perseus in God of War 2.Looking forward to this film and the toys.

  4. Theres a trailer for it already. Harry Knowles called it "The best Iron Maiden video never shot." It's not a direct remake, Hades is actually the villian this time around but the Kraken is still being missused as the last Titan.

  5. I too am iffy about the movie… will have to wait & see, but I have a bad feeling after seeing the trailer.

    Regarding the toy… Neca, please stop fucking making "statue" action figures already!!!

    Seriously, does anyone actually care about this kind of action figure???


  6. mario, don't get too jhung up on the proto pic above… NECA has churned out some great articulated figs over the course of 2009 and i wager this guy will feature more than you think. but for real man, before you do blasting their articulation, check out some of their SF figs, or the raziel or ryu hayabusa or the COG soldier from GoW series 5… all have GREAT articulation w/ mad awesome sculpts… and at a price that SHOULD make mattel & hasbro weep.

  7. @dayraven: I hear ya, & know all those lines well… I own Ryu Hayabusa myself.

    My point is more along the lines of making all their figures similar in quality to the ones you've stated & steer away from cheap plastic statues. Leave that to Sideshow or Kotobukiya.

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