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Hasbro had one of the coolest contests ever that went under my radar. Basically, it was to see who could create the finest looking diorama on the planet featuring Star Wars action figures and holy balls there were some fantastic dios on display. You can currently vote on your favorite of the top five entries they received if you visit their site right here, but here are my two favorites:

Hoth Hanger:



Hot damn, who doesn’t love a good rebel pilot? This set seems to have a bunch of older ones though, which kind of hampers the set in my opinion. Also, this dio would have been over the top amazing with one of the big Falcons. Yeah, I’m a picky bastard.

Carbon Freezing Changer:



Now that’s some crazy ass attention to detail. Seriously.

Be sure the check out the other dios on the site and vote for your favorite!

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  • That I had the time and talent to create something as fantastic. Star Wars is still my first love in the figure world and these works help demonstrate why.

    I agree it's a bit strange that the Hoth hanger has such older figures in it – the "realism" would have gone up a lot of notches with newer more state-of-the-art pilots and a BMF, but I guess the guy has probably been building this over 10 years and he worked with what was available then, not now.

  • Most impressive! The carbon freeze facility is I think one of the most memorable scenes in ESB as it has nearly every central character (well, minus R2 and Luke….but they just landed).

    Ditto the contention that older figures ruin the display though. The newer figures are far and above the old.

  • I do love the hanger.

    I built my own out of polystyrene and a blue/white blanket behind my nan's sofa when I was about 6, so I have a soft spot for the hanger but I have to say, the carbon freezing chamber is amazing and has got my vote.

  • Those are my top two picks as well. I think the carbon freeze chamber picks up some more points because of the extra polish of all the extra light sources and the photography is really nice. You could be fooled into thinking some of those shots are movie stills.

  • Sith Reunion should win an award for funny original concept. But Carbon Freezing Chamber wins for execution, narrowly beating Hoth Hangar (in my estimation, at any rate).

  • I thought about entering the contest, but then I realized I have no time or talent. That is some amazing work. I voted for the carbon freeze chamber.

  • I agree with you 100% nerdbot. plus I love your name.

    XeQUae, I've seen your custom Lego Gunship lander, don't tell me you don't have talent.

  • Carbon freeze chamber, hands down. Amazing work.

    I did like the Sith reunion, too. The Count Dooku ice sculpture and "hello my name is Darth ___" nametags are gold.

  • SEE?!?!?! why isn't matty doing stuff like this w/ motuc?

    those are badassed!!