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If you’re a G.I. Joe fan, the Official Joe fan club is kind of neat. You get some nifty newsletters and pride in the fact you’re an elite nerd that loves G.I. Joe. Each year the club offers up two “free” figures to it’s members. You get to pick between either an old school 12″ sized Joe or a 3 3/4ths style figure. Last year I joined to get a pimped out gold Undertow figure, one of the most bad asses water based figures around. This year you can color me disinterested at best (which is a light shade of blue). For the 3 and 3/4ths figure we get Big Lob.


More like Big Yawn. Get it? I’m sure someone has been clamoring for this figure, but I have no use for him.

The 12″ inch figure is an Adventure Team figure called the Urban Adventurer.


That’s urban? He looks more like a pedophile.

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8 thoughts on “Paul’s Peg > The 2010 G.I. Joe Club Exclusives”

  1. Some Joe collectors have been wanting Big Lob for a while since he was in the movie but didn't have an action figure. Can't say I am interested but some will be.

    I still prefer the classics figure bodies to the 25th figures.

  2. Big Lob isn't a terrible choice. In fact he's a great choice to finish up some of the remaining 3 3/4 figures who were never made…

    The problem is, Big Lob is using Mercer's head. Which means he just looks like Mercer. At first I thought it was some weird mixture of Red Dog and Mercer.

  3. Yeah, Big Lob really is a good choice, despite the fact that some Joe fans don't care for him. Other than Pythona, as far as I remember, he is the only character to n ot get a figure from the original animated movie, so it really is a pretty big deal.

    I know quite a few fans who are ecstatic over this. Besides, would you rather have another Cobra Commander?

    I do agree, however, had this been in the 25th anniv style I'd be all over it.

  4. paul, i thought we were pals. all i can say is BIG LOB MAKES HIS MOVE

    i am surprised it took this long

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