Some Scareglow figures missing accessories?

Mattycollector came so close to escaping this month’s sale without a major hitch.

Members of the boards are reporting receiving Scareglows missing either the little black key that goes inside the Grayskull reliquary, or the reliquary itself. It’s too early to tell whether this is an issue affecting a statistically significant number of Scareglows. I’ll let you know how mine turns out when I get it tomorrow.

In the meantime, that bastard Crawford beat me to the review punch. Great photos though.

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  • What a strange mistake.

    Now Matty will tell us that the inclusion of the key and/or the reliquary accessories are in fact variations and a reward and reason for folks to buy multiple figures.

    Next month, only certain MOTUC orders will actually contain figures. The variant will be King Randor package w/ figure and w/o figure.

  • Wow, mine hasn't even shipped yet! My order is still "in process." Awesome!

  • ..That sucks if mine is missing the key pun intended…

    When I received my Faker figure I got 2 full swords and no half sword like everybody else did. So Matty is full of surprises…

  • Just got mine 5 minutes ago, & I'm pleased to announce that he is complete, & that the paint apps on his teeth are perfectly applied.


  • My guess is someone will find a warehouse full of keys and reliquaries and they'll be distributed among board members at fwoosh.

  • Mine is complete and is in excellent condition! I love the cape! I'm so glad that he made it into the Classics line!

  • Well, my Scareglow is intact and complete. So I'm not ready to say this is a major problem yet. It looks like only a few people have been missing the parts, and in a production run of tens of thousands a few such errors are to be expected (there have been plenty of doubled feet and limbs and so forth in MOTUC as well).

  • Yeah, it does suck that this has happened, but it doesn't sound like it's on the scale of the typical fiasco we've come to expect from Mattel.

  • I think its unnacceptable. We put up with enough crap to support an over priced toyline and Mattel repays everyone by either botching figures with the wrong limbs (all original He-Man figures had the shoulders on the wrong way round, some Skeletors had wrong legs etc) and now they are missing their accessories….with a line like this its the accessories that are helping sell some of the figures. MOTUC is a hih priced collector orientated line and no mistakes should be made with it, if it was a big mass market line you could see by a few mistakes but come on. Really, can anyone say they have had as much problems with a mass market toys made by Hasbro, Bandai or Jakks etc etc compared to Mattel. Mattel used to be great, and the past couple of years they have got crap.

    At least MOTU200X didn't have these problems.

    It amazes me when I think how they will handle the WWE line LOL.

  • "A few such errors are to be expected"? Well,why does Mattel need that excuse,yet noone else does? Seriously,have you ever seen a Star Wars or Wolverine or Transformers or what have you figure with swapped arms? Or limbs that came pre bent in the packaging? Or missing parts? Than why is it we all feel the need to examine a DCUC figure before buying it?

  • @Kid Nicky: Actually, I've owned Marvel figures and Minimates with plenty of problems. DCUC and MOTUC are NOT the only with roblems. Mattel can't ALWAYS control problems in the factory.

  • Overall, I can't think off hand of any figures I've ever purchased with mistakes or missing accessories except one G.I. Joe boxed set and a few DCUC figures with swapped lower legs and feet. I guess I've been lucky.

  • @Kid Nicky: I said "to be expected," not "to be taken lightly." My point was that the missing keys might not be any more widespread than other problems like doubled feet or broken limbs.

  • I have never h@Kid Nicky: I have never had any probs with Star Wars figures, and any I had with Transformers or G.I. Joe were only minor things like paint apps.

    Considering the price we pay to get these figures in the UK its a real turn off from getting other figures.

    After two bad experiences with DCUC Shazam and Superman I really would have to see them in person instead of buying from ebay.

  • So mine arrived today. Never got a shipping notification. But I don't even care. Scareglow is great, and has all his accessories. But that is not the great part. I had avoided this line until Teela because I really didn't want to get hooked on another line and spending more money. I planned to get Scareglow though, because I am a succor for glow in the dark gimmicks like he is. I debated for quite some time whether to get He-Man as well, then bit the bullet. I opened him up. He is a thing of beauty. I looked back at Michael Crawford's original review of him for comparison. My He-Man has none of the shiny plasticyness that so turned me off of the line back then. He is AWESOME! This is what he always should have been The matte finish on him is terrific. This re-issued He-Man is quite possible the greatest action figure I have ever owned. He is that good. I cannot get over it. I wish DCUC were this good.

  • well, my first time ordering from mattycollector. scareglow and he-man got here today praise muslim jesus.

    i figured it would be the case, my scareglow is missing the reliquary and the key. so how do i go about getting them or does mattel not play that "costumer service" game?

    pretty god damn disappointed.

  • @Reverend Ender: HA!! we have a new convert… welcome to the fold rev ender! i suppose now, you're stuck for at least skeletor next month too, right?

    i want to know how mattel will be handling this. for a 20 dollar fig, it really shouldn't take more than a single email to get a reliquary or key mailed out comp… lord knows NECA have done that, on cheaper toys no less. so let's see how this big stupid giant corporation handles their customer service.

  • Yes, Raven, I am converted. I will buy Skeletor next month, although I would REALLY like to see him redone with a headsculpt closer to what he looked like on the Filmation series and less "fakey" like the original, and now new, toy look.

  • I recieved the 2 subscription SG and they're both complete..however the teeth aren't so good on 1 of them..and there's a slight paint smudge on his chest. overall he is AWESOME!!!

  • @Andrew Davis: mattel should ABSOLUTELY reign in its factories when the figures are selling at $20 plus shipping plus mystery whatever tax. at that price point the line should definitely be of a higher quality than your typical mass market line, and certainly NOT of a lower quality. star wars figures have far less common manufacturing issues, and they are produced in much larger numbers.

    if they can't control their QC issues, they need to step up their customer service and offer replacements for poor saps who get stuck with misassembled, broken, or incomplete figures.