Custom MOTUC Eldor

Probably my #1 most-desired obscure MOTU character I’d like to see in MOTUC is Eldor, the old wizard who served as He-Ro’s mentor. Like He-Ro, a prototype of the figure was made but never produced. Due to his unusual design–the coat and the cowl–many fans, including me, have wondered how Mattel and the Horsemen could […]

Mattel-all for 2009

On their Facebook page, Mattel has posted a three-part (so far) review of 2009 for the various Mattel collectors brands. Part 1: JLU Part 2: MOTUC Part 3:  Ghostbusters & Movie Masters They’re all well worth a full read, and the MOTUC one in particular offers a refreshingly candid peek into the behind-the-scenes decisions regarding […]

AFT previews Battle Cat

Every so often, Action Figure Times catches my attention with a preview of some desired figure. That Captain Collector sure has some good connections. He has the Web’s first look at a production Battle Cat. The toy looks great–and it certainly dwarfs the 200X Battle Cat (no pics with the original BC, sadly). I try […]