Custom MOTUC Eldor

Probably my #1 most-desired obscure MOTU character I’d like to see in MOTUC is Eldor, the old wizard who served as He-Ro’s mentor. Like He-Ro, a prototype of the figure was made but never produced.

Due to his unusual design–the coat and the cowl–many fans, including me, have wondered how Mattel and the Horsemen could pull it off and still keep the new tooling to a minimum. However, thanks to customizer Hunter Knight, we now have an example. While there’s some extra sculpting on this figure I suspect might be too expensive for MOTUC–the boot jewels for sure, and perhaps the belt–and a MOTUC version would have a sculpted cowl instead of a cloth one, I think this shows a MOTUC Eldor is quite possible.

8 thoughts on “Custom MOTUC Eldor”

  1. nice custom.

    i can see them making the cloak/coat connected to the hood and all one piece and made from a rubbery material like they did with the question in DCUC.

    this would cut down on tooling costs. then all they would need would be a new head and forarms and maybe boots. the book accessory would be pretty simple

  2. Sorry, but "buff grandpa" just looks silly. This is a yet another way that 200X was so much better: that different characters could have different proportions and body types.

  3. Where can I get a copy of the awesome music from this review? I've looked all over for "Ominous Voice" but cannot find anything outside of people using it for action figure reviews! Anybody have any ideas?

  4. i love that music… and that custom. HA! i shout to the faces of the the naysyers, and HA! again, that custom rules… eldor rules!

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