Poe’s Point > Mattel says “Choose and perish!” on MOTUC bobblehead issue

I mentioned in my reviews of Teela and the Goddess that the pins used for the heads created something of a “bobblehead” effect. Well, in a post on He-Man.org, ToyGuru presents fans with the following dilemma:

Hey He-Fans,

We’re well aware that a lot of fans are receiving Goddess figures that have a “bobble head” effect. Here is the 411 on that:

In order to have removable heads, the pin used to connect the head and neck is creating the undesired effect. We’ve already looked into it and here are two options we can explore to correct this:

1: Make the head non removable on future female figures (no future females will have a second head option)

2: Use a larger pin, but lose all up and down articulation. Head will only move left and right.

What are your thoughts folks?


My thoughts…? Fix the heads without sacrificing anything!

Or if you’re not willing to do that, just leave well enough alone. I’ll take a bobblehead over 1960s-era articulation any day of the week.

If I was forced at gunpoint to choose one of the options, I’d have to go with #1, but I’d rather just stick with the status quo, which at least allows us to have both a ball jointed head and extra heads. I find the bobblehead effect to be a minor inconvenience (coming from someone who does enjoy “playing” with his toys) compared to the loss of ball jointed heads or alternate heads. But now Mattel’s gone and made this an issue, and we might get stuck with female figures with swivel heads.

The female figures have already lost the ab and waist joints, and Mattel skimped on the tooling budget for the Goddess and Evil-lyn by not making the feathers a separate piece. Sticking fans with a choice between a ball jointed head or alternate heads, however well-intentioned, is a crappy move.

Of course, the best option would be to use some creativity and, heaven forfend, a little engineering money to find a way to fix the bobblehead problem without sacrificing anything.

In any event, I encourage you to register your opinion–whether it agrees with mine or not–on the He-Man.org boards. Unless there’s a really solid consensus, I suspect that, inside Mattel, the inertia will be on the side of the status quo.

Now, I’m sure some of you are going to ask: “Is this the thing that will finally get Poe to stop buying MOTUC?” And the answer is no…not yet. Two reasons: one, I’m already on the hook for the 2010 subscription. And two, with the exception of the Sorceress, this issue isn’t going to affect any female character I really care about–Evil-lyn is already in production, and I was never a POP fan. However, if 2011 looks like it’s going to be a POP-heavy year and we’re officially stuck with swivel-necked women, chances are I’ll skip the sub and just pick up the male characters.

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  • blech, god forbid they spend an extra dime here and there. the bobblehead effect is annoying, but i can LIVE with it if it means having to sacrafice the articulation or the second head feature.

  • Hey, if people just hadn't fucking bitched about every fucking little thing, and then reached down deep to manufacture things to bitch about, maybe this wouldn't've happened?

    Oh, wait.

    That would mean toy collectors actually owning up and taking responsibility, and that'll never happen.

    Because spending money means costs'll have to go up, and you can't close your eyes and blindly grope through a discussion of MOTUC without some jacktard bitching about prices.

  • I seriously cannot see how they can't engineer a ball joint that allows for both the necessary movement AND the ability to swap heads.

    That's just a pathetic excuse.

  • @Andrew: I fail to see how people's bitching has an effect on why the Teela and Goddess figures have the bobblehead effect.

    I agree, a lot of collectors have been really nit picking about stupid things, like Teela's posterior and or just making blind assumptions, like the size of Battle Cat, and then complaining without any hard evidence.

    The only thing I can think is that its like the boy who cried wolf. You really do have to pick your battles. I think after a while the folks at Mattel may just stop taking collectors seriously with some of these things. I think something like this is a pretty valid gripe. I don't see why there isn't a solution without having to sacrafice articulation or a second head. I don't think it'll matter with too many of the female characters, though it'd be nice if they could possibly include a second head for the Sorceress.

  • i have to say i agree with Poe. over on the org i stated that we have to pick between the lesser of 2 evils when REALLY we should have had a third option…..FIX IT so we have articualtion AND swappable head.

    i can not fathom how these are the only 2 options available since both option 1 and 2 involve engineering new heads/joints.

    seems mattel LOVE limiting articulation well into the life of the line…that is right…i am looking at YOU DCUC figures!!

    it is appalling that they would give us these solomon's choices.

    if those are the option i vote NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!

  • How is it Hasbro can make swappable heads on figures in this scale (Marvel Legends) that work well yet Mattel is having issues? Does Man-At-Arms have the same problem? He has swappable heads but has anyone complained about him being bobbleheaded? Why can't Mattel apply the same construction and design method from MAA on the female body?

  • I think they just need to retool the neck peg so that it sits a little lower from the neck. The heads on my Teela figure, and those in pics I've seen online all sit a above the neck with a space, not over it like on the male figures. Just retool the peg and the problem will be sorted.

  • The problem with the Goddess that I opened was the bottom part of the peg not the top that the head rotates on. That seemed to be fine. So if Mattel intends to redo the top ball joint, it won't fix all the problems.

  • Of course it'd be awesome if they could fix this issue without sacrificing either but given the option, I'd go with # 1. I'd rather have full articulation of the head than have multiple heads. When you think about it, what female characters would actually merit an extra head anyway? Catra possibly to have one with her mask on and off but other than that I can't think of any. Characters like the Sorceress and Evil-Lyn would look silly with their 200X variant head on their original bodies… it's more likely we'll get bonus figures that are representative of the 200X versions instead (like Zodac and Zodak)

  • This. Is. RIDICULOUS.

    I have 4 Female S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on my shelf, and an Electra all with swappable heads. And they all work GREAT!

    The females I can think of that would use alt heads are:

    Sorceress (with head dress/red hair)

    200X Evil Lyn (white hair)

    Catra (mask and without)

    She-Ra (Filmation Style headdress/Toy Headdress)

    Double Trouble (2 faces)

    Glimmer (straight hair/curly hair)

    Angella (short hair/long hair)

    And thats really all I can come up with.

    But the real question is WHY CAN'T MATTEL FIGURE OUT A SOLUTION THAT DOESN'T COMPROMISE QUALITY?! It's beyond comprehension. They force us to accept (and pay for mediocrity).

  • AND upon FURTHER inspection… it's not the ball joint to the HEAD that's causing the issue… it's the pin part into the torso. My Teela is fine, my Goddess is like a hooker outside a sports bar.

    It has nothing to do with the HEAD… they need to make the torso connection more stable. Why am I saying this?

  • @ Andrew – taking responsibility for what exactly? Was your post missing the "irony alert" tag that I plainly missed?

    When I take over making the toys from Mattel then I might follow your "advice" but until that point I'll whine and bitch just like everyone else does about a pathetically incompetant Toy Company, who stangely enough have a woeful record on accepting responsibility for anything – until a Court makes them.

    If reading about Toygeeks finding utterly justified fault with their purchases is that upsetting then I suggest you go find something a little less stimulating – like the shippping forecast.

    And Mattel: You must be joking, so kiss my ass.

  • Well, MOTUCers, at least they asked you. As a DCUC collector, I basically get a swivel head now, even though the first eight waves had no problem with neck articulation.

    Why has no one brought up that these might be related (like a factory or design issue), seeing as Mattel makes both these lines?

  • By throwing out these two supposed options Mattel is hoping that everyone will cry out "No! Don't do either, we'll just settle for what we have now!"

  • my teela is just fine. i don't have a goddess. so i assume if they got it right with some teela figures they can get it right with all female figures without much hassle?

  • @The Flash III:

    oh no. you can bet i brought it up over on the org.

    it is AMAZING how many people, rather than thinking a 3rd option should be made just start voting for 1 or 2.

    it HAS to be something with their factory which is screwing things up.

    i don't see how engineering a new articulation for heads is cheaper than just doing a new neck pin?!?!

    if their factory is screwing up than just admit it. we should not be charged this much for figures and THEN have to decide which way we want our figures to be sub par to the ones they already made.

    in the end it won;t matter since they will do whatever the hell they want anyway and say "well the majority of people.." when in reality NO ONE is happy with either 1 or 2

  • I haven't taken my Goddess out of the package, but seriously… How hard is it to do a ball joint? Just do a round peg and make the heads fit that. Make it just big enough to hold the head but still small enough that with a little force you can pop the head off.

    Seriously, I could make that in 10 minutes. How can Mattel not?

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  • My Teela figure had the "bobble head" effect at first but after changing her head a few times it doesn't do it anymore. The Goddess is a different story. I hope the problem can be fixed without sacrificing anything else.

  • hey mattel, how about this option… how about i send you a hobo's dick cheese?

  • Who knows if the line will even make it through 2010? Between DR and Mattel fudging of the orders every month there are always going to be disatisfied customers. As the months go on, and the number of people that screwed builds up the figures won't start selling out and sales will probably decline.

    You can always except scalpers to pick up 10 of everything each month but when they're stock lays unsold, then they realize MOTUC is no longer a moneymaker. Leading to more lost sales and Mattel taking fewer risks and releasing 10x million more variants of He-Man and Skeletor like 200X. It becomes lose-lose for everyone and the line dies!