MOTUC Battle Cat: too small?

Poester Emerald has suggested that MOTUC Battle Cat may be smaller, in relation to He-Man, than the prototype. The basis for this is this brief appearance from Attack of the Show.

Thanks to member Tallstar for the video.

I’ll confess, I can’t really tell from this video either way, but it seems OK to me. Your thoughts?

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  • I'm so tired of how folk nitpick this line to death. There's just always something to "worry" about. Battle Cat looks ABSOLUTELY fine to me. His helmet seems to hold on nicely, too.

  • He looks similar in scale to He-Man as the original did to original He-Man. The perceived size difference may be due to the angles of the photos taken at the Con. I seem to remember none of them were profile shots.

  • They do look a little too small for my tastes, but to each their own.

    Battle Cat, on the other hand, looks fine.

  • Looks OK to me and I'm still getting two. Matty clusterfucks permitting of course.

  • hmmm yeah i bet it will be a clustercuss for sure, but i am pretty excited for battle cat and i will do my best to click on a little button at the right time and jump through the necessary hoops to get one.

    i'm not sure how big he is supposed to be but he looks cool! i have never owned a he-man/battle cat combo of any sort before

  • yeah people DO nitpock this line. there are some threads on the org o just have to pretend they do not exist.

    there was a time that EVERY thread seemed to be a "petition for xxx" thread. some of them wanted "more fierce paws" on BC. lol

    i think BC look just fine. he look pretty big to me and really how much display space do people REALLY have?

  • I think he looks fine! I might have to skip him and get him later on. I love the MOTUC line but it's expensive.

  • As a DCUC collector, MOTUC people should feel lucky they're getting vehicles. I don't care what you say–Battle Cat is a vehicle. Mattel says doing vehicles for 6" is cost-prohibitive, but I guess since it isn't a machine, they'll do it for you guys, so be happy!

  • I agree with the sentiments already expressed here. It seems like even when Matty does good people have to look for something to bitch and moan about. I've never really frequented the .org boards, I was for a while back when I was looking for figures in the 200x line posting updates and such in the sightings page. They're never going to please everyone. People are going to bitch about the price, the sculpt, etc. I've basically learned to ignore everything…

  • There's a big difference between needless nonconstructive bitching and posting an opinion different than yours.

    My opinion is that it seems smaller than the prototype at SDCC and that is disappointing if it is. But without a comparison pic to put side-by-side it would be difficult to tell. Holy Jesus people, let's not fill the thread-waves with bitching about bitching.

    Maybe it's Alison's over-sized head making it seem so small?

  • Sometimes I wonder whether the actual attraction to this line is the toys or the manufacturing and retail screwups?

  • @The Flash III

    Matty (or whatever intern was answering) denied vehicles in the Q&A's but trademarks for Battle Bones and the 4H saying in an interview they were interested in doing Dragon Walker seem to indicate otherwise..

  • Battle Cat looks fine to me from the video. I am very excited about him, and Trap Jaw. Trap Jaw is the only 200x figure that I never got but planned to, and I never had the original, so this one will be my first. Hopefully the insane sell-throughs are going to be for the main figures like He-man and Skeletor, but you never know because both of the Feb. figures look awesome.

  • There's a big difference between posting an opinion different than yours and needless nonconstructive bitching.

    I just viewed the picture of He-Man on Battle Cat at SDCC and the YouTube video side by side. My opinion is that they are the same size. Its all about what angle you're viewing it from and the context. It looks bigger in the photos because its enclosed in a glass case with only the other MOTUC figures to give any sort of relative scale. Seeing Battle Cat in human hands on a lo-res YouTube video is not really enough to convince me its any smaller. Alison Haslip's nickname must be Giganta then if he's so small.

  • Looks fine to me, but seeing is this is a Mattel product, I have few doubts that, once out of the packaging, it will revert to Cringer, thus proving impossible for He-Bloke to ride.

  • I don't see anything wrong with it.

    It looked awesome in the SDCC pics and it still does.

    I also find it higly unlikely that, since Mattel complain about how much it costs for new tooling, that they would make a large Battle Cat for SDCC then make another slightly smaller one.

  • i thought the 4 horsemen were sculpting this line on a 1 to 1 scale so that means BC or any other fig CANT be smaller or bigger than what is shown.

    they may be a slight size change between proto and final but not THAT much.

    either way i see no difference.

  • Ha, my opinion (bitching?) has been made into a much bigger deal than it ever needed to be. I'm easily convinced either way, it was just an offhand observation and one that if we were having an in-person conversation would have lasted all of two minutes. No harm no foul. And the Alyson crack was a joke.

    Let me put it this way: I would have liked a bigger Battle-cat. There. Done.

  • @Emerald: I never intended to do anything other than give you credit as the person who first brought the idea to my attention. And I don't think you were "bitching" at all.

    Frankly, if it did (or does) turn out Battle Cat is noticeably smaller than the prototype, then that would definitely be something worth bringing to everyone's attention.

  • if you look at the first image in the video with BA he-man standing next to BC you can see BC looks pretty dang big. at least it does to me.

  • Having seen the prototype at SDCC, and then looking at this video, I would say that there is no size difference between the prototype and the final production piece.

    He looks fine to me. February is gonna be awesome!