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  • Happy anniversary to me! Today marks the two-year anniversary of PGPoA, and I decided to splurge on some new graphics. Poester MechaShiva provided all the new artwork around the site. I decided it was time to update Poe’s outdated trenchcoat-and-glasses look to MechaShiva’s more exciting MOTUC-style Poe. At the same time, he also updated a lot of our existing artwork. And fear not, it was all done with Red Kryptonite’s blessing–her artwork is wonderful, but she’s a bit busy these days now that she’s going to be a published novelist. As always, a big thank-you to OB1 as well for implementing the new graphics.
  • I’m a bit surprised by the battle going on in the sidebar poll. New Adventures Skeletor? I thought BA Skeletor and IA He-Man would be way ahead of the others. Given NA’s lack of popularity, to those of you who voted for him I ask, what’s the appeal? Not judging, just wondering.
  • Can someone clarify for me what the “cool” Power Rangers that Bandai is doing are? Some sort of rare variants, I think? They’re supposed to be a sort of MMPR equivalent of Marvel Legends. What about those $16 “Super Legends” I see at TRU? Are those the same thing, or something else? Moreover, how many of you who visit my site are actually young enough to have been into MMPR?
  • I got all my Christmas figures out today. Most of them are from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but others include Ralphie from A Christmas Story, the Winter Warlock from Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, Santa Jack and some elves from NECA’s Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Snowman from McFarlane’s Twisted Xmas. Anyone else put out a Christmas figure display ever year? (Dwaltrip, I know you do.)

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  1. Happy..um…birthday I guess!

    I can't even remember when the Mighty Awful Danger Rangers first turned up, was it 1990 or something?

    Arrgh, I'm getting old!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Poe; the new artwork looks great!

    I'm glad to hear someone else puts out Christmas figures. I have about 15 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer figures (including the giant, furry Abominable that makes menacing noises) that I put out every year next to one of those miniature light-up Christmas trees. I look forward to it every year.

  3. Happy Anniversary!The new Power Ranger toys are based on the upcoming TV remake of MMPR with a new sleeker DinoMegazord and the team characters in decent sculpts and articulation.The Super legends are the same as Marvel legends,making better figures of key characters from the several eras of the show.

  4. Happy anniversary! I'm really surprised by NA Skeletor being the top vote– personally, I can't see the appeal.. to me, he looks a little goofy. What's with those eyeballs? I'd rather see the Skeletor from the live action movie.

  5. I also have a large collection of the Rudolf figs who only come out at Christmas. They usually get a small display area on top of a bookshelf or mantelpiece.

    Many of them (mostly the Elves) are a real pain to get them to stay standing!

  6. Happy Anniersary! I've come to think of this site as a sort of home away from home. It's kept me intrigued and informed, as well as sane. When I was out of work I think I must have visited here about sixty times a day.

    So are we about to experience MMPR Classics? I was eleven or twelve when the original show came out. I admit, I used to watch it occasionally, but I never really got into it like He-Man or TMNT. I never had any desire to own the toys, though the Megazords were kinda cool, but I think the reason I was attracted to them was that they reminded me of Transformers. I'm actually interested to see what this new MMPR show is like. A year or so back when they released the newly tooled Green Ranger & Lord Zedd, I picked 'em up, not really for nostalgia, but mostly for the novelty factor.

  7. With just having our first kid last month, this will be the first time in a long time that I won't be setting up the Christmas Town Display. As it turns out, kids are a lot of work. 🙂 So I am hoping to get back into the display next year or the year after once things settle down a bit.

    And for the Christmas Figure fans….there is some new stuff out there.


    Finally, they have come out with the Cowboy riding an ostrich misfit toy figure for Rudolph. He was on character that they just never did. I always assumed because it would be hard for them to get the ostrich to stand up well on two narrow legs.

    There are also some new accessories that come with old figures. If you buy Skinny Santa, you now get Misfit Scooter and the Misfit Rocking Dog in a gift box.

    And if you buy Charlie-in-a-Box, you get a campfire and Misfit Birdbear.

    Pretty cool additions.

    Timeandspacetoys.com – Rudolph

    Charlie Brown:

    They still have all the original, except they put them in some new poses and some new accessories.

    But the best addition is that they finally came out with a Franklin figure.

    Timeandspacetoys.com – Charlie Brown

    And if you have any interest in any of these new additions…..you should start looking really soon for them. I looked at retail about 3 weeks ago and I was able to pick up the last of the new Rudolph stuff. But I was never able to find Franklin, so I had to buy him online. So it may be to late to find any of the new stuff at retail.

  8. @dwaltrip: congrats! boy or a girl? my brother used to take pride in his Christmas decorations, but once the twins arrived that all went out the window. They're getting older now so I think he's going to start upping the ante again now that they're of age to enjoy the holiday.

    I was at Newbury Comics last week and was checking out the holiday toys, some cool Charlie Brown/Rudolph stuff out there. I was also checking out the McFarlane Twisted Christmas figures, the exact same ones that have been out for the last couple years. I have the Santa Klaws, I'm thinking about picking up Jack Frost or Rudolph this year to add to my collection.

  9. congrats on 2 years. i love the site and visit it regularly.

    NA skeletor is GREAT design! he was also featured in a cartoon unlike BA skeletor.

    all the other figures in the poll are just kinda lame and not even close to NA and BA in terms of design and popularity IMHO

  10. Happy anniversary! If you don't mind me asking, what is that penguin figure in the top of the pic from?

  11. Congrats on 2 years Poe! Here's to another 2 & more!

    Regarding NA Skeletor, I bet it's a question of people knowing that BA Skeletor will likely be made, so folk are voting for what they believe has less of a shot at a plastic effigy. Also, that new Warduke is killer!

  12. I put out a Christmas display every year of figures. Got a couple new ones this year. I'll be going over it all on the site in the next few weeks.

    Spiffy new artwork on the site. I envy you for having people who will help you with this stuff.

  13. Well, whilst I am far too old to have watched MMPR, I watched it anyway because Amy Jo Johnson had such a great ass! (And still might, for all I know!)

  14. Happy two-year anniversary Poe!

    The only Christmas Toy I've got is the Santa Spud I won here last year. So I'll be putting him out for sure.

    I'll miss the old trench coat look, but I fear change. The new art is pretty swanky though.


    All of the new art is AMAZING and I am DIEING for a figure of the New/MotUC Poe!

  16. i was in 4th grade when the power rangers came out , i loved them up until lost galaxy where it had nothing to do with the 1st 5 seasons or so ( sans bulk )…the toys are g.i. joe sized versions of the 1st season rangers and zords. I got all the rangers and the megazord , for 5.83 a figure and 23 or so for 5 robot dinosaurs that make 1 big one is pretty awesome…i wish they were like marvel legends , but this works

  17. I would put up a Christmas display if I had enough Christmas figures to warrant such an activity. As it stands, I only have a few, and they're all Nightmare Before Christmas related, so they hand out in my year-round Halloween shelf.

  18. Welcome to the terrible twos, Poe!

    First of all, NA is terribly underestimated. Glad to see it's getting some love.

    Second, I don't put out many Christmas action figures (I'm not really a fan of the Rankin Bass stuff). HOWEVER, I'm trying to recreate the Nativity scene from the Mr. Bean Christmas episode. Daleks are not cheap! 😛

  19. First, there are the Super Legends, which are 6" versions of the more famous Rangers from various series (Original Green Ranger, White Ranger, Gold Ranger, etc.). Right now this line is on hold, but the next announced character is MMPR Pink and Red Zeo Ranger.

    The $16 ones you saw are the Super Legends Extreme, which are just bigger, more detailed but less articulated versions of key Rangers.

    The newest line is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers line, based on the original series. A line of 4" figures, role-play weapons, transforming motorcycles and Megazord have been released so far.

  20. I think NA Skeletor gets so much love because there is a vast difference between him and the 80's/Filmation Skeletor we all know and love. My personal favorite is the "Disks of Doom" Skeletor he gets halfway through the season.

    New Adventures really wasn't that bad, a lot of people crap on it or ignore it, but I think as a series it holds out on its own. Its sort of like going from TNG to DS9, it was the same in some ways but also really, really different. I think had NA been given a chance to run for a second season it would have really come into its own.

  21. LOVE the new look! Beautifully done! And congratulations on 2 years! I love this site.

    @dwaltrip- does the boy have a name? Did he come with any weapons or cool accessories?

  22. Congrats on the two year mark, look forward to many more. The New Art is awesome, that being said, I'll miss the older art that was more abstracted from the source. Maybe you can have a retro week sometime and go back to it for a little bit.

    I voted the Ice Armor He-man, but I would love to see a New Adventures Skeletor(first version) with the cape and removable helmet. He also had a pretty nifty looking staff.

    I was in High school, but MMPR was/ is something of a guilty pleasure. I think Grenadier pretty much nailed it with his rundown of the line and the different ones you may have seen recently.

    No Christmas display of figures, but I do have a little gathering of ice and snow related figures.

  23. Congrats!

    I voted for NA skelly because I figured BA skelly was a given… but the new adventures, while far from my favorite series, had some interesting designs..

    also, I figured they do 200x he-man at some point, since it would be so easy to do, and I have no interest in snake teela or ice armor he-man (nice as the design might be, it was silly… I rarely want costumes so specific to an environment or something like that)

  24. @Mumma Ghostal:

    Yeah, I probably should have mentioned that my kid does have a name……Adam……Prince Adam???

    No cool accessories yet except, except he does have some cool action features, like shooting things from inside his body across my family room. 😉

  25. @dwaltrip: Gross. 🙂

    Hey, does anyone remember that guy who used to comment constantly? Like, three posts for every one of everyone else? He just vanished one day…

  26. turns out he was a toy troll and you offended him , and now he's crying because you wounded his soul..way to go poe…ha!

  27. I used to be into PR briefly when it started…only recently sold a 100% complete set of Megazord and Dragonzord…really wish I had kept then in a way.

  28. Ouch! Its hard to say what to sell/keep. I don't know whats worse, sellers remorse or buyers regret? If I had a never ending supply of money I would definitely buy a Mega/Dragon Zord…

  29. I always have a constant display of Xmas toys in the regular display, nothing extra at the holiday time. I do go seriously Griswald on the outside of the house though – there's eight deer, three bears, two penguins, a snowman/countdown clock, two large blue stars, two blue trees…and 21 strands of icicle lights, 300 lights each. Hey, I love xmas!

  30. How come there were never any National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation figures? Clark Griswald with a ball of Christmas lights, deflated turkey, electrocuted cat, and the model of his pool. The house could be a play set!

    I triple-dog-dare someone out there to make a gingerbread house out of the Griswald's home.

  31. I've had my eye on that 6" scale Megazord since it came out. I think its around $10 or $11, I just haven't brought myself to pick it up. As of right now Green Ranger and Lord Zedd are in the toy box, so I'm not sure how much I really need/want it.

  32. @Poe- Was that the guy who said he was quitting DCUC, and that this was a harbinger of doom for the line, because every line he quits dies?

  33. Haha… yeah, I think that was the guy. I think he said he sold off his entire collection and was collecting solely DCUC or something and then fumed about it because it was the only line he was collecting.

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