Any questions for Mattel?

Ask away. This is for the mid-February round.


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  • The packaging for MOTU Classics has always indicated that it is intended for the "Adult Collector" rather than the traditional age range usually seen on action figure packaging. Recently, DC Universe Classics packaging has changed from "Age 4+" to an "Adult Collector" label. Why the change? Does it have anything to do with the materials (paint, plastic, etc.) being used relative to US toy safety standards? Many collectors are allowing very young children to play with MOTUC and DCUC figures, so some clarification on this potential safety issue would be much appreciated.

  • Will DCUC wave 11 be coming back to or have we had our chips?

    Sorry, or is it gone for good?

  • I want a 4H Martian Manhunter in DCUC. Will you stop dicking around and make/sell me one please?

    Or words to that effect.

  • Is there any chance you could release something like a Ghostbuster 4 pack for people who missed the figures the first time around? You could, perhaps, even release it to specialty stores like comics shops and Toys "R" Us.

  • Why hasn't NECA come out with TMNT Wave 2? I really want it and am willing to pay MattyCollector premium prices for it. Can you talk some sense into them?

  • What would be the feasibility of a Starro C&C?

    The additional possibility of a small face-sucking Starro parasite as a bonus pack-in would probably be very popular among fans.

  • What is the future of DC Universe Classics on Matty when will this be clarified.

    Will DCUC singles be sold on

  • I don't have any questions, I just wanted to say that I love that new graphic for the question article. I find it really amusing for some reason.

  • Same as the above: "Will DCUC singles, including older releases and All-Stars, be available on

  • In looking at the He-man figure and I realized that his thighs are marked "L" and "R", why can't you do that with the limbs of the DCUC, because I still keep on getting messed up Parts.

  • @George: MOTUC has its share of mismatched parts, too. What Mattel should do is use different-sized pegs and holes on each side of the body, to make it physically impossible to attach a right arm to a left shoulder, for example. Toy Biz used to do this on their BAFs, so it's not unheard of. Of course, at this point it would involve retooling of the precious buck bodies they've amassed, so for that reason (and because it's a common-sense solution), I'm sure it's out of the question.

  • This may be an odd question, but are pieces that are symmetrical sculpted individually or is one side done and then "flipped" to produce the other? I've noticed that on Giganta's feet the sculpting on her left foot is sharp and detailed while her right foot is soft and almost cartoonish.

  • Why are you guys placing the excellent DCUC ball-jointed neck with full range of motion on a case-to-case basis? This should be the STANDARD for all DCUC figures!!! Let the collectors choose if they want the figure to use the full range of the ball-joint or not! Don't decide this for us!

  • I wish the Ghostbusters weapons weren't so soft & rubbery.

    Would it be possible to change the Ghostbusters Proton Packs to the material used for the DC figure Steppenwolf's axe/backpack?

    That way the hose that connects to the pack would still be flexible, and the gun wouldn't bend so easily.

  • GB-

    will we see any other SKUs for the GB line like we have for the MOTUC line with battle cat and the proposed 2 packs? if so does this mean larger ghosts?


    any chance of the matty lines making their way to toys r us besides the movie masters?


    wouldnt metron and his chair make a great exclusive?

  • is there any chance of seeing a WWE line of elite "classic" wrestlers, like andre the giant, king kong bundy, big john studd, haystacks calhoun, adrian adonis, killer kowalski, those kinds of guys? there are certainly enough names to keep the idea rolling for quite a long time.

  • @RocketPunch: HAHA

    I am the opposite. I wish all the packs were as rubbery as Egon's. My Ray's cable has almost torn off multiple times just keeping it stored on the pack. Had to add some crazy glue. Also the slightly stiffer weapons on mine hold their bends more. Egon's may bend easily, but it always straightens right out.

  • 1. When will we see The Music Meister as a figure in Batman:The Brave and The Bold? If you saw the episode, you know that his inclusion in the line is not a matter of "if".
    2. Brave and The Bold toys may not be aimed at collectors but you must be aware that a number of adult DC fans do collect the line regardless. Would it be plausible to manufacture a exclusive Brave and The Bold Black Canary figure? If it were to sell well enough, would you reconsider lifting the ban on female characters in the line?

  • Are there any plans to offer playsets (not beasts) or glow-in-the-dark variants for the Avatar figures?

    Will MotUC Optikk come with any other accessory that has not yet been shown, e.g. the Missile Launcher headgear upgrade that it received in the toons?

    Will Mattel make DCUC available on mattycollector to make it more available to international fans?

    Has Mattel looked into the possibility of offering die-cast (i.e. Hotwheels) versions of MotU vehicles such as the Attak Trak, Land Shark, Dragon Walker and Road Ripper?

    How does Mattel plan on handling the various different costumes of the Legion of Superheroes in the DCUC line as some characters have more than 2 iconic versions of their costumes.

    Will Mattel be previewing any new Toy Story figures at the New York Con on Feb 14th?

  • @dayraven: I'd also be up for some WWE Classics- Ricky Steamboat, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage etc etc.

    When are we going to see DCUC figures of Captain Marvel Jr, Isis and Apache Chief.

    Also I have no real interest in the line, but I was happy to see that The Secret Saturdays have all been released, not just a couple characters ala MOTU 200X, but the whole range, even here in Northern Ireland. Good job Mattel.

  • @Nik:

    That's another reason I wish they'd make the GB's equipment the same way they did Steppenwolf's. If the gun was a separate piece of hard plastic, and the hose soft plastic, the problem would be solved. No more breakages.

  • @Novelty, I live in the UK and can purchase DCUC from with no problems…

  • @RocketPunch: Agreed, but I can't imagine them changing their holy reusable tooling, so I'd rather go with the more durable material to fill that mold.

    But yeah, your suggestion would be the best possible solution.

  • Are there any plans to get more international shipping options? (being able to track the package would be a nice additon.)

    Have they considered the Sky Sled half of the Battle Ram for MOTUC? (There's lots of reuse since both good and evil used them and It's basically 2 pieces of plastic. I know a couple of people who would buy more than one)

  • DCUC : Seeing as though the following characters will will obviously be re-released over time, is there any chance you can do a softer (like Mantis's) more flowing cape for Superman, one that will fit and show off the yellow emblem on it better, and also a new cape for Batman that goes over the front of his shoulders?

  • I live in New York City where we have literally "the biggest toy store there is" in the Times Square Toys 'R' Us. They have not had ANY DCUC figures for months. Is there a reason for this? And please don't say that it's up to individual retailers to place orders, because if you can't get your toys on shelves THERE then they may as well not exist.

  • Sorry, could I modify my DCUC question to:

    Will Mattel make individual DCUC characters (including variants) from previous waves available on mattycollector to make it more available to international fans?

  • Is there any chance that we will ever get a Batman in DCUC with a new/different head sculpt? Say, pointier ears, different mask jawline, something like that?