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The February 1 answers have arrived early! Enjoy. –Poe

1.) Mario asks: Will a new retail or MattyCollector toy line be revealed at NYTF?

We will have new SKUs in existing lines, but we will not be introducing any all-new lines or brands at NYTF.

2.) Novelty asks: Does Mattel still have the original recipe to the slime from Slime Pit?

Yes, but it is top secret!

3.) Rusty Shackleford asks: Fans have expressed interest in getting more characters from Batman Beyond in DCUC. Any chance of this?

Yes, we do have more plans for Batman Beyond characters.

4.) Rich asks: Could I suggest a two-pack idea along these lines that could save you some tooling costs? A Dick Grayson Robin with a Super Powers repaint Penguin (you know, blue tails and rainbow umbrella…) and the robot penguin we’ve seen in prototype.

This is a good idea, but the Robot Penguin was never tooled, so it would be a bit expensive to do for a two-pack.

5.) Thomas asks: Will we ever see the all-gold modern version of Dr. Fate?

We did make a running change to Dr. Fate, but it appears at this time it may not have made it to stores. The request for change came a bit late and production may have been completed. We do have a few carded samples at Mattel so the change did happen.


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  • How did the change happen after production had finished? If they sent the request to the factory, and the factory was finished with the order… wouldn't they say "Hey Mattel, we finished your order already, do you want to order more?" How does Mattel not know how why/how it didn't make it to stores. Or does Mattel just not follow up on anything?

  • Carded Gold Dr. Fate coming soon to a Fwoosh forum giveaway near you!

  • Re: more DCUC Batman Beyond figures, if they make old man Bruce with a cane and Ace the Bat-hound I'll take back all the mean (but true) things I've said about Mattel in the past.

  • I found the Dr. Fate response Obtuse as well. Methinks this figure is in imaginationland with the modern Red Tornado variant and the Penguin's robotic accessory

  • Other than the slime pit, and the random Batman references, I really didn't know what you guys were asking about!

  • So the change to an all-gold Dr. Fate was requested and made at the factory, but they don't know how many, if any, were produced or when or if they will/did make it to stores? Is that right? Because reading that question confused me. Glad you got some samples Mattel–wouldn't it be better if people could buy them????

  • Mysterious Stranger: Amen on the old Bruce and Ace. There are a few villains I wouldn't mind seeing too, but I'd be a happy geek if I got an Old Man Wayne action figure.

  • If a toy is created in the factory, but no one from Mattel is there to see it, did it ever really exist?

  • Hey, remember when they said that a DCUC character with a skull was going to be made, and everyone assumed it was Atomic Skull? What if it's Blight?

  • Thanks, Poe, for submitting my question about Dr. Fate. As other poesters have said, I don't really understand their answer, but I appreciate you asking.

    @misterbigbo, your post made me LOL

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  • Can anyone translate the answer to the last question from Mattynese to English please?

  • Added the roundup. DAMN a lot of sites do these now. I bet I've missed one or two here and there as well.

    A few thoughts:

    Re: AFP — So it looks like the one-day sellouts for non-subscribers are going to be the norm moving forward. That indicates to me that the higher-ups at Mattel are still skeptical about the line. I may write up a Poe's Point or something on this, but if they're going to be giving subscribers the lion's share of product, I think they should offer a second six-month subscription for the second half of the year–say, right now–for people who missed out. Because it's clear the plan has changed and the subscription is now the business model, rather than month-to-month sales.

    Re: Pop Culture Network — Plans to expand the "Retro Action" line to other brands? That HAS to be MOTU…that'll be interesting, to say the least. I'm not sure I'd be able to resist a Mego-style Skeletor. This explains the whole "Retro Action" thing–it's an oversight brand, and DC Super Heroes is a subset.

    Re: Superhero Times — Looks like the DCUC SDCC exclusive will again have an SDCC-only exclusive. Gleekocalypse II? At least bring one for every set you're selling this time, Mattel.

  • @Poe: Re: AFP So basically they're saying the ONLY way to gaurantee a figure IS to get the subscription… which I suppose makes sense, but what happened to having a figure on sale for a week or two? I guess they'd rather make a thousand figures and sell out in a few hours than make two thousand and take a few weeks to sell out.

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  • From Superhero Times;

    2) Can you offer any hints on what this year's DCUC Comic-Con exclusive will be?

    "It will come with at least five accessories, one of which will be an exclusive to the show."

    It's Plastic Man isn't it?


  • Old Man Bruce / Ace would be awesome, but there are almost as many Batman Beyond villains as regular Batman villains I would want for DCUC.

    If they made me a Shriek I think I would actually squee a little.

    Man…I had totally written off the Deadman variant until actually looking at it on Fwoosh right now. I'm totally torn now.

    Damn it.

  • @Poe:

    – yeah this was a pretty big bombshell for them to actually say but not something i didnt suspect. i have always said they should a 4, 8 and 12 month sub program. if you sign up for the 12 you get wun-dar and map. if you sign up for the 8 month you get the map, etc. it could be tiered and have dif incentives for each tier.

    actually it makes good business sense. they can gamble on putting in characters like optikk and if he sells out like gangbusters they can re-release him. so no matter the popularity of a character they are not stuck with a dud.

    – it doesnt mean they may be mego styled. it COULD be a banner where they could re-release the original styled MOTU toys. that'd be pretty sweet, even though i have the commemorative line.

    – i bet it is plastic man and the extra piece is wither an attachment or his kid or that pudgy sidekick of his.

  • Well, I guess that means no Thundercats… for now. Thanks for poesting my inquiry, Poe. Also, looking at Warduke here… a Horsemen-made D&D line would melt my face off. God the '80's had great toys.

    I am pleased though, with the idea of more "Retro-Action" figures, whatever they may be. Hopefully they remain Mego-esque, but as Thomas B put it, re-issues could be swell too.

  • Batman Beyond:Return of the Joker,Brainwashed Tim as JJ and Old Tim Joker 2 pack please.

  • @Poe: do the poe's point dude… i completely agree. if the rest of us who were content to use their website, are getting marginalized, we should get that information BEFORE we've been marginalized!! instead, they took the orders and NOW are discussing a complete change to the previously stated business model. honestly, at this point, for the way they've treated us as fans thusfar, i'm STILL not subscribing, on principal, but i think most motuc fans would rather that than miss their figs.

    for the record, make sure you remind them that if they screw me out of the toy on their website, they're out the 20 bucks, which in the long haul, matters more to them than me missing the figure. i'm only gonna have to miss so many figs before i just quit trying entirely… and at this point, every buyer they have for this line SHOULD be precious to them.

  • Here's the thing guys… Mattel won't be adding new subscriptions. Mattel has absolutely ZERO INTEREST in making MOTUC easier for you to get.

    Mattel is intent on making x-amount of MOTU figs per month and all they care about is selling those figures as fast as humanly possible.

    Pre-sells, pre-orders, extra subscriptions, more time to order… They don't care about any of that. They never have and I'm guessing, they never will.

    It's silly to think otherwise.

    Mattel could be doing 100 different things to make the MattyCollector website better for collectors, but they aren't. And you know why? Because they simply don't F-ing care.

    Simple as that.

    They want it to sell out in an hour. They don't care that they could make twice as much money if they upped production. Mattel is interested in only doing things their way. Doesn't matter if it doesn't increase sales, they will do things THEIR way and their way only.

    That's why they see fit to do so much backwards thinking with MOTUC and that's why they do dunderheaded exclusives with DCUC at SDCC that cost them money instead of making them money. They don't care and they can't be told they're wrong.

    The sooner every collector truthfully understands that, the sooner we can all stop stressing ourselves out wondering why Mattel would do something so stupid/take our advice for a more logical and business savvy plan.

  • @Newton Gimmick: that's all true… and they are apparently right, as we as the fans, keep buying the toys and keep taking the abuse.

    but they're pushing my buttons… they're daring me to quit the line… and it's a dare i may take them up on… but it's a dumb dare, they have more to lose than i do.

  • Per Super Hero times

    "We have confirmed with design and, yes, indeed you will see improved head movement starting with Wave 12!"

    Per Michael Crawford's review of the first half of Wave 12.

    "None have ball jointed necks that do much more than turn, although you can get a little forward/backward tilt out of Eclipso's. I really wish we could get some proper posing out of these neck joints."

  • @dayraven: I already gave the line up. Last figs I got were Tri-Clops and He-Ro. Which are now on ebay along with the majority, I'm only keeping a couple.

    If these were more easily available at far more reasonable price point I'd be getting nearly ever figure.

  • @americanhyena…that's very interesting, isn't it? The Mattel reps are either completely stupid or complete liars. Either way, they clearly do not care about the fans.

    I don't understand how they can say that the movement has been improved when it hasn't. Don't they realize that eventually most of us will own these figures and we'll see for ourselves that there has been no improvement?

    Oh wait, that's just it, isn't it…we will have already bought the figures, so it doesn't really matter if there was improvement or not…they still sold the product.

    Then, we can bitch about the fact that they lied or don't know what's happening with their own products, all the while they're preparing the next bit of wool to pull over our eyes.

  • Wow I can’t wait for another Gleek fiasco! Maybe this time we will spill Matty’s blood. Yes… That will wipe that smarmy smirk of his face! Oh yeah and there will also be a DCU art book that will be limited to 1 per SDCC attendee unless your a Scalper then they will be allowed to buy a case of them! Mattel will then replace the dead Matty mascot with Jughead (Archie Comics) and instead of eating burgers he will will eat all the toys Matty Collector can’t sell due to collectors tired of all the games.

  • I have never ever ever ever EVAR seen one of the Batman Beyond JLU 3-packs at retail. I like in the greater Philadelphia area with a significant amount of Targets. I've even stopped at ones in South Jersey and Delaware, and those 3-packs were not to be found.


    Anyway looks like I'm off to my nearest Big Lots!