Bif Bang Pow to make Venture Bros. toys

First off, yes I know this news is like, so totally yesterday so shut up and lemme alone.

Bif Bang Pow, makers of the Flash Gordon and Dexter action figures, has scored the license to The Venture Bros.

From the press release:

First to be released from the line is a series of 7-inch scale resin bobble heads targeted for spring 2010. Action figures are scheduled to hit the market in the summer of 2010. These fully articulated figures will include the series most popular and recognizable characters including Dr. Venture, The Monarch, Brock Samson, Hank & Dean Venture and more. Several exclusives are also in the works. More detailed information about the products will be made available in the coming weeks.

It’s about damned time, no?

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  • For far too long there was a Venture Bros. shaped hole in my heart. Finally, my prayers have been answered. Brock Samson will immediately pussify 98% of my collection (with the exceptions being Snake Eyes and Optimus Prime).

    Can't wait!

  • Yes!! Finally, something to display next to the Venture Brothers LP.

  • So incredibly exciting. Will be even more exciting once we see some pictures.

  • nothing makes me happier… seriously.. it's my favorite show. I really liked the flash gordon figures, so I really hope these stay on model, in scale and are well articulated (but not necessarily super-articulated… they shouldn't over do it)

    my want list of characters is too long.. but if they don't make dr. orpheus and the triad, then there is no good in the world

  • Wow this is awesome news- I really want a Monarch, Doctor Orpheus & Henchmen 21/24 figs!


  • so damned existed i didn’t even finish what I was going to say…LOL. Out side of MOTU and DC from Mattel the last time I got this excited about a toy line was NECA’s TMNT and SOTA’s Street Fighter…Lets Hope that Venture Bros sells well enough to get to some of the secondary cast and a Helper bAf! I’m so excited!

  • can..not….wait….

    i hope they are well articulated. i wonder what scale?