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How’s this for total speculation? Here’s some possible new G.I. Joe card art that surfaced on 4chan.

Now the only reason I’m posting this here is that I would totally dig this art. I’m guessing that it’s probably a fake, but who knows? I really would love to see the return of a more classic card out, since I’ve never liked the Rise of Cobra stuff. I don’t expect a return to the look of the 25th anniversary style, but dang it all, I miss it. This is a nice middle ground that might catch my eye a bit more as I’m looking for toys I can’t afford. What do kids think?

Thanks to: The Terrordrome

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  • i like it alot.

    it is immensely better than the ROC packaging. it is a good update to the old school package.

  • Same. A good update & a fair "compromise".

    Might not be fake, though… it actually was posted on Hisstank a couple o' days ago & then mysteriously removed, so who knows. The post was that this would be the new card art starting in fall 2010.

  • Although I don't dislike the ROC packaging, as it's pretty good in it's own right (But fails when compared to the awesomeness of the retro packaging) this would be a decent modern update.

  • Hasbro are really doing a great job with the Joes….man there is so much cool stuff coming out that I really want to get.
    I heard on the forums that this card will be used after the Pursuit Of Cobra stuff is out or finishing/ or possibly alongside the POC stuff to get the other 25th and Resolute figures out.
    I like the design and if it gets me a Resolute Storm Shadow I am all for it :).

  • I just want to add this, I wish all companies would start packing figures normally. Whats wrong with just standing them straight in the packet, like they used to?
    All these dynamic poses my look good but it loosens joints and bends the weapons.

  • Nice update but the fact they're still stressing movie stuff sucks IMO. There's rumors about a new toyline based on a new series but don't have any clue direction it will be but most likely something kids-targeted like Sigma 6.

    Earliest it will launch probably 2011 since the Hasbro/Discovery Kids channel will launch in Fall 2010. They probably want to give it a year to settle in before having the Transformers and Joe series premiere. Quite a long wait indeed!

  • Rumors abound that the Pursuit of Cobra line (which boasts some pants-shittingly awesome figures, regardless of your thoughts of the movie) won't be released due to poor sales of Rise of Cobra figures.

    I hope it's not true; Sigma 6 and TransFormers Animated already died out form under me, and I don't want it to happen again.

  • They are bringing out a new HISS and it is awesome looking.

    If you notice the above card hard has no mention of POC.

  • @Fender Strat:

    having joe and TF NOT premiere on the new network woould be their biggest mistake.

    they need some big name franchises to get people to tune in. i am pretty sure they will have new joe and TF media up and running at the same time the new channel is up and running.

  • I have also noticed the newer figures are getting a new logo and doing away with the movie hawk/ eagle logo.

    I have heard rumours there is something going on with GI Joe and Jurassic Park LOL.