Skeletor reissue returns to Mattycollector tomorrow, 1/27

Just a reminder, the second sale of Skeletor reissues begins at 12pm ET tomorrow. Click here for the order page.

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  • In the interest of letting Poe know that I'm not growing tired of his MOTUC updates, I'm posting a comment here. I've already got Skelly, so I'm passing on the reissue. Is anybody that excited about the "fixed" left hand enough to get a second one?

  • @misterbigbo: I actually bought one in the first sale last month, in a moment of weakness. But once it arrived, I decided that the mediocre face-paint applications and the risk of loose ankles (compared to my tight-ankled original issue figure) weren't worth the risk, so I sold it to a local collector to recoup my costs (and that's all, believe it or not).

    I will say I'm pleased that both my Adora and my BA He-Man have tight ankles.

  • What is "fixed" about the left hand? And is there anything else that is different from this reissue Skeletor versus the original Classics Skeletor?

  • @Shawn: Instead of the "open" left hand of the original Skeletor, the reissue has the "tight" curled left hand of Zodac, so that he can hold the sword.

  • I kind of want to own this but due to my complete lack of interest in MOTU as a property it's just not worth the cost. $15 at TRU and I could see it as an impulse buy.

  • For what it's worth, Nik, I've got a few MOTUCs (and have handled all the rest), and Skeletor is easily my favorite. I think he does a fine job of standing alone if you don't mind laying out the cash.

  • MP Grimlock can't believe you did that.

    I'm so pleased I purged the completist urge right around the time re-issues strated to be mooted. I've already got two so I don't need another one – with or without a new hat.

    This circus can pass me by for a pleasing change…….

  • Meh…I think he looks better with the open hand.

    But then, I like red-eye He-Man better too.

  • Well that was EZ. I was done b4 the clock on my computer said 12:00. No chance Feb 15th gonna be this ez

  • Yeah super easy for me too. Though, honestly I feel kind of dirty for paying $30 for this fig.

    I'm done with the reissues though. Even though I caught all these guys the first time around.

  • Thanks, Poe! I almost forgot about this, and missed it last time due to a lack of funding. My Skeletor is ordered and I'll hopefully have it some time in the next three months! Heh

  • I was pleasantly surprised to find it still available to order when I got home from work, and to my surprise, it is still on order now. Maybe it's just people already got the original, or that they got it back in December, but it's great.