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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT Also, please note: I’m deliberately being over-the-top with my condemnation of these people–I don’t actually wish bodily harm upon them. Just severe mental anguish.

Today’s Toy Aisle Trolls comes courtesy of Poester Nik.

It’s from Walmart in Henrietta, NY. The box is of the currently shipping and somewhat hard-to-find Bludgeon from the movie. The figure is very desired because it is an update of an old Pretender Decepticon who was featured heavily in the Marvel comic. I am unfamiliar with the toy inside the box. It is not a Transformer at all. It seems to be a Zoid or zoid-like mechanical bull robot. It is definitely not a tank.

Well, whatever it is, he who put it in there is unquestionably a full-fledged, card-carrying POS. And so unto him I bestow this Karmic Payback: May his junk-food-filled gut be gored by a mechanical bull, spilling half-digested buffalo wings all over the floor of cheapest bar in town.

(Incidentally, how totally awesome is it I was actually able to use that post title and have it make complete sense? I bet that’s only happened a handful of times since the development of the English language.)

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  • indeed, that's a feat of cunning linguistics…

    you know, your transformers readers are likely to railroad me for this… but i think i like the replacement toy in that box better than i like the actual bludgeon. that thing looks sweet! and it's quite large. for the money, i think i'd rather have the bull.

  • That but that bull does not transform 🙁

    Plus, Bludgeon is the coolest! He is a Japanese tank that turns into a robot skeleton samurai!!!

    <3 Bludgeon

    </3 Toy swappers

    (Thanks for posting Poe!)

  • Poe Ghostal, the cunning linguist! If you can't say anything nice about this site, at least you can say it will enhance your vocabulary!

    I'm on the fence about Bludgeon, I'm sort of burnt out on Transformers, though there are still a couple I would like to pick up (I'm looking at you TFA Arcee & Hot Rod). That said, ever since I saw Bludgeon featured on Matt Willis' blog, I can't help but feel like I need it with every fibre of my being.

  • I don't wanna be here in your Bludgeon Dudgeon. I don't wanna be here, in your living hell.

  • Pretty snazzy language there Poe, I like how it references the Transformer as well as the type of content contained in the post. This makes me want to go out and get a Bludgeon toy now. Doubt I'll find one though.

  • Jeez, you guys really have it bad over there. Worst I've seen is some dinged up cardbacks, or some toys broken in the box after handling.

    I guess its our sucky consumer laws here. It takes a lot of talking to and some persistence to get a toy store to take back merchandise. Plus the fact that a lot of the employees seem to be as well informed as us collectors, it's kind of hard to put one over on them.

  • I actually agree with dayraven. im a TF collector and as much as i would love to stumble across a bludgeon i would just as (if not more) happily stumble across this!.

    pretty sure its a Dibison! always wished i had grabbed some zoids toys back in the day so damn would i be happy to find one o these!!! XD

    on another note. yeah.. they're still scum

  • Yes, that is the awesome Dibison from Zoids. The octagonal piece on its back wasn't included with the original toy, so that might be from one of the Zoids upgrade kits. I don't know what that that red missile is from, though. I never bought any upgrade kits for my Zoids, but I customized all their paint jobs.

    Toy Aisle Trolls really aggravate me with this stuff, but considering that the Dibison is already fully assembled and looks to have all the pieces and more, buying it might be a pretty good deal for someone.

  • I missed out on identifying Dibison, so I'll add that it's the US release. You can tell because it's got plastic horns instead of metal ones like the Japanese version (which is the one I have).

    Is he tough to find? I didn't realize. I might have to put mine up for sale; he's pretty much just collecting dust at the moment.

  • The DiBison is badass!! I'd be 10 times more likely to buy that then some random transformer…

  • if i had money and a way to send it to you I WOULD gladly give you $20 for that.

    i used to love zoids and really regret not picking up poys when they were around.

    on that note! does anywhere know where i can find cheap liger models ($20 and under) i would LOVE to pick some up. expecially the customisable ones.