Gygor – 100% new tooling confirmed

Though I’d heard Gygor was completely new tooling and not a DCUC Gorilla Grodd re-use, I wasn’t sure and wanted to get it straight from the (Four) Horse(men)’s mouth. So I did. Gy-Gor is indeed 100% new tooling. He’s much larger than Grodd, so none of Grodd’s tooled parts could be used to create him. […]

Gygor Attacks!

You’ll see this guy start showing up in the “Post a Comment!” rotation pretty soon, but MechaShiva came through on this guy with such badassery I just had to offer you a larger version. (Click the image to see it.) Of all the 2010 MOTU figures, I think I’m most excited about Gygor. Ask anyone–I […]

Guest Review > Solomon Grundy (Brave and the Bold, Mattel)

Solomon Grundy was born on a Monday, bought on a Thursday. Throughout various comics and animation, Solomon Grundy has been depicted as an unintelligent monster and in stark contrast, as a criminal mastermind. He sometimes is nothing more than a mindless zombie and is often used merely as a pawn for some other villains scheme. […]

Guest Review > Flexible Rod Display Stands (Whippy Superpose)

Poster GP writes in with his review of the flexible stands by Whippy Superpose, whose regular stands I’ve discussed previously on PGPoA. I’ve been trying for a LONG time to come up with some decent stands for the 6” DC and Marvel figures on my shelf. The peg hole only works so well, and all […]