Mattelocalypse 2010 Wrap-Up


So yesterday sucked.

I considered writing a super-snarky, profanity-filled rant, but then I remembered something. When I was six years old, I went to my cousin Mike’s birthday party, where he received the original Battle Cat as a gift. I didn’t have one yet, and being six, I sulked and threw a fit because he had one now and I didn’t. Basically I was a brat about it. But our parents learned their lesson, and that Christmas, when Mike and I opened our presents from each other’s families, we both got the MOTU Battle Ram.

It’s now 25 years later, and I think I’m a bit too old to throw a temper tantrum about not getting a Battle Cat. So I’m not going to. I got one off eBay for more than I wanted to spend but less than I would have spent had I waited another half hour.

(And let’s take a moment before indulging in an orgy of complaining about toys to remember the real disasters.)

Anyway, I do want to briefly outline my experience yesterday. I logged on to Mattycollector around 11:50 and immediately got the refresh screen. When I finally got through about five or ten minutes after, I put two Trap Jaws, four Battle Cats, one Man-At-Arms, two display stands and one Joker into my cart. (All the extra stuff was for friends.)

Here’s what I think happened. First off, I think there was some sort of screw-up with Man-At-Arms, so the system thought he wasn’t in stock for a few minutes past the hour. So that caused my first error, where Mattycollecto claimed something in my order wasn’t in stock.

On the second or third time I tried to submit my order, Trap Jaw had sold out. And by the time I figured that out and tried to put my order in again sans Trap Jaws, Battle Cat had sold out.

Here’s the funny part. On the advice of Rob from Topless Robot, I then went to BigBadToyStore to try to order a Battle Cat from there. I threw one in my cart, but by the time I hit “submit” guess what? Sold out.

I then went to eBay, where I barely managed to get in on an auction before all ten the guy had were gone. I ended up not paying quite double the price for Battle Cat, which seems almost like a victory at that point.

If there’s anything more annoying than a minor disaster like this, it’s everyone knowing it’s going to be a disaster and then having it happen anyway. Mattel has no exuses for how badly yesterday went. Seriously, in their rush to get their order through, how many people even used that coupon? I would have happily preferred a chance to pay full-price ahead of the mob than a coupon for eight bucks.

It’s not like this sort of thing is that unusual. Anyone who buys tickets for popular concerts or sports teams has been through this. The difference is those companies have worked out some relatively fair ways to handle these situations, such as waiting rooms and queues. At the very least, they’ve thought about it. And certainly anyone who has made some sort of prior financial committment–such as season tickets or oh, I don’t know, subscribers–get at least a small advantage over the general public.

For what it’s worth, here’s how I think Mattel should have handled this sale:

  • They should have offered a brief half-hour window of pre-sale for subscribers, who have put their money on the line for stuff sight-unseen and proven their loyalty to the line. But that would have required some sort of special password-protected ordering page (with one unique password per subscriber, like the coupons), and I’m sure such incredibly advanced technology is far beyond the abilities of Digital River.
  • They should have limited Battle Cats to no more than four five or six per order. I know many fans, especially international fans, get together to order multiples to save on shipping, but ten seems like a sop to scalpers.

OK, so that was mildly snarky, but it wasn’t profanity filled and I’d argue that describing it as a rant would be hyperbole. But take from it what you will.

The good news is I don’t see this happening again (unless Mattel makes a Castle Grayskull). Yes, there will be competition for Tytus and Gy-Gor, and certainly King Grayskull, but I doubt we’ll ever see something this bad again. Trap Jaw and Battle Cat are must-haves for even casual fans of this line. Aside from a new Castle Grayskull, I’m not sure there are any more iconic characters that will draw this sort of crowd.

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  • I completely agree that Mattel really bungled the sale yesterday, but I also agree that the chances are slim that this sort of problem will come up again. I'd guess there are more than a fair number of MOTUC collectors, like me, who are going to skip Tytus and Gy-gor. Panthor will be a bigger draw than either Tytus or Gy-Gor I'd think. Castle Grayskull would be huge, but I think the cost would limit some of the enthusiasm.

  • Nicely done, Poe. Yes, there are far more serious issues in the world than whether or not we get our toys.

    …however, that does not change how abysmally Mattel has treated the fans of this line.

    As far as whether we will see this kind of thing again this year, I hate to say it, but I disagree with you. I foresee major issues with She-Ra/Keldor, and possibly with Marzo. Mark my words (and remember I was right about the first release of MAA). 😉

  • I love how your ideal limit for BattleCat orders is the EXACT amount you were going to purchase. Apparently buying them up for resale is only bad if you do it a lot (i.e. more than three times).

    That said,Mattel knew there would be scalpers,and buying for a friend,and using the coupon,and whatever else. They advertised the hell out of something that would have been pretty popular anyway,limited the amount available (i guess they don't like making too much money) and set up a woefully incapable framework for selling them.

    I'm sure Matty's army will jump to defend,even Poe,who had to buy his from a scalper,is already starting to defend them. "Back when I was six my mom….." Please. This isn't a little kid asking his mom for a gift,this is someone basically trying to "win" a CHANCE to PURCHASE

    an item.

    "Remember the real tragedies!" has nothing to do with it,either. If I go into a WalMart today and ask where the items I saw in the circular are,can the manager say,"What about Haiti!?!?!?" Does the fact that bad things occur in the world excuse them from having advertised merchandise in stock?

  • @Kid Nicky: Actually I hadn't even intended to make the limit the same as the number I was going to buy, but you're right, that does look sketchy on my part.

    I was going to write that the limit should be two, but I raised it to four because I know many customers, especially international fans, get together and buy multiples to save on shipping. Even five or six would be fine, but ten just seems excessive. It's what allows the likes of BigBadToyStore to re-sell them (I suspect the way that works is BBTS has its employees all go in and order ten apiece, then reimburses them).

    As for me buying one from a scalper, that's my own weakness. As the owner of this website I felt it would be really sad if I didn't review Battle Cat until four or six months from now, or whenever they re-issue him.

    Or that's how I tried to justify it to myself, anyway.

    @Dark Angel: Unless they underproduce him, I don't think Marzo will sell out too fast–I suspect many casual fans (MisterBigBo, for instance?) don't even know who the heck he is. Keldor, since he's unfortunately a quarterly figure, could be a problem, though (to the point where I'm almost hoping some figure gets delayed so he gets dropped in as a monthly figure). But I still don't think it'll be on the same scale as yesterday.

  • I was unable to purchase BattleCat yesterday because Matty had an authorization failure with my credit card. The same credit card I used to by lunch that afternoon. So.. yea

    I spent well over an hour on the phone through holding and dealing with a woman who was difficult to comprehend. They reentered my card information exactly the way I had it before (which allowed a purchase of Adora BTW) and said I should see confirmation of my subscription in 24-48 hrs. I asked about the the sold out item (BattleCat) that I could have purchased if not for their system error. Their response was essentially "tough noogies".

    As Poe said, Mattel has made themselves a ticketmaster type of operation, only on a smaller scale. That requires more than just their rinky dink server and "add to cart" purchasing plan. And he's right, this was Trap Jaw and BattleCat, maybe the most recognized characters left for a MOTUC release. Luckily, they are going back into production with them.

  • Agreed. We shouldn't see this much hype until Castle Grayskull.
    Maybe Battle Ram if it were the first vehicle offered. But beyond this point. The "must haves" are narrowing substantially. Even She-Ra won't pull this big a crowd, and we already know her production number will be the next big jump up.

  • I think you've gotten the numbers right the first time. I really think that for the purposes of online sales, the limit should be two. One for MOC and one for loose (or one for a friend or one for a sale or whatever.)

    Yes, it sucks for internationals (myself included) but it is a far better solution for someone to get one or two of a toy and have to pay more for postage, than to end up with nothing (for glitch or otherwise) and see the finds go to the scalpers.

    People will still try and game the system but they would be much more limited.

    In any case, dude, I'm sorry you had to go to the secondary market so soon. For what it's worth, I think Mattel should just send you a promo of each figure for all the work you do in touting the line.

  • I agree with you Poe – but then I would – I said pretty much all of that in my reaction post yesterday.

    TG/Matty knew this was going to be a mess, no way in hell they didn't and yet still allowed it to go ahead as normal with the end result that chaos ensued and lots got screwed.

    And they are either happy with that as evil masters of demand manipulation/subcription inflation or totally and utterly incompetent.


    I do agree that demand may well have "peaked" with this combination of must-haves on the same day. She-ra and Evil Lynn might well approach it but pretty much nothing else coming down the line is going to grab collectors by the balls in the way that Trappy and BC were bound to do.

    Maybe that's the real masterplan behind yesterday's snafu – bring repeat business back hard for those that missed them on a day down the line when the draw for an instant sell-out isn't quite so strong – Optik anyone?

  • Wow, I didn't have any trouble yesterday. Until I read this I didn't even know there was an issue, so I'm sorry to hear anyone had these problems.

    That being said, I don't think having a window where subscribers get to buy things before other people is a good idea, because it sounds like more trouble, in that I foresee things being almost sold out when the clock hits 12. I think it makes more sense to just limit the amount of any item you can get to no more than three. It would suck for people who all buy together to save shipping, but I think the experiences Poe's describing illustrate that someone out there is buying large quantities of things they think will have value.

    I'm sorry for all the problems subscribers have had, but honestly that's why I didn't buy a subscription, even though I want Wun-Dar. I just didn't trust DR not to screw it up, and it seems that was accurate. Even next year, I doubt I will, even though I fully intend to buy every monthly figure so signing up for the line sight unseen isn't a problem for me. Sadly, it's less of a hassle for me to deal with the red screen of doom than to have a subscription and get them that way.

  • @Valo487: I had no problems at all with my subscription. That was the only part of this process that went smoothly. I got my renewal notice Monday and my shipping notice for Trap Jaw last night.

    Just to be clear, I'm very happy I have a subscription, because it means that even though I wasn't able to get an order through for Battle Cat in time yesterday, I didn't have to worry about getting my Trap Jaw at all.

    I wholeheartedly support the subscription system and I sincerely hope every MOTUC item Mattel offers next year is part of the 2011 sub.

  • I knew all along that yesterday would pan out this way, & that was the sole reason I picked up the subscription. C'mon folks, Trap-Jaw & Battle Cat on the same day!?!? It was as sure as death & taxes.

    When I was at SDCC last year, seeing Trap-Jaw made it obvious to me that I would have to go that route. He was just too good to risk missing out on. Granted, I pretty much want 85% of the original run & some stuff from the other incarnations/spin-offs, but Trap-Jaw was definitely the deciding factor in buying a sub. It's the surest way of getting what I want, & if there's a fig I don't care for, well, it's not like it's going to be to tough to re-sell him locally or online.

    The good news from all this is that Toy Guru has stated that Mattel will very much consider adding the "beasts" to the sub, so perhaps next year there'll be even less worrying.

  • I'm not a collector of this line (the price point keeps me away) but I can completely relate to the frustration many of you are experiencing. Mattel really seems confused about how to sell their own products. The fact that the collector's club and the Shop.Mattel are TWO DIFFERENT STORES is absurd. It's like they looked at HasbroToyShop and said "well, we can't copy this so lets split it in two."

    Honestly at this point, Mattel should make a tiered subscription plan.

    $240: Basic subscription, you get all 12 of the monthly figures.

    $300: Mid level, you get all the monthly figures and all of the bonus ones (there are 4 bonuses a year, right?)

    $350: Top level, you get all of the MOTUC figures released. All of them. If they end up releasing more figures then expected, you get charged the difference.

    The next big thing to do would allow for multiple payment plans similar to what insurance companies do. If you pay the whole thing up front, you get a discount of like 10%, 5% off if you pay quarterly and no discount for being charged monthly.

  • Yeah, I missed Battle Cat too. In the long run this should just be speed bump. I mean, can we say with relative confidence that currently the MOTUCs are the most demanded online collector figures? It took about 25 years, but is MOTU really number 1 again? Amazing!

  • From what I've read from ToyGuru, it seems pretty clear they will not be doing tiered subscriptions. It'll be one big enchilada–hopefully of everything.

  • I feel sorry for you guys who missed out. It's tough. This reminds me a lot of Sideshow's and Gentle Giant's woes when it comes to their exclusives.

    I think the limits absolutely have to be lowered. There have been a flurry of toy shows in southern New Jersey in the last couple of weeks, and I would say no less than four dealers at either show had an assortment of MOTUC figures for sale. Whether they sold or not is a mystery to me. I'd say 5 per customer would satisfy international fans and prevent scalpers from ruining the system. Because let's face it, we wouldn't be complaining at all if it wasn't for the people who try to use the hobby for a quick profit.

  • @Poe: That's too bad for me then with one big subscription because I'm not interested in bonus figures like Goddess or Battle Armor He-Man or for figures like Tytus or Gy-Gor.

    Of course, by next year a good amount of my favorites will be done so it may not be a big deal.

  • The speed at which people turn to scalpers makes me want to give it a try.

    If I can place an order then turn around 30 minutes later and double my money, that's a pretty tempting deal.

    Could have made $500 yesterday re-selling Battle Cats and Trap Jaws to suckers.

  • i had not had a problem ordering until yesterday and like other i had problems at the checkout. i have been using the same card i have used for EVERY figure thus far.

    thanks god i have the sub so i have trapjaw at least.

    like others stated they KNEW this was gonna happen yet didnt increase production when they should

    i see this happening a little for tytus and alot for ram man, castle greyskull and anything that was in the old filmation cartoon.

  • I wouldn't have minded a snarky, profanity-laced rant! That would have been entertaining to read. 😀

    But really, while your suggestions are okay (though I maintain that the maximum figure quantities should be limited to two or three), all Mattel really had to do to avoid this situation was to make moar Battle Cats. I've been saying it everywhere I go (largely in response to ToyGuru's comments about the Color of Fear 2-pack not selling well enough), but I really do not understand this preoccupation with things selling out instantly! Sure, there would be less scalper interest if figures were available on MattyCollector for weeks or even months — consumers could just order them from Mattel for the original price — but I think the additional sales to fans would outweigh the lost sales to scalpers and thus put more money in Mattel's pockets. Honestly, if I ran an exclusive webstore (especially one that only offered new product once or twice a month), I would aim to have products available for at least a month. Besides (largely negative) "buzz" — and perhaps increased scalper interest in the line — what does Mattel gain from having figures sell out in an hour?

    Also, Poe, shame on you for enabling the scalpers. 😛

  • @Poe:

    Wow, Poe, you read my mind. I only recognized Whiplash and She-Ra from that Toy Fair piece you did from when I was a kid. I also recognized Keldor from the 200x cartoon I finally saw a few months ago, but otherwise, Mattel will be losing the casual fan base with the upcoming sales.

    I've got a novel idea about the subscription. It wouldn't be good for subscribers to be automatically sold every MOTUC item produced monthly, because who really needs the rererererelease of He-Man when they've been completionists to date? Instead, how about every subscriber be given a login page, like I have as a casual buyer, and on sale day you get one of everything plopped in there? Then each subscriber gets 24 or 48 hours to purchase said items, or they get tossed back into general stock. That way a subscriber yesterday got a Trap Jaw and a Battle Cat, but could skip the MAA. I'd even subscribe, and gladly give my $20 fee as a convenience.

    By the way, Trap Jaw and Battle Cat are supposed to be confirmed as rereleases.

  • And on a secondary note, the Matty forum was a great idea. I dropped by last night for the first time to catch up on the disaster. It has drawn a lot of the Mattel sycophants and apologists away from the .org. Hooray for bitter old turds like me who like a good place to bitch and moan!

  • @Poe: The issues I was referring to for subscribers were the ones they had at the beginning, with subscribers not getting their figures until much later than people who bought offline, and if I remember correctly that wasn't the only issue, but I'm basing this on what I read on

  • I knew things were bad when you posted a comment on the Mattel board before I did. Seriously, if they can't get a Battle Cat in the hands of a website that promotes their product every other day and participates in Q and A's something is extremely wrong. And I respect your demeanor Poe, it is more than they deserve.

  • For the record, I'm pretty certain the 2011 subscription will not include reissues (or stands, for that matter). It will only have the new monthly, quarterly, and large-size figures.

  • @Wes: I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but if something sells out quick, they don't need employees all the time to work on the orders, they can slave them to work really hard for about a week and cut their hours saving the company (whether it be DR or Mattel) money.

    Its a big fiasco and well I'm glad I'm not such a big fan of MOTUC, but i know for a fact that my LTS will have my battlecat!

    Mattel well, there just ass-holes, there is no other way to put it. Its not even complaining anymore its a cold stone fact. Oh well, I guess I'll go get raped on ebay to get TJ.

  • So far I haven't seen anything to make me think this won't happen again. It's frustrating for me because we knew it was going to happen.

    And Mattel is a large enough company that they should have solved this problem several months ago.

  • @George

    That's a good point. If everything sells out right away, no one has to man the shipping area.

    I'm not a MOTUC guy, but it seems that Mattel is selling out every figure, reoffering and selling out again. What exactly is their incentive to stop doing it this way? They don't care who is buying as long as they sell out. If you have to buy it at a markup on a secondary market, it doesn't matter because they sold every figure they produced.

    Best of all, you'll all be back the next month. And subscriptions will sell out. people keep saying they will get out after most of the popular characters are gone, but I doubt it. They'll draw out those characters and force people to buy subscriptions because collectors will know that it's a risky proposition to try to buy in the 15 minutes a figure is available on the first day. They've done a similar thing putting big guns in the first 7 waves of DCUC, but drawing Martian Manhunter out until at least wave 15. People have been waiting for him and, in the meantime, collected all the figures and will be more inclined to do so.

    Basically, Mattel owns us and complain all we want, they're taking our money however THEY choose to take it.

  • What bugs me the most, and this happened to a lot of people, is that I had the figures in my cart and was in the middle of checking out when Battle Cat was sold out from under me. Ridiculous. I emailed mattycollector and got a canned response, "We're sorry about the error. Nothing we can do about it. Call this number…"

  • @George: Works in theory… but it's not as if MattyCollector closes during the "off" periods (there's generally something available), so they still need someone around to ship stuff — and I imagine there are people there all the time. Plus, (before they're processed and shipped) the orders are automated through the system. I could see something like what you described working for a smaller company… but this is Mattel.

    And again, people, quit enabling the scalpers! 😛

  • so… in trying to be positive about this, i keep reading about sales limits as a way ot help avoid scalping…

    might i suggest a different tack…

    cuz i know lots of small towns, small comic shops, some buyer consortiums, and international customers who use the combined order/combined shipping principle to save money… and they HAVE to to make the line viable, or shipping would kill their toy budget… and i'd rather they spend their money on product rather than shipping, personally…

    i think it needs to be pointed out that what BBTS does as a secondary retailer is different than what a "scalper" does… BBTS orders 100 figs a month and keeps a stock. they raise price to get a taste, but i wouldn't go so far as to say they're gouging people. and the service is worthwhile, as many times, they have stock after matty no longer does… it's handy for a new collector to have a trusted retailer like BBTS to go to for stock. why matty can't just make more and do themselves what BBTS is doing is beyond me… that's how a store works… imagine going a grocery store that's run like matty, where for example, they sell two packs of ramen noodles once a month and it's up to you to get there and fight to the front of the line… you'd nevershop there again.

    on the other hand, the average ebay scalper is in a tough spot… they buy for the sake of argument 10 figs… look at the secondary market for these figs, REALLY look… yesterday, battle cat was selling for 60 to 70 bucks, and may yet go a little higher… but i can go right now and pick up several figs for under 20 bucks. most auctions are going for around matty price, some a little more, some a little less… very few are what we'd call "expensive". so limiting figs per order would slow these guys down a tad… but are they really doing that much damage? there is less than one ebay page right now of battle cats… so how many scalpers are there really?

    if the goal is simply to prevent the secondary retailers from having so much stock, i'm not sure it's a great idea, but the answer isn't limiting figs per order, it's limiting orders per address. sure, BBTS could just break it up and make their employees receive orders to their home address and then bring the figs in to the store, but at some point, it ceases to be worth their time, and the increase they'd have to charge to make their money be worth their time would alienate a lot of customers who could find cheaper deals on ebay…

    the irony being, if you sent more guys to ebay for cheaper figs after sale, then there's be more ebayers buying figs to scalp…

    the answer is simple… matty needs to make enough stock to make both the ebayer's and the secondary retailer's efforts not worth their time. that's the only answer that actually achieves what we all seem to want out of this line.

  • I still feel ill about this whole thing, and what’s compounding things is that I have not yet received my shipping notice for my sub figure.

    I'm willing to pet good money that had they doubled the production runs of both BC and TJ (after they had covered their subs), whether they were 5,000 or 10,000 to begin with (and I'm being generous) that they STILL would have sold out in a record amount of time. Next to He-Man and Skeletor you're talking about two of the MOST popular characters in the whole series… yesterday's "success" was dwarved by the massive failure to supply enough product to the fans.

  • Honestly? I still haven't received my January sub figure. Granted, I chose international post, which takes 10 to 20 business days. Got the shipping e-mail Jan 16, so more than 20 business days have elapsed. Same for another order that got shipped Jan 20. Today's business day 20, and still no figures.

    And honestly, Mattel could've made more, and even everyone had gotten one, there would've been something. They can't do something without the torches and pitchforks coming out.

  • This is a good balanced article, and I appreciate putting everything in proper perspective, although I think there are a couple of extra points that need to be raised:

    – Browsing the many different forums and sites yesterday that were full of outrage, it quickly became clear to me that it wasn't just, say, a couple of hundred fans that missed out, it was in the thousands. That's a huge amount of collectors who missed out on the toys they wanted to buy, and also a lot of money that Mattel missed out on due to their poor handling of the situation.

    – I feel that the real solution is just to offer preorders of their toys; since their justification for handling the line(s) like this is that they're a collector product and thus numbers cannot be easily estimated, and subsequently must be limited, why not offer a whole week for people to preorder one month before the regular sale, ensuring that fans can get the toys they want and numbers can be estimated properly, then the live sale can still go ahead so everyone does get a chance to get what they want? I can't see any reason why this isn't an acceptable option except that Mattel wants to make a monopoly on these toys, which bothers me to the extreme – what would be their motivation for doing that? Selling an extra thousand on eBay for double the price? It sounds unlikely, but worse things have happened.

  • Is this so surprising? After what, almost a year of this and DR still has the contract it won't change anytime soon.

    Mattel is just another useless corporation that doesn't give a damn about the consumer – like Microsoft, Apple, Toyota Motors, Hewlett Packard, Sony..I could go on and on.

  • how about they just produce enough figures? if they're going to limit them so much, why don't they hold pre-sales BEFORE production to determine how many to produce?

    it seems like mattel WANTS people to have a hard time getting this line. like they WANT the line to be limited, collectible, desirable, whatever, rather than just something people buy and enjoy. they promote the secondary market by barely limiting the number each customer can purchase, and saying ridiculous things like WE'LL NEVER REISSUE HE-MAN AGAIN (then they go ahead and do it anyway).

    i really think mattel just thinks this is the way to do things. i think they treat their site-specific toys like lady gaga tickets or ferraris. as opposed to, y'know, toys.

    luckily i'm betting optikk won't have this problem.

  • I finally got my sub renewal confirmation e-mail today and I nearly cried. I'm not going to breathe a sigh of relief until that TJ is IN MY HANDS.

    Your Masters of the Universe 2010 Subscription – February Figure membership has

    been automatically renewed. Please note that your credit card statement will

    show DRI*MattyCollector as the merchant for this purchase.

  • You know,not to sound like a wuss or anything,I understand the way the world works,but what really bothers me about all of this is that MOTU is responsible for a lot of great childhood memories,is something I really loved as a child,and look back on fondly as an adult,and the way it's been handled as of late just makes me dislike it.

    It's like reuniting with a friend you haven't seen in years,but surprise! he's now an asshole.

    Again,I know it's a business,and Mattel's job is basically to f- the little guy and rip us off as much as possible,but I loved the line as a kid.

  • I still want the figure of He-Man himself, and Battle Cat looks cool, too.

    But you know what?

    I am (perhaps inordinately) proud that I have never bought a single DCUC or MOTUC figure; these threads make me want to randomly donate ten bucks to Hasbro.

  • @Poe: Thanks for not using profanity, although in this instance you'd be using it not to get laughs but to vent. I guess it's more acceptable to use profanity to vent, but you stayed away from it and I'm glad you did because it made reading your post a lot more easier.

    Back onto the topic, I think it's sad that even if you get online at the exact time you are supposed to on the exact date you are supposed to, there still isn't a guarantee that you'd get the figure that you want from matty, thanks to the huge demand for the toys. Everyone and their (battle?) cat are giving Mattel possible solutions to it. I say they should just dump Digital River and use Amazon or BarbiesRUs or some well know, experienced and proven e-tailer to distribute MotUC.

  • @Monte:

    I was going to buy the MOTUC 2 packs when they come out at TRU,but

    1. I'll never find them anyway.

    2. Fuck Mattel.

    Seriously,I'll just continue to collect stuff like Marvel/Star Wars/TF/Joe that doesn't actively insult me.

  • I saw a video some dude posted on Matty's Facebook, I can't tell if he's serious or not, but he totally flips out. Its kinda how I feel, but, wow. If only I had the link to post here. Its titled "F U MATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • @Ryan:

    I think that's an exaggeration. If you would count each individual person who complained on each board, I'm sure you'd count dozens, not thousands (and that's assuming no one posts on more than 1 board, which is unlikely).

  • I don't think it is – head over to Matty's forum and check the thread for individual people to post if they missed out on Battle Cat – there were 300 people at last count. From there, head over to, then to, even the Australian Collectors forum has large numbers of people who missed out. It is a HUGE number, which is a LOT of money.

  • I want to have your back on this Poe, but honestly? I think the worst is yet to come.

    The site only gets worse. It never gets better.

    The toys get better and so the chaos grows.

  • It reminds me, Obama could buy up and bailout Hasbro and then call Matty/Digital River before Congress tomorrow in DC for a hearing on their shoddy customer service.