Odds ‘n Ends > Super G Edition

It shows how out of touch I am with the DCUC scene that I completely missed the fact that the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle on display at Toy Fair had double-jointed elbows and knees. A very interesting development–has Mattel said whether this signals a new direction for the line, or if this is just something […]

Special Review > Emerald Energy Accessories (Spy Monkey Creations)

The other day I reviewed the Blade of the Demon King from Spy Monkey Creations, purveyors of fine custom weapons to the action figure community since 2009. While their efforts have focused on accessories best suited to Masters of the Universe Classics, with today’s set they make their move into Mattel’s other mega-popular line, DC […]

I spy Optikk in packaging

In what may be an ordinary reveal–or an attempt to divert fan attention from Tuesday’s fiasco–Mattel has posted images of the packaged Optikk, the MOTUC May figure, on their Facebook page. (Pics at the bottom of the post.)

Custom MOTUC Castle Grayskull update

Last year I posted some images of Joe Amaro’s awesome MOTUC-scale Castle Grayskull, which will forever remain unequestionably more awesome than anything Mattel would ever spend the money to make. Joe, who now handles product development for Jazwares and helped create the great 3″ Sonic figures, sent me an email to show an updated image […]

Evil Tyrant Lizard King

Good lord. I just had a thought. We’re already getting Tytus and Gygor, and Panthor and Megator are sure bets. Tytus’s bio mentions dinosaurs with techno parts. Does that mean we could get…Tyrantisaurus?! My nerdgasm for such a thing would be visible from space. I had the original Tyrantisaurus as a kid, and it was […]

Guest Post > Ed’s Toy Fair Videogame Figures Roundup

You all know me. Know what I do. So, you’re probably asking yourselves, why does Poe keep inviting his videogame enthusiast, Lost-obsessive kinfolk ‘round these parts to offer up n00bish takes on something he clearly know next to nothing about? That’s akin to bringing a Master Sword to a Hammer of Dawn fight… wait, that’s […]