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  • Now that the DCUC line has been labeled for "Adult Collectors" and retail stores are now ordering less, will Wal-Mart be getting even LESS of the upcoming exclusive wave…or have they already ordered a decent quantity for their stores?

  • Are there any plans to make other Dark knight movie masters that are fanfavorites? (ras al ghul, gordon, alfred, lucius Fox,)

  • Should DCUC Wave 5 prove popular and sell out, will Mattel consider releasing it yet again, as they do with popular MOTUC products?

    I just KNOW this is gonna happen.

    Also, each time the red screen of death descends, we are told everything is being done to ensure that it doesn't happen again. We've heard this, what, three times now? But it DOES keep happening. Can we be told exactly what Mattel and/or Digital River are doing to avoid such colossal customer realtion cock-ups?

  • Will the DC Super Friends Joker ever be released? Possibly as a MattyCollector exclusive like the DCSF Robin? What about other characters, like the Penguin whose pre-production art was shown a while back?

  • How come an item in a shopping cart on is not taken out of the available stock? This is common practice for almost every online store. I know there is a certain hype and rush surrounding mattycollector sale days, but you should at least allow unpurchased items to stay safely in a cart for short while to allow a patron ample time to add one or two additional items before checking out. Most people shipping that day know what they need, so I would assume 10 – 20 minutes would be an ample amount of time to complete an order without risk of loosing items you have already added to your cart.

    Suggesting that your customers purchase items separately to avoid the possible (and expected) sellout of items that should be safely in a digital shopping cart is unreasonable. These figures are already at the high end of price-point ranges for similar items. Adding a full shipping fee per item is absurd and wasteful.

  • Concerning WWE.

    When will we get any of the following figures.

    Brian Pillman- hart Foundation/ Hollywood Blondes outfit.

    Shawn Michaels- 97 out fit with legends/ elite articulation.

    Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Bret Hart.

    Owen Hart.

  • DCUC: Any chance of seeing more animated universe characters in the line like you did with Batman Beyond? (i.e. especially a bearded Aquaman a la Batman: Brave and the Bold)

    WWE: What determines which likenesses are available to made into figures? More specifically, would Mattel be able to make a figure of the the "most electrifying man in sports entertainment", the People's Champion, the Rock?

  • Since Masters of the Universe Classics reissues have been confirmed through at least June 2010, Tri-Klops being mentioned as not being reissued, Moss Man mentioned as being reissued in 2011, and King Grayskull coming in Q4 2010/December 2010, which of the following figures will be reissued from July to November of this year:







    Trap Jaw

  • My main thing

    Realizing final pricing is set by the retailer, the price of DCUC continues to climb while not adding any value to the figure, ie weapons or accessories. Other figures in this class, Street Fighter figures come to mind, feature sculpting that is as good and lower prices.

    We have also been told that with the release of the Deadman buck, most other bucks have now, more than I would assume, covered the cost for the molds.

    My question after all of this is, why after 2 years now, with the cost of the molds being covered, do we seem to be getting less and less from the figures at higher and higher costs??

  • @Dan C.: I believe Trap Jaw is supposed to be reissued sometime in the fall. I just pray to all that is good and right in the world that it is not on the same day they re-release Battle Cat! 😉

    @Spennicus: A bare chested, bearded Aquaman with a hook would be AWESOME-O!!!

  • Will DCUC Wave 14, the next Wal-Mart wave, be sold as a boxed set on Mattycollector?

  • DCUC: Would it be possible for your Classics line to make General Zod — the Terrance Stamp Zod??

    With the movie versions of: Ursa and Non??

  • mmmmm… DCUC for ADULT COLLECTORS EH!, so this is my wish list: Mr.ZSASZ,Isis,Dr Sivana,Female Furies, a classic Black Masc,Merlyn,Bolt,etc etc etc…

  • Would you attribute Moss Man’s incredible sell-out time to a lower production run, the fact that he went up for sale several minutes early, or was this an example of the Digital River system working at peak efficiency?

  • Are there any plans for Avatar figures in other scales, say 12-inch or 3.5-inch?

    MotUC Mossman’s scent is rather different from the vintage version. We were told that Mattel has the original recipe for the vintage scent but could not reproduce it for MotUC due to several ingredients being unavailable, and a number of substitutions were made. Could Mattel tell us, without going into specifics, how many ingredients were substituted, how many were omitted, how many were added and how many had their quantities increased or decreased.

    Will DCUC Legion of Superheroes be part of the DCUC main line (i.e. figures released with other DCU figures) or will they have their own release waves (i.e. all figures in a wave will be LSH related)?

    Are there any plans for a Stay Puff Marshmellow man action figure with glow in the dark eyes?

  • why did they use water soluble glue on Moss Man and what are they going to do when the people that own him start having issues in the summer when it is humid and he starts to shed?

  • The interchangeable heads on the SDCC exclusive JLU green lantern three pack was a brilliant move! Even as an adult I have a fun time "playing" with this feature. Would you consider expanding the concept by using similar plugs on the arms and legs of all future JLU figures? Besides the inherent play value for children, it would also be a feature that would make customizers very happy…

    2nd question:

    In light of your previous statement that non-batman characters are not selling well in the Brave & The Bold line would you consider re-branding JLU to rejuvenate and expand the life of both lines?

    Since the JLU character selection has already expanded beyond the show with the Superfreinds and comic theme repaints it is time to re-evaluate the name of the JLU line anyway. The figures are already very similar in style. Not much would have to change to incorporate B&tB designs on the JLU base bodies. The long term success of the JLU line has proven that it can carry a wide range of character selection, (something B&TB has failed to do) yet the list of big names and fan demanded characters are dwindling. This would be a great way to refresh some of the big names in new costumes while incorporating new characters into the line. Most importantly this would get "JLU" back to retail outside Target and (hopefully) a return to a more financially reasonable price point for fan boy collectors, children and socker mom's alike…

  • Are there any plans to continue the Avatar Movie Masters line? So far, we only have 3 characters. Are 2-packs a possibility? It would be really great to get Grace Augustine or Norm with their respective Na’vi figures in a pack.

  • DCUC: Would it be possible for your Classics line to make General Zod — the Terrance Stamp Zod??

    With the movie versions of: Ursa and Non??

    I just wanted to add that "these" renditions of the 3 Kryptonian villains seem the real "Classic" versions … and we even see the Stamp Zod as a Mattel 12" figure.

  • @ The Flash III

    Wave 5, the first Walmart exclusive wave, is being reissued on MattyCollector. Perhaps Atomxero wonders if Wave 14 would receive a similar treatment some time after it's no longer available in stores.

  • tytus' description states specifically "fully articulated", yet it's pretty obvious from the pictures that this phrase does NOT mean "as articulated as other MOTUCS." can we get a final count as how well/where tytus is actually articulated? is the plan to keep that articulation & rotocast feature for a potential megator figure, should one get made?

  • Do you have any plans to add checkmark boxes to all items on the "full sales list" page and an "add all to cart" button to make it easier on days where several hot items are available?

  • 1) You said a while back that there wasn't sufficient demand outside the US to have non-US distribution centers, but that you would review it later. Due to increasing purchases, is this a possibility now? (Specifically for the UK?)

    2) Will we see any Evil Horde or Snake Men in 2010?

  • I just bought the new JLU Superman the Animated Series style Aquaman from a seller on eBay, and he is great, although woefully short. my question for you is: if you were going to go to the trouble of tooling new legs for this figure, why could they not have been just a smidge bigger, thus resulting in an Aquaman with a stature that is on par with his previous JLU height?