DC vs. MOTU 2-packs review

My review of the DC vs. MOTU 2-packs is up now over at OAFE (part of a deal with yo go re for finding the sets for me–I’ll re-post the review here, with larger pics, in a few weeks).

DC vs. MOTU 2-packs review

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  • When you talk about the price (at 35 dollars) being the same as buying a DC and MOTU figure seperately,you're really downplaying what a deal it is,since the MOTU figure would really cost 28 with shipping (which is the only way to buy them normally).

  • At $30, I felt that I practically got 2 DCUC figures for free! Well, not really, since the amount of plastic and new tooling(none) brings nothing to justify the price, but I'm really glad to finally have some MOTUC anyway. Plus, I got to skim the pegs for the best paint jobs. Bonus!

    My Superman can look up and although people keep calling him an accessory, he's the best Supes available. Didnt have to buy the Gotham set for him and he's just now become single carded in the 75th stuff.

    I didn't realize I was glad to have Luthor until I went to rob my original of his gun(I didn't know the Kryptonite fit in it!) and saw that the fragile little tubes had broken off just from being in a box. So be careful with that one. The new Lex has a few tiny painted pink details and more washes all around. I think its pretty lame for others that if you really needed a Supergirl, you'd be getting 2 Luthors at the same time, and only the other one has the gun.

    Poe, you pointed out my exact feelings regarding Luthor's absense in the comic amid all of the defenses of the lack of accessories as "comic accurate." I think its definitely done to not burn all those who have made Matty work thus far. I dig He-Man with an axe like a crazed barbarian, but many will find him naked without a sword. The yellow sword is awesome and works well with Skeletor's yellow face. I hope the inevitable Battle Armor Skeletor has a sword and staff so I can order it without doubling up so much. It's also worth noting that He-Man's shield doesn't fit so well on the wristband. You can twist his hand to an odd angle to fit it and it will be obscured by the shield but I got a stress line on the clip figuring this out.

    Thanks for the review, I've been waiting for your take since I picked mine up!

  • He-Man's a little gaudy for my taste but I like the new left arm if only for some welcome future diversity.

    I do really like Skeletor though. And I love the yellow power sword. I almost want the set just for that alone.

  • @Erin

    The 2002 figures were awesome!

    As far as making silly, but classic designs incredibly detailed and exaggerated, but still faithful, they were a phenomenal accomplishment. Great articulation hadn't become standard yet though. He-Man himself was somehow the worst, his anatomy didn't blend well somehow, so this new one is a treat to me.

    I've decided that the 2002 series was like a modern, awesome remake of a film you used to enjoy as a kid, but its pretty cheesy with phony special effects when viewed as an adult. This remake film does have a few characters screaming "Extreme!" and chugging Mountain Dew though.

    MOTUC is like a TV show you used to love and watch on a beat up VHS tape you recorded from a channel with poor reception. Suddenly, you're watching it in High Def and it holds up really well and they've included deleted scenes! Unfortunately, your hi-def cable bill is $100 bucks a month and you feel like you've got to keep paying to catch your favorite old episode and you hope they rerun the episodes you missed before you got cable.

    And if you try to buy the only season released in stores…they don't include the key episode that introduces a pretty important element, which I'll call "Power Sword/Purple Staff" so that my dumb metaphor is clarified.

  • Are we calling these $35 because of tax, or you actually paying $35? (I haven't read the review yet)

    Because they're only $30 here. As I said in my review, this will turn on a lot of people who wouldn't normally buy MOTUC and to me it feels like a pretty darn good value over all.

    Plus getting them at TRU opens up some other things that change it from being just another MOTUC figure. As an example, I was able to use a coupon and got these for $25 a piece!

  • Ah tried to edit, wouldn't let me.

    Great review Poe. I knew something was different about the two He-Mans and I just couldn't put my finger on it. The new arm piece is what really makes this guy pop.

    Well done review all around.

  • @Newton Gimmick: I'd swear I read that some TRUs have marked it up to $35. But I haven't seen that myself, so maybe that's not the case.

    As for the question of MOTUC shipping costs, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I do not count shipping as part of the price of MOTUC. In my opinion, the time and gasoline spent trying to find the figures in stores balances out. However–and please pardon the pun–your mileage may vary.

  • I was thinking about picking up the Skeletor set (I have no interest in He-Man and about a gazzilion Mattel Supermen already) as he's visually more interesting to me and I don't have DCSH Luthor but I can get past the lack of gun.

    Sure, the different colour K is great but I wants me that gun.

    Ah well.

  • I got one of each of these off TRU.com last weekend (during the 2 minutes they were available again) and only paid $30 each for them (plus shipping and tax) coming out to about $37 a set. They are for a friend who's only after the MOTUC figures (I don't need another He-Man and Skeletor) but I'm getting the Luthor out of the deal.

  • He-Man wasn’t a part of my childhood – I was into Star Wars and Transformers, but I hated He-Man until the 2002 series. As such, I’ve never been able to build up the interest to pick these up online or pay the $35 – $45 each figure would run me in the secondary market.

    But when I saw the 2-packs in Toys R Us at $35, I grabbed them. I’m really glad I did, too: these are great toys.

    I agree with Kid Nicky on the pricing: I always consider shipping when I’m buying online.

    Now I just have to make a custom Havoc staff for Skeletor….

  • I personally can't wait to get my dirty paws on these sets, especially for the MOTUC figs & the various chunks of Kryptonite.

    That shield is going straight to Wun-Dar, too.

  • @Fengschwing:

    you can always buy the brainiac/superman two pack. brainiac comes with the gun but no kryptonite.

    voila…problem solved

  • I've really enjoyed both of these sets. I've been able to have He-man and Skeletor proudly displayed, and if they take a tumble and get hurt (as several figures have) I still have the regular releases safely in a box. I do have He-man displayed with the 200x sword that came with MAA, I think that sword and the shield from the comic pack look really good together.

    I have been toying with the thought of painting He-man's gauntlets a more realistic gold, I'm just a little scared to paint such an expensive figure.

  • @Thomas B thanks for your suggestion fella but I have to agree with Newton, besides I was never a fan of that version of Brainiac. Blandiac more like.

    But I can see where you are coming from with the gun re-use.

    Appreciate the thought!

  • Last weekend I picked up the He-Man/Superman set primarily just because I wanted a spare He-Man on hand–I've been contemplating a 2002 style custom, though I had no firm plans. Anyway, I was amazed by two things:

    1. I really like this version of He-Man, pink jewels, shiny boots and all; and

    2. The DC comics version of He-Man was utterly new and wonderful to me. Adam as a bit of a lout? How did I not think of this before? Excellent way to cover the secret identity. Fun book overall, too.

    So I went back this weekend and was lucky enough to score Skelly/Luthor (the only two sets left had beat up cardbacks, so I figure that is the only reason the scalpers passed). Nifty power sword and another fun comic…probably not worth $30 just for those things, but I hardly buy any figures these days, so…Skelly might well get a black repaint, I haven't decided.

    Would kill for a Teela variant with long, loose hair…anyone remember that she was portrayed as a blonde with her hair loose in quite a few of the minicomics? I've wanted that version since I was a kid…