Mattycollector release schedule

Mattel has provided an update on the release schedule for the next few months.

Toy Fans,

We do our best to plan when products will be released, but sometimes the production and delivery gods have other ideas. We’ve been doing a bit of the release date shuffle lately and thought it would be helpful to print our complete schedule through June:

MOTU Classics: Stratos® (re-issue)
MOTU Classics: Moss Man® – Flocked Ears
MOTU Classics: Moss Man® – Unflocked Ears
(Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
DCUC Wave 12 Boxed Set (Darkseid)
The Dark Knight Scarecrow

MOTU Classics: Wun-Dar™ & Map of Eternia®
(Club Eternia™ subscribers only – items not available for sale)
MOTU Classics: Hordak™ (re-issue)
MOTU Classics: Evil-Lyn® (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
MOTU Ultimate Battle Ground Weapons Pak
Ghostbusters™ 12″ Peter Venkman™
The Dark Knight Batman (Night Vision)

MOTC Classics: Mer-Man® (re-issue)
MOTU “Oversized”: Tytus™
MOTU Classics: Optikk™ (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
Ghostbusters™ 6″ Walter Peck™ (with containment unit)
The Dark Knight: Two-Face

MOTU Classics: Faker® (re-issue)
MOTU Classics: She-Ra™ (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
Ghostbusters™ 6″ Peter Venkman™ with Slimer

As always, these dates are subject to change, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know if anything changes.

Happy collecting!


The only news here is the April Hordak reissue and the June Faker reissue. I imagine the latter is the more exciting reveal for many people.

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  • i wonder if the TDK figures will ever be getting re-issues. i gotta remember to try to get that dark knight scarecrow, and it looks like may might be a stressful month for me, since i kinda want two-face and optikk. however, i'm kinda disappointed that optikk's eye isn't really much of an eye at all.

  • March will be a nice reprieve for the wallet from having to get any bonus figures or extras.

    April – Sign me up for the Ultimate Battle Ground Weapons pak, electric pink and blue weapons and all! I totally dig the retro feel about it. I’m hoping the cost on this is not more than $15 or $20, considering its all just repaints.

    May – Well, the short lived break will be over this month. Tytus, Peck, and Two-Face… I might have to take a pass on either Peck or Face or both. Figure $40 for Tytus, $20 for Peck, and $15 for Two-Face. That doesn't include shipping and handling either. I'm still on the fence about Tytus, but I'm sure as time goes on that'll pass and I'll be asking for him.

    June – I was lucky enough to get a Faker last year, so I'm all set with him. I may want that JLU Lobo… jI ust cuz I think he looks cool. I don’t collect JLU, but he looks like he'll fit in with my BatB figures. I wonder how much he'll go for. I don't think I could pay more than $10 or $15 for him. I'm really not too interested in Slimed Peter Venkman. On one hand I guess I could just get him and call it a day, but while Egon just looks like he's had a rough day on the job, Peter looks like he was just taking a bath in it. I guess I can wait until they release the non-slimed version, though I’m sure we’ll get Lab Coat versions of Egon, Wintston, and Peck before we get a standard Peter.

  • @Scott: You're right, I forgot about Mer-Man.

    @PrfktTear: The Weapons Pack will be $15. I'm definitely in for it, because:

    1.) Faker can have the blue axe

    2.) Kronis can have the blue blaster & short sword

    3.) Tri-Klops can have the art-based sword

    4.) Scareglow can have a non-neon-green Lochaber axe

    5.) Webstor can have a non-neon-orange rifle

    6.) Zodac can feel pretty, oh so pretty

  • Well, my wallet is happy as I only need 1 figure a month through May, at least. I will probably break down and try to get the weapons pack, and as for Faker…I will give that some thought.

    Additionally, looks like Keldor has been bumped back…and as we know that King Grayskull, Trap Jaw and Battle Cat are all in the pipeline, the second half of the year will be mighty expensive for some folks just based on the bonus figures alone (assuming Keldor does not wind up taking a subscription slot)…

    Oh, and Lobo! *squeals in very non-Lobo-ish, tween girly way*

  • Not counting the subscription MOTUC figures I've got:

    March – DCUC 12 (still haven't seen in person)

    May – Walter Peck

    June – Venkman

    I wonder if they'll release wave 13 online before July?

  • @Dark Angel: Keldor could still be a June figure. It depends on whether the September figure slips its production schedule. If it does, Keldor becomes the June figure and the September figure becomes a quarterly figure, and then there are two quarterly figures in Q3.

  • @Poe: Thanks for the update on the cost of the Weapons pak. I think $15 is a pretty fair price for what you're getting.

    Also, I LOLed at Zodac can feel pretty, oh so pretty!

    @Nicholai: sorry to hear DCUC12 is no show in your area so far. Up until yesterday I'd only seen Dr. Mid-Nite, Eclipso, Spectre, and Iron in the wild. I'd seen some of the others at LCS. Hope you can get your hands on 'em one way or another, its a fairly solid wave.

  • Now I am considering getting Moss Man, I just watched the 200x episode that had Evil Seed and him, and he is kinda badass in that show. Also, Hordak may need to join my ranks, still iffy on Faker though.

  • Faker is pretty darn cool. Yeah, he's just a straight up repaint of He-Man with Skeletor's armor, but theres a nice wash on the body and armor that bring out the details and really lets him stand out on his own.

  • @PrfktTear:

    Lobo is $20. It was announced on AFI forums IIRC


    I wouldn't say that Triks is getting his prototype/card back sword at all. Yes the colors are similar

    but the design of the hilt is way different. Still The weapon's pack repaint is a nice gesture.

    LoL at Zodac! I can already predicts some great captions. Especially if you use Bad A@@ Mother$#%@er ZodaK!

    @Dark Angel: I feel you my fellow bastich. I've been waiting for that fraggin' Lobo since his debut episode of STAS from 1996!

  • I'm so glad to see Faker is getting released again! Hopefully I can snag one this time around!

  • @Fallen Eldor: Thanks for the 411 on Lobo. I think I'm gonna have to pass on him.

  • @Poe:

    The blue will do for now but I reeeeeeeeeally want that axe in Faker orange. Hopefully the next go around. I plan on that being one of my next submissions for Ask Matty in fact. Over and over and over again :-p

    Fortunately at this point I don't need any rereleases except for Greyskull and Trap-Jaw (*growls*)

    But I'm definitely in for all the the MOTUC stuff otherwise. And I may break down and order the Darkseid case.

    So…I have to admit. I'm starting to consider bailing on the Ghostbuster and Dark Knight lines.

    I'm just running out of room (and, yes, money) with MOTUC and DCUC AND Minimates which are all lines I'm in love with.

    For whatever reason I just can't seem to get excited about the Ghostbusters figures (the skinny Ray and drawn out release schedule doesn't help I suppose).

    Although I suppose regarding the Dark Knight figures I could just pick up Scarecrow and Two-Face and call it a day (I only have DK Bats, coat Joker and the thug otherwise).

  • @Fallen Eldor: Excellent! Another Lobo fan! I can't say I am a big fan of the DC Animated 'toons or the style, but it's Lobo, therefore, I must own him (and he does look pretty badass even as a 'toon).

  • @americanhyena: I'm with you, I'd love an axe in Faker orange. I'd love to see that if they do a second weapons pak. Until then, electric blue it is! Though, now that I've seen the quality of the Spy Monkey Creations work myself the orange Witching Axe of Ruination is a mighty tempting idea.

    Wave 12 is really solid. Iron, Spectre, Copperhead, and Doctor Mid Nite are all great figures. The only weak links for anyone might be Mary, Desaad, and Eclipso, but the awesomeness of Darkseid really makes it worth picking them up for the C&C's. I haven't opened Desaad yet, so my opinion of him might change. Once I get motivated and actually have some time I'll be able to write up some reviews on 'em.

  • @Tekwych:

    it's not much of an eye because instead of an iris and a pupil it appears from most photos to just be a white ball with a translucent, single colored piece in the center. i hope it's a trick of the photography, because i'd rather they just paint a real looking eye on it.


    yeah mattel SAID that, but they also said a lot of things. i'll believe it when i see it.

  • @PrfktTear:

    Well, no matter who was in the Wave, I'd get it for Darkseid. I'm a huge New Gods / Kirby fan so the fact that it's got both Darkseid and Desaad (who can be both comic booky and Super Powersy) makes me a happy hyena.

    I'm not a big Metal Men guy, but I am a team/theme display guy so now that I've seen Gold I'm excited for Iron.

    Copperhead was a gimme based on his existence in the JLU Injusitice Society alone, and Mary I expect will look great w/ the Shazamenies.

    Honestly the only one I'm NOT real excited about is Doc Mid-Nite. (Not sure why, but was never crazy about the Justice Society).

  • After getting Battle Cat and He-Man last week I picked up a few more on ebay for less than Matty cost. Picked up Stratos, Zodak (with a "K"), Skeletor, Teela, Goddess and He-Ro. I'll be grabbing Man-At-Arms and Battle Armor He-Man tomorrow when I get paid. Now I'm looking at the rereleases wondering which ones I have to have next.

    Definitely considering Hordak especially since I'm going to try for She-Ra.

    Optikk looks cool and fun.

    I only want half of the weapons in the weapons pack but I figure I can keep what I want and use the others for trade bait.

    On top of this are the two Ghostbusters figures I need to round out that collection. I don't need Peck but he comes with the containment unit so…