Ask Mattel > Answers for May 1 [roundup added]

Mattel sends in their answers early this time around. This batch consisted entirely of my own MOTUC-related questions. Yes, sometimes I’m selfish. I’ll be submitting only reader questions for the May 15 round. 1.) Are you expecting to have many non-subscription SKUs for MOTUC in 2011? (For example, the army builder two-packs.)

Count Marzo pics and general MOTUC updates

Yesterday Mattel released images of the packaged Count Marzo, complete with the bio, which reveals the fate of King Miro and a surprising alliance. Implication: Randor and Keldor teamed up to kick Marzo’s ass. (Then Randor became a racist.) I like the figure and the bio, but I do have to ask: the prototype had […]

Happy G.I. Joe Day, apparently!

RHODE ISLAND GOVERNOR PROCLAIMS “G.I. JOE DAY” IN THE ICONIC ACTION BRAND’S HOME STATE Revered Hasbro Property is Honored at State Capital, Kicking Off Start of Annual G.I. JOE Convention Providence, RI – April 30, 2010 – The world’s first action figure comes home to Rhode Island for the 17th annual G.I. JOE Convention, hosted […]

Review > Evil-lyn (Masters of the Universe Classics)

I recently watched the three-part pilot episode for the Millennium MOTU cartoon (the creatively-titled “The Beginning”), and it reminded me that on that show, Evil-lyn was badass. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Evil-lyn never destroyed a square mile of forest on the Filmation cartoon. For her first Masters of the Universe Classics […]

Guest Post > Once Upon a Toy

When visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Parks in Orlando Florida, there is no loss for things to do, especially for geeks. One could ride Pirates of the Caribbean for the five hundredth time, memorize every line to the Star Wars: Star Tours attraction, or have the highest score on every arcade game in […]