Any questions for Mattel?

Ask away. These are for the May 15 round.


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  • What prompted the move for the sale of DCUC wave 5? With all the MOTUC product on sale on the 15th June, surely this bodes badly again.

  • Does mattel have a special deal with resellers? I can understand BBTS and ebay folks offering preorders on subscription MOTU toys, as they can guarantee a certain number of employees and associates with subs who can guarantee them supplies. But they also offer preorders on sale day only figures like Tytus.

    Are we paying their markup only for a gamble that they will get the sale day items with the same chances as us? Or do they have another supply source?

  • What are the plans for old DCSH characters such as Steel, Bane, Mr. Freeze, etc? Should fans attempt to get those in the secondary market or hold out for a re-release or a whole new sculpt?

  • If product like the DCUC vs MOTU 2-packs sell well in stores, can we expect to see more Masters of the Universe products in stores?

  • @Nik: I think the owner of BBTS just bought 130+ subs or something like that. There was no individual limit on subscriptions.

    As for the non-sub stuff, though…I have no idea how they can offer pre-orders for that.

  • I don't know if this has been discussed over at the org, I am sure it was….but I never looked around for it. But this is my question.

    In the New Adventures cartoon, Optikk's armor is almost all black. I know there was card art on his 90's figure that shows him as more gold, but even that figure is more black. So why is he gold in his MOTUC version? Wouldn't it make more sense for him to be black?

  • I think they do the pre-orders so they can gauge how many employees they need at computers ordering the day that they go on sale.

  • Is a green lantern construct pak possible and can it have yellow variants?

  • @dwaltrip: I had the original Optikk, and his armor was gold, if a very dirty gold. I think the new figure is based on the original toy, so that's why he's gold. Remember, MOTUC is much more based on the original toys and art than it is the cartoons.

  • Optikk can't look more like the cartoon because they do not have the rights to that series just like they do not have the rights to the filmation looks for certain characters


    they can offer pre-orders and just cancel them if they do not get enough to fill the order. they have done this before with other figures.

    i am still in the camp that BBTS has some sort of allocation deal worked out as they are one of the largest e-tailers of toys and collectibles.

  • Any chance of releasing the unproduced second series of Bravestarr figures as an online line Matty exclusive? They looked amazing.

  • Will Keldor's purple armor and cape more closely match the single-card Skeletor or the darker purple of the "Vs. Lex Luthor" Skeletor?

  • Will the DC Super Friends Joker ever be released, possibly as a MattyCollector exclusive? What about other characters, such as Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Penguin, or Krypto the Superdog, who have appeared in other DCSF media (coloring books, etc.) but were never revealed as figures?

  • i have two questions, feel free to chose one or the other, i don't expect to get both asked in one month:

    1) why do we keep getting more accessories for the motucs than they have hands or places to keep the extra weapons? for example, man at arms has extra weapons, but design tweeks were made to give him a place on his person to store the weapons… then we get evil-lyn, who has to clutch her knife at all times and can’t two-hand her staff… same w/ teela. now here w/ wun-dar, he basically has to hold the gun and the sword at all times… why can’t we give the guy a holster or a scabbard? vintage man at arms didn’t have a back rack for a plethora of weapons, so clearly, it seems they’re willing to go the extra mile for some characters… why not others?

    2) why was there no "bio" statement on the First Ultimate Battleground on the weapons pak box? i kind of figured that was a given that we'd learn more about the UB from the pak, especially in light of the "eternian secrets" on the map.

  • Will you consider offering a fan poll for upcoming MOTUC characters prior to selling the subscriptions? Put out a list of 25-30 for fans to vote on, then use that list to draw from for the year's releases, meanwhile giving the buyers a clue as to what they might get during that sub year.

  • Will MOTUC production numbers change for 2011 if there are more subscribers than 2010 or will they stay the same with fewer figures being allocated for "the masses" that buy on sale day?

    Re: BBTS – I believe they have purchased, as a company, a certain number of subscriptions (hence how they got Wun-dar and the map) with a guarantee from Mattel that they would get that same quantity of bonus and quarterly figures and re-releases. Basically they tell Matty we'll guarantee you X number of sales each month if you guarantee us X number of bonus/quarterly/re-issue figures.

  • I'm very excited about the forthcoming Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters line. Will we see all four Ghostbusters in the first series? Do you have plans to expand beyond our four heroes?

  • Why were the trademark stamps included on and so obvious on the Weapons pack accessories? This won't be a continuing trend, will it?

  • The weapons pack took nearly 20 minutes to sell out. In light of this obvious failure, will you be tweaking the packs to make them more profitable? Or, due to this colossal blunder, is any future weapons packs or head packs doomed? Maybe if you packed the next set with stands, you could turn those 2 lemons into lemonade.

  • Does anyone know of anywhere that lists which characters or looks they do, and/or do not, have the rights to?

    As for my question: I love the new legs on the smaller female buck that have the hidden hinges. Do you think we will ever see hidden hinges on the male legs? I'm pretty sure that the WWE male figures also have hidden-hinged legs now that I think about it. Whadya say, Matty?

  • @Reverend Ender:

    If you mean MOTUC, they can do anyone who had a figure in the 80s, as well as anyone who appeared in the mini-comics or 200x cartoon.

  • LOL @ Scott. 20min fail.

    If BBTS is somehow guaranteed bonus figures from Matty, that should be disclosed. It makes them no longer "Matty exclusives" but shared exclusives. If they're just gambling like the rest of us and cancel some preorders if they can't fill them, then whatever. Its like paying a huge markup for a second lotto ticket.

  • seeing that the Weapons pack sold incredibly well, is it possible to have an alt. head pack somewhere in the future?

  • @Nik:

    i have not heard of alot of their motuc pre-orders canceled so either they are really good at getting the stuff or have a retailer account set up.

    even if 90% of their preorders are covered it is alot of stock.

    i remember the last time i checked one of their preorder pages and they had well over 120 figures available for pre-order that were not included in the sub.

    you can do this by putting in the qty of 999 when a preorder page is active and it will give you the qty available in stock if anyone is curious how to do this.

  • matty question.

    will new property be revealed. if so will it be a web exclusive?

  • Skeletor and Evil-Lyn could both use capes. We know the Weapons Pak was a success in that it sold out quickly. Will Mattel consider including capes in future accessory packs?

  • The Flash is experiencing a renaissance of sorts over at DC. Flash Rebirth, talks of a movie and next year, they have a major event called Flashpoint centered around him.

    Are there plans for more Flash related figures anytime soon? Rogues maybe?

  • Will DCUC wave 5 re-release Erradicator have solid visor like the first release or transparent like the promo pic?

  • The original PoP Bow figure was of significantly different construction than his MOTU cousins. When Bow is introduced in the Classics line will he be built on the standard MOTUC male "buck" body or will he be completely new tooling to better match his original figure?

  • Did we ever get an explanation about why DCUC wave 9 was hard to find? And whether more wave 9 figs are in the pipeline?

    As for a current question; I have one about the DC Retro Action figures: Is Mattel aware of- and if so, does Mattel have anything to say about the weird oily residue appearing inside the blisters?

  • So is Kronis also a member of the "blue-skinned Gar race" that Keldor belongs to and is this how he came to follow Keldor?

  • @Poe: That's what I was thought too. I didn't realize he was the only male figure in the PoP line until I hit the .org this morning. All my sister had was She-Ra, Bow and the castle so I wasn't as versed in PoP toys as much as MOTU. If there were more male figures in that line I'd imagine they'd use a new "buck" but since he's the only one I suppose he'll get buffed out. šŸ™

  • Does Mattel HQ have a good evacuation plan in case it's attacked by an army of headless Gigantas, one-armed Metallos and one-legged Chemos?

  • When will DCUC Wave 13 be up for sale on Matty collector? If they continue selling boxed sets, will wave 14, the Walmart set, be made available on the site?

  • – When it comes time to make Clawful, would it be possible to make the articulation point in his large claw ratcheted/stepped, so he can maintain a solid "grip" or open claw without fear of looseness in such a small, and (sure to be) often used joint?