Happy Evil-lyn Day

Apologies,  folks–I forgot about making this post, and now I’ve actually already gotten my order through for the Weapons Packs.

Anyway, discuss.


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  • I got my hordak and evil lyn no problem. i just confused as to why I'm now collecting this line. I'm such a sucker for good toys.

  • 12:05? I was logged in at 12:02 and she was gone…Thank god for my subscription. I got my Hordak, Batman, and Weapons pack thou, Hurray!

  • The weapons pack is gone too. I was tempted by that, because the three figures I have (Stratos and the He-Man and Skeletor from the DCU vs MOTU sets) could definitely use some more weapons and accessories.

  • Dozens of Evil-Lyns available on ebay for about 50 bucks. Mattel keeps feeding the scalpers.

    I actually forgot about the sale, thanks to Matty moving the date. This is a frustrating company. I'm not

    quittin' teh lien just yet, but I no longer have the same passion for the lien.

  • Yeah, that's the funny thing. I'd actually gotten up early on the 15th too because I forgot they moved the sale date.

  • Wow… I was going to order another Evil-Lyn to keep in package but no such luck. WSOD! Good times!

  • @Heli:

    Well they (Mattel and DR) were working on fixing "something" with their ordering system. That forced a 4 day delay… Methinks that they only wanted to do the sale on a Monday…

  • I got white screened until after she sold out. I’m done with this crap.

    Although I think I might try to sue Mattel for illegal tie-in sales.

  • Only got the Weapons pack. Evil-Lyn is the first figure I have missed since this line is started. Just sold out too fast and I was waiting behind the WSOD.

  • This is ridiculous. I’ve bought every single MOTUC figure since day one, but the last two months got nothing even though I was sitting at a computer waiting to buy it at 12:00. Screw this. Mattel, you couldn’t sell tail on a military base.

  • Today was great… Because Mattel didn't have anything I wanted. So I slept in. They woulda had me for the weapons pack, but since that cost $8 to ship I just stayed in bed.

  • @Newton Gimmick: you know, if you'd asked around, i bet somebody near you that was getting other things could have you snagged you a weapons pack and then you could have split the shipping… not a perfect system, but if you really wanted the thing…

    this was the first month i missed a fig (evil lyn) and it really has me questioning my contiuned patronage of the line. they say "you vote w/ your dollar" and i think i'd like to vote "i'm not standing for this crap anymore." the problem is, mattel will later blame the fans for not supporting the line, when what we're not supporting are their shitty business practises and shittier business partners… trust me, if these were easily available in the B&Ms like their hot wheels stuff, even at the same price point, i'd never miss a fig. (not that i wouldn't want the retail motucs a few bucks lower, but knowing how digital revolter has been to deal w/, i'd pay 20 now just to see someone else handle the website)

  • maybe somebody could help me out here

    i was on the matty store screen at 11:45 or so , waiting for noon to hit. I have not done this before , so i hit refresh at 12 assuming the add to cart option wasnt going to pop up , i then get a screen telling me i should not have done that , and she sold out by the time i got there

    so if i stayed on the store screen , would the add to cart option have showed up?

    oh well…i got my hordak , and as a newbie im still happy

    i've been paying ebay prices , so getting evil lyn wont be any different then the rest of the ones i got

    if anybody has info , i would appreciate it

  • Damn it, I overslept!

    (although it sounds like it would have been another miracle to have gotten her).

    I’d probably be a lot angrier than I am right now if I hadn’t just bought 11 DCUC figures I was missing at Wizard World Anaheim yesterday, lol.

  • E-villle-lynnn!


    Sorry just had to get that out.

    Anyway, Matty has its customers by the balls and they're going to get a spike in subscriptions in 2011 for sure with the whole short ordering for sellouts.

    Important to note, most subscribers get their figures but DR does mess up from time to time. If DR had a higher failure rate with filling subscriber orders, then this line would be dead.

  • I got my Weapons Pak when it went on sale with not much grief (got a refresh page, but that's to be expected), then went back to bed (they're released at 9AM here on the West Coast and today's my day off).

    I do not like that the Weapons Pak is the same price for shipping as a normal figure, but what are you gonna do– my Hordak wants a white crossbow.

    Anyway, my Evil-Lyn and Wun-Dar were taken care of with my subscription, so like last month today was fairly laid back. Here's hoping Tytus and Mer-Man go smoothly next month for me.

  • Unsurprising as they've said that the numbers wouldn't be fixed until June, but my god what a mess once again. This is just ridiculous and they never should have allowed their production numbers to get so out of whack with demand to begin with. I really am just about retired at this point, looking to pick up a few of the bigger names from the second hand market and calling it done.

  • Does anyone else think of The Simpsons when they see her?

    Man, getting DCUC Wave 5 is going to suck isn't it?

  • This was the first month since my sub that I haven't been online since I don't care about the weapons pack.

    @Fengschwing: I certainly am afraid about DCUC wave 5 as I think that'll go quickly though the questions will be how big the new production run on it is.

  • I got through with very little hassle. Got Evil-lyn, Hordak and a weapons pack. But I know some people that had the same issues as some of you guys, WSOD errors etc.

  • Wave 5 bothers me as well and the most annoying part is Mattel has this unreasonable expectation of sell-out for DCUC products. I guess they want it to sell out in a day or they're "gone for good."

    It really pisses me off. I can understand a niche, online-only line like MOTUC requires high interest to stay afloat, but it's a DCUC wave. It's hard enough to get them in stores, stop being retarded, Mattel.

  • I had Evil-lyn and Hordak in a cart by 2 after 12, put in pay info and then got the screen of annoyance till 9 after 12 and then got told Evil-lyn sold out. What utter crap!

  • @Sympathy4dr.doom: sorry it took so long to get to this doom, but here's the deal… most times, matty employs a sales gasket that we've come to call the White Screen of Doom (or WSOD) and previously the Red Screen of Doom (RSOD) as it used to be red. the gasket screen is to the go-to to slow traffic to a managable rate for the digital river servers so that all that traffic doesn't crash the site. that's the screen you got, that tells you to sit still, cuz you're in a queue and the screen will auto refresh every 3 seconds, right? that's what you should have done.

    what digital river should have done, and do not, is keep that queue system reasonably short to keep traffic moving through the site. there flat out shouldn't be WSOD screens that refresh more than say 5 to 10 times before you're in the active queue. and it needs to be FIFO… i'm not disparaging any one out there, BUT i know because i simul-chat while doing the matty buy that guys who popped in at 1 after the hour cruised right past, no WSOD at all and got their toys, while i refreshed at 11:57 and didn't come out of the WSOD until 5 after when EL was already gone. how exactly did that happen?

  • @dayraven: Probably. I thought about asking on here, but realistically if I split the shipping with someone and then have to pay to ship it to my house as well from the person I split it with, it becomes a moot point because the price will be almost the same.

    They shouldn't charge $8 shipping on the weapons pack. Even with the packaging, you could ship that thing for $4-$5 and honestly, it's just not worth it to me. I don't need bonus weapons that bad. I'll catch them on a re-release maybe when there's something else I'm ordering.

  • @dayraven: I don't think it actually has a queue. Seems it just services X number of requests at any given moment and if your page request is one of the lucky ones, then you don't get the screen, otherwise you wait 3 seconds and it tries again.

  • While I know this will never happen, I'm hoping for the day where:

    1)Mattel finally gets their numbers together and there are enough figures on the day of the sale.

    2) DR gets their crap together and the website doesn't crash.

    3) To teach them a lesson no one buys a god damn thing.

  • I have a new conspiracy theory. I was wondering why they even bother producing figures over the sub number, since it's pretty clear that it's all about the sub, then I realized that if you only have a sub, you don't have anything on the website to sell out in 5 minutes. I'm sure those 5 minute sellouts look really good on the ol' progress report.

    (Plus, you have to dangle a carrot for the non-subscibers, so they'll show up and get frustrated and then subscribe next year.)

  • Scarcity marketing is great and all, but I just don't buy the idea that the higher management is looking at these 5-minute sell-outs and not thinking, "You know, this line is incredibly profitable, and if we produced 30% more figures they'd still sell out and we'd make even more money!"

    On the other hand, if 90% of the people who want an Evil-lyn are getting one and that last 10% is just particularly vocal, then a major increase in production might end up causing the dreaded pegwarming factor.

    For now they seem content to handle the demand through the re-releases. And they haven't yet threatened to stop the re-releases due to slow sales…so that's good, I guess.

  • On this one I can't believe it's anywhere near just 10% missing out. I was reading three different forums yesterday about this fiasco, and the consensus here, Action Figure Insider and He-Man.org was that very few people got in and were actually able to buy anything. I also read numerous comments that said this was either the first month they missed it or they hadn't missed any until last month and the pattern continued with Evil-Lyn. So where did they all go? Who did get through to buy up their whole stock?

  • @Poe: Well, since "higher management" is horrified about Count Marzo's hair because it reminds them of 200X too much, I'm not sure I trust them to want to step out much. At least from the way official communications portray things, it seems like any figure that lasted as much as *gasp* a couple of days was a poor seller and could spell doom for the line. Obviously I don't have any special insight, but I could believe that TG likes to be able to present sell-out after sell-out to the guys upstairs, even if it's only to try and convince them of the strength of the brand.

  • I got through and ordered 2, but haven’t posted about it anywhere until now.
    It’s more tempting for people to post and bitch than it is to just say “Yeah, I got mine.”

  • @Poe:

    the thing is mattel should be able to tell EXACTLY how many more people wanted an evil lyn(or any other thing that sells out) since they have records on incomplete transactions.

    this sort of data is available to the most of the web store type programs used by larger sites like this.