Mattel SDCC Exclusives Thread (updated)

Reveal going on right now on Attack of the Show. Discuss.

All righty. So here are the SDCC exclusives fully revealed tonight. (Part II will be aired on the 15th.)

Masters of the Universe Classics

Mo-Larr & Skeletor – The packaging, with the dentist’s table, looks great. I hate to say it, but I may have to try to get this.

Orko & Prince Adam – The SDCC version is translucent and turns “invisible” when dipped in water. The cover of the book also shows the SDCC logo; I’m not sure whether the book (minus the logo change) will be available in the Mattycollector set, which will come with a non-translucent, regular Orko (visible in some of the close-ups). I love the alternate Prince Adam “smirking” head, too.

I have to admit…to me, this is perfect. It means I can skip the SDCC exclusive and not feel like I’ve missed out. The downside is that many, many people who get the SDCC exclusive Orko will also want the regular one, so the Mattycollector sale day will be predictably crazy.

DC Universe Classics

Plastic Man – As expected. The SDCC exclusive accessory is a “suitcase” body that his arms can be attached to. Is that a must-have thing for DCUC fans? Much like a monkey mugger, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that while a nice addition, it won’t cause another Gleekocalypse.

DC Infinite Heroes

Congratulations, DCIH–you just hit the big time. If Mattel can follow up this set with a renewed committment to making DCIH easily available with improved articulation (admittedly, a tall order), I think the line could become a real competitor to Marvel Universe. However, there’s no question this amazing set will be the centerpiece of any collection. Still, I foresee a lot of fans getting on the DCIH bandwagon ahead of and after the arrival of Starro & company. (At $50, though, it’s pretty expensive.)

Also, here’s Scott Neitlich’s word on the specifics of the exclusives:

Since not all the sound bites made it into the final aired cut, here are a few more tid bits on the exclusives revealed thus far:

Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor.

This box set will be $40.00 both at SDCC and on after the show (no change to product). Mo-Larr will come with all his tools including his #$^&@ drill and his floss. Skeletor features a new toothless face and comes with his Havok Staff, Power Sword and half Power Sword. The pack out is truly epic as designed by Ray Makowski. It includes Skeletor’s massage chair and magazine collection as chip art. Also features brand new bios supplied by the gang at Robot Chicken!

Orko (with Prince Adam)

So here is the first of our SDCC items that will be different after the show. The version of Orko at SDCC will feature color change when you dip him in warm water. His magic book also show the SDCC logo in hot water. The version sold on after the show will not be color change (on Orko or the book) but both version will include his stand, wand and book as well as a pack in Prince Adam with two heads (He-Man and new Prince Adam smirk) as well as a purple Power Sword and half purple Power Sword.

The bio on the back belongs to Orko as this is his figure. Adam is his accessory! The only difference between the SDCC version and the version is the color change feature. $25.00

A lot of fans have asked “why Orko for SDCC?” Well, simple. We chose Orko because we wanted to go with a more ‘A’ list MOTU character who would draw in fans otherwise unfamiliar with the current line. In the past our SDCC items have been a bit more obscure in character selection so we deliberately went the other way this year. Also, since Orko was larger then a “standard” accessory we had no way to fit him into a monthly $20.00 figure structure. But by pairing him with Adam we could do a unique structure for a unique price ($25.00) at the show. One of the whole points of a SDCC item is to get PR for a line and to do an item that wouldn’t fit into the standard line due to size, theme etc… This fit the bill in a lot of ways!

Plastic Man

Plasti comes with a ton of accessories and does everything plastic can do. He has standard arms, stretchy arms, snap on stretch parts like a fly swatter and paddle ball. He also has a snap on bendy neck piece and a spring snap on leg piece.

And only at SDCC you can get Plastic Man as a suit case (similar to Gleek). you can even snap on his arms and head to the suitcase as if he has been “shopping at SDCC”. Open the case up for an extra surprise.

Plastic Man will be on after the show, but the suitcase is only a gift with purchase at SDCC. $20.00

Starro DC 75th pack.

The grand daddy of our SDCC items for this year. This pack is a recreation of the classic Brave and the Bold cover and features light and sounds as well as the voice of Batman actor Kevin Conroy. Each figure in the set has a recorded description just like a museum display with Kevin describing the origin of each character. It is an incredible package designed by Frank Varela.

And as a bonus, only at SDCC will you get a polly bag set of four 6″ scale Starro Spores that work with most DCUC action figures! The Starro Spores are only available at the show as a gift with purchase! $50.00

We’ll have more SDCC exclusives to reveal Thursday night and the whole list (including some not on the show) will be up on on Friday.

See you all in San Diego!


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    color changing classic orko with classic prince adam accessory lol

    i bet for matty it will be adam with orko as the accesory.


    plastic man

  • DCIC

    recreation of the first appearance of the JL with a giant starro, aquaman, flash, wonder woman, green lantern and martian manhunter along with a bunch of lil starros.

  • Knowing how bad the odds are that I can get either of these makes me mad.

  • I hope that I can get an Adam and Orko… Matty version. Don't like the transluscent Orko, but the Hotwheels color trick is kinda cool.

  • The "gift with purchase" aspect of the Plastic Man and DCIH exclusives smells awful familiar… kinda like a blue space monkey.

    Thankfully I can skip all of these exclusives. Don't need a color change Orko (collectibles and water?! NOOOOOO!!!) and the suitcase for Plastic Man isn't a must have. Molar and Skelly don't interest me at all and neither does the DCIH set. Only thing I'd remotely want are the DCUC scale Starro accessories but I can live without them.

  • Blah Mattel.

    Scott has said time and time again that Orko is NOT the SDCC and that they wouldn't do that to fans. So what do they do? They do exactly what they said they weren't going to.

    I don't care about the stupid translucent Orko, but all this means is that I have to try and hunt down regular Orko. Again… I bought a SUBSCRIPTION so I wouldn't have to worry about getting core MOTUC characters like, you know… ORKO!

    Meh. I'll pick up the DCIH set, even though the figures suck. I'm a sucker for Aquaman.

    Everything looks pretty good all in all, but I'm pretty pissed that Orko was repeatedly shot down as the SDCC figure only to be revealed as such.

    Hopefully they overproduce him so I can actually get a frickin' Orko without all the headache.

  • I'm down for all of them (though I wish I could buy regular Orko at the convention since I don't much fancy the translucent one).

    I figure Starro is as close to what we would have gotten even as a build a figure in DCUC and the spores are just gravy.

  • @Wes GRogan: indeed. especially after TG make the comment on matty “gee should we have started warning people not to play with their toys in the water?”

  • OH man… I’ve got a LOT of sucking up to do between now and SDCC!

    Translucent Orko gimmick is neat! That makes a good exclusive whilst the regular one is on sale at Matty. But like what was said before, there will be some collectors who want BOTH.

    I’ve been wavering back and forth on Mo-Larr, but after seeing it in package and knowing he comes with a havoc staff makes it pretty darn tempting!

    Those DCIH figures look fan-tastic. I don’t collect that line, but they look infinitely better than what’s been showing up on shelves…

    Plastic Man… meh, suitcase, meh.

  • I think they really did great work this year to avoid another Gleek. The exclusives to SDCC are neat, but are as "necessary" as Gleek was last year since the Wonder Twins felt stupid without him. Missing out on the suitcase Plastic Man is too bad, but he is still plenty awesome without it.

    I totally agree about the Starro DCIH piece. DCIH hits the big time with it. Even if I don't go on to collect anymore DCIH it is definitely a sweet thing to have.

  • @americanhyena: Well, at least if you get the translucent Orko, you can almost certainly trade him to somebody for the regular version.

    I have to think that, somewhere, DCUC fans are crying out in anguish about the Starro facehuggers, but maybe I'm wrong and they're not that big of a deal.

  • It's cool that regular Orko is the mattycollector version. Still doesn't make him guaranteed since that site will be swamped, but at least I don't have to dish out crazy money for him like I would if he were the SDCC version.

    I REALLY want those DCUC Starros though…dammit to hell!

  • i for one an nonplused by the orko/adam tandem… neither one of them, nor the color change gimmick (isn't that an "action feature?") mean jack squat to me. they made this year nicely cheap for me, as they packaged two figures i didn't want in one box. and really, since i'm less than excited about molarr, they'd betting 0 for 2 w/ me… aug is going to be delightful apparantly.

    and really, poe kind of echoed a sentiment that mattel hinted at, that lots of folks would want both the SDCC & matty versions of the exclusive… really? seriously, who's getting one color change orko and a regular orko (which is color change orko out of warm water) and then have a spare adam floating around? personally, i don't see a lot of double dippers here.

  • @Poe:

    I totally agree, Poe. Perhaps they learned not to make integral characters, who render the rest of the set useless, SDCC exclusives. If they do a C&C Starro, I'll forgive them. 🙂

  • @Newton Gimmick:

    actually they NEVER said Orko wouldn’t be the SDCC exclusive. they actually were REALLY good about dancing around the issue on how orko would be released but have always stated that by SDCC we would know how Orko would be available. well, looks like we know now. I’d rather have him in the sub but what can we do right?

    I still think Starro was originally a C&C figure. The size is about right and if you get him at the con you get 6 mini starros that fit on your DCUC figures.

  • ill be happy with regular Orko. I kinda want the starro set even though i don’t like IH. I wish the DCUC scaled starros weren’t at con only though.

  • @Heli:

    No, it kind of sucks that the face-suckers that fit the DCUC figures will be exclusives. I’ve seen people on message boards floating that idea for over a year…way to reward those of us who can’t go! The suitcase accessory, thankfully, is not a must-have, so at least Mattel got that right.

  • I am buying Plas and Orko… 45 OR go for the Starro set for 50. Sonuva- oy. Man. Pfft. *DIES INSIDE*

    I've never ordered from Matty's online shop so how much is shipping gonna set me back for Orko and Plas?

  • @Thomas B: True, I was doing some re-reading and yeah they did use some careful language on Orko. Still, Orko should have been a sub figure but you're right, there's nothing we can do. Matteled again.

  • @Newton Gimmick

    I agree completely. I specifically bought a sub so I wouldn't miss out on the A-listers. Orko, despite the fact he's a total goof in any cannon, is an A-lister.

    I better start saving now to get him from someone other than Matty.

  • Wait, the DCIH set features lights, sounds, and Kevin Conroy narration? Holy hell. That sounds neat…but it doesn't sound like it's designed to be played with, does it?

  • I have to wonder if the Orko production numbers will be double that of normal MOTUC numbers. It's a guaranteed sell out both at SDCC and online in the minutes after it goes on sale. If one of them is produced in smaller numbers, hopefully it is the SDCC version, with the regular version produced above that of normal MOTUC figures so that everyone and the subscribers are able to purchase.

  • Who's to say they don't release Adam and Orko as one of the subscription figures? August perhaps? Adora was a sub figure so I'd imagine Adam would be too.

  • That Starro set is pretty sweet, but I wonder if Mattel will misplace a box of Starro parasites so everyone who buys it at SDCC doesn't actually get them. Then Mattel can find the box and give all the parasites to some random website after the show. It could happen.

  • I'm buying the Starro set almost purely for the Starro and mini starros, lol.

  • Some random website Shawn? I think you mean the winner of the annual Mattel Sycophant Website of the Year Award.

    Until more are announced, the Starro set is the only thing tempting me. That's a pretty cool item (although, wouldn't an Infinite Heroes fan already have most of these?) and the presentation is fantastic. It says 6" scale parasites are a gift at the show… does that mean that 3 3/4" versions are included in both maybe?

  • Orko and Adam look cool. The translucent water gimmick for Orko is a little questionable at first. But Mattel probably didn’t want to anger fans too much and made solid Orko the unlimited version, since it will be very hard to successfully purchase recent monthly figures are due to the low production plus the popularity and familiarity of these characters is greater than that of He-Ro. And the buzz that the line is currently creating bringing in new fans every month who are just starting to collect it. It won’t be surprising to see lower production numbers since He-Ro was a ‘slow sellout’, prices will probably reach Battle Cat and subscription Moss Man highs on Ebay and stay there for quite awhile.

    Plastic Man also has another great and creative gimmick to boot. Mattel could really soar in the marketplace if they took they applied these ideas to the regular retail figures!

  • I find it funny that the Orko with an action feature is the version far less likely to ever be opened.

    I imagine the inside of Plas’ suitcase will have a tiny slip of paper with a comic cover printed on. Or one of those useless button pins. I refuse to own the Wondet Twins with no Gleek, but this is okay.

    Any word on the metallic Green Lantern? Looks sweet but missing it wouldnt kill me. He doesnt match the other Lantetns that I still can’t find.

  • Yay for Prince Adam and Orko fans!

    As for me?


    First figures in this line I could pass on.

    May try to get the online version.

    First MotU Exclusive that's ever been that I've not wanted.

  • Nice "Plaz", and reasonable too for all the accessories. I can live without a 'suitcase'.

    And if the DCIH JLA in the Starro set are made to match Marvel Universe I may just keep them insteading of selling 'em to afford the big Starro (finally).

    But – when are we gonna see a DoomPatrol Chief and Will Magnus two pack?

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