Review > Optikk (Masters of the Universe Classics)

We live in an age where our favorite pop culture franchises get “rebooted” every other month. Sometimes the franchise and its characters get a brand-new origin, other times it’s just taken in a radically different direction. In this age of 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe, the countless Transformers incarnations and the Clone Wars, it’s easy to […]

Sponsored Review > 7″ Fantasy Shields by Spy Monkey Creations

Spy Monkey Creations continues to create excellent accessories for use with 7″ action figures. While they could be used with any figure, it’s obvious they’re inspired by Masters of the Universe Classics. I previously reviewed the Master Blade of the Empyrean and the Witching Axe of Ruination, as well as the Blade of the Demon […]

Pic of the Day

Da Joint ZMDC [Zero Metal Defense Capsule] – Jui Gang [Bai Bing] Trooper by Ed Speir IV

Odds ‘n Ends > Spyeye Edition

Apologies for the lack of a real update today–I’ve got two or three major updates in the queue, but finding the time to get them done is proving difficult. It does not, however, have anything to do with my increasingly unhealthy addiction to Dragon Age. In case you missed his column this weekend, check out […]