Blind Boxed Lego Minifigs: Code cracked?

OK…before I go any further, I want to point out that it’s entirely against my own self-interest to post this. So please, try to remember this the next time I post anything about, I don’t know, Tytus.

An honorary Power Pal who shall remain nameless pointed me to this thread, which reveals a possible secret code to the Lego blind boxed figures.

[…] you can tell which is which if you scan one of the barcodes with your iphone or similar upscale phone. Also, Holodoc over at has a printed barcode guide:

If it works–you’re welcome.

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  • oh fer… seriously? I just want to see them in stores… and buy many many of them… sheesh

  • BBTS has them listed as $2.99 each, but cheaper to just over $2.15 if you order a case. I might call the Lego store nearby and ask what their price is.

  • I love you man. Thank you for giving us the gift of x-ray vision.

    In a world of blind boxers, the one-eyed pugilist is king…

  • Heh, old news. Read about this about a month ago. My phone has already been configured as a bar code scanner 🙂

  • I haven't seen these anywhere yet. The trick is cool and all, but I'll likely just grab a few packs at random. I _like_ most blind box toys/games. The collecting/chase is usually fun for me.

  • @Philip Reed:

    I agree. I'll use this cheat to get the two or three that I really, really want, but I still plan to get a bunch at random. I enjoy blind packaging, as long as the items aren't expensive.

  • This is nifty for the people who like to further lessen the need to have any sort of communication with another human being to try and complete a collection. I mean, sure, you could just talk to people and ask them if they'd like to trade and maybe make a good friend or two, but PFFFT! Who needs them! You've got a mini-cheerleader and they don't!

    And yeah, I'm totally getting that Nurse, yummmmm!

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  • Sorry guys, but I don't think those UPC codes work. Not in Canada, anyway. I couldn't match any of the codes from my Canadian bags to these ones.

    But it's pretty easy to identify most figures with a little bit of… groping.

  • I can confirm the Wrestler code, just opened one blindly (from mid-Europe)

    The codes may change continentally, because I wanted to use another code "sheet" but it didn't have any similar codes like the packages on it.

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