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  • Man, these things are gorgeous! If only there was one this good and articulated!

  • It looks fantastic, but there are two problems with it: first, it's only 6 1/2 inches tall. Second, the pose is so outdated–T. rex should be standing parallel to the ground.

    I'm guessing they went with this pose because they couldn't get it to stand otherwise, and perhaps for shipping convenience, but it's still disappointing in what's otherwise an awesome-looking toy.

  • Is this the Papo figurine?The design apes the Jurrasic park concept of the T-rex and they probably did the tripod standing style because it is hard to balance these figures when they did it on their Allosaurus and Spinosaurus figures(I wanted to buy them but they keep falling on the display shelf that turned me off.)
    Oh,articulation wise, some of them have hinged jaws you can open and close.

  • While I sit and eat my dinner I can't help but ponder what T-Rex steak would taste like…