Poe Ghostal’s Points of Acquisition or, Not Another Webstore

That’s right, Poe’s selling out. Well, I will sell out if everything in my store is sold. Yes, I’ve opened up a webstore, Poe Ghostal’s Points of Acquisition. Right now the only product there is an extra MOTUC Faker I have on hand, but I’ll probably also be throwing up random stuff from my collection […]

Predators packaged pics are several ugly mother&*%#ers

Dreadcentral.com has put up packaged images of NECA’s Predators figures. The packaging looks great–much more innovative than the usual–and I can’t wait for that Classic Predator. Still not sure about the articulation, though. I hope it’s better than the McFarlane version (it has to be, right?). Head to Dread Central for a larger version of […]

Review > Spud Lightyear and Woody’s Tater Round Up

How does a grown-up come to collect Mr. Potato Head? I blame TV. It all started with an episode of The Pretender titled “Bomb Squad,” a.k.a. “Potato Head Blues.” Jarod, the protagonist becomes a member of a bomb squad to catch a serial bomber. One of his co-workers has a Mr. Potato Head on his […]