21 thoughts on “Any questions for Mattel?”

  1. Yeah I got one: Why did you cancel my MOTUC Sub? I didn't want you to, ask you too or have any problems paying, so wtf?

    Supplimental: Why has three calls and two emails to that bunch of unqualified chimps Digital River failed to resolve this issue and am I really, really going to miss out on She-Ra because you are a bunch of forking, clueless inbreds that don't want my money?


    Screw you and your product then. Hasbro gets my money.

    Sorry Poe – they DESERVE this.

  2. When will we know what deco changes are going to be made to King Grayskull for his imminent re-release this fall?

    I would love to browbeat ToyGuru senseless with more Digital River bashing but I just don't have the energy to fight that battle any more.

  3. WWE Question:

    How committed is Mattel to providing plenty of new sculpts in the WWE line? There already seems to be a growing issue, especially in the BASICS line, with characters getting sculpts way too muscular for them.

    Fans are getting concerned that Mattel will continue the JAKKS trend of utilizing completely incorrect body types over and over again to reduce costs.

    Another WWE Question:

    Will we ever see two-packs utilizing Elite figures instead of Basics?

    MOTUC Question:

    Currently there are two main 'grip' sizes in MOTUC. Male weapons are much thicker and female weapons are very thin, each to accommodate the different hand sizes. However, this means weapons are not interchangeable between the sexes.

    Any chance we'll eventually see male weapons retooled with thinner grips, and female weapons with thicker ones? Teela with her shield would look great with Man-At-Arms' sword (which is also similar to the sword she often used in the Filmation 'toon).

  4. With so many standard style MOTUC figures done, how will you go about creating the vintage characters who looked so unique and whose actions were essential to the character? Roboto – Moving gears, clear chest with no gears at all, or clear armor that contains stationary gears? Modulok – would he come apart? I'd gladly and patiently accept a smaller number of these characters that may demand more tooling than usual per year rather than sacrificing vital traits.

    Several carded Japanese toys, as well as the recent batch of the 4H's own 7th Kingdom are sold in packages that allow the bubble to be slipped off of the card and replaced. It seems ideal for MOTUC, which does not have to survive retail pegs and is made specifically for collectors who are often torn between keeping figures carded or loose. Is this a future possibility?

    Are the rights to the off-limits areas, such as the '87 film or Filmation characters something that is being actively pursued? I'll take any ambiguous answers as confirmation of a Dolph He-Man premiering at SDCC!

  5. Is there a chance we'll see more than just the Lion Voltron? Are previously toy-only robots like Gladiator and Dinosaur Voltron possible or do they have rights issues preventing them from being made?

  6. If you took the button pins were taken off the DCUC could we bring back the price back to $9.99.

  7. I was just wondering whatever happened to the alternating members of Doom Patrol and Metalmen in the waves of DCUC. Supposedly a DP member is in line for wave 15. Instead you started a team again in wave 14 Obsidian of the Infinity Inc and wave 15 Validus of the Fatal Five. I have already invested in Robotman, Beastboy and Negative Man. And I hope we can get an explanation for this and make the DC teams completed soon. Thanks.

  8. how would stand alone weapon items like the stilt stalkers be handled? are they are on the docket, would they be extra items in a month, or could they be added to a future weapon's pack?

  9. or, if you're willing to be a tad edgier…

    what are the odds that we can get the bio writer w/ daddy issues to leave his problems at the psychiatrist's office and stop muddling up our motuc-mythos? it's getting old.

  10. He means: VILLAINS.

    How about a wave of just villains??

    My question is: Can you tell us about ANY future 5-packs, or 2-packs, … or any other "specials" before the Con??

    ANY CHANCE of the Golden Age HAWKMAN and HAWKGIRL 2-PACK being put back on "the schedule"??

    Things have been a bit quiet for DCUC lately.

  11. if/when a GB set comes out will there be any accessories with the guys like traps or proton streams or will it be bare bones?

  12. Any chance of improving the DC Infinite Heroes figures? The sculpt and articulation is just awful! Clearly a waste of platic when compared to GI JOE and MARVEL UNIVERSE figures!

  13. Not sure whether this has been asked but it popped into my head…

    What are the chances of getting the original MOTU mini-comics being released in collected editions?

  14. Will there be a system for buying exclusives at SDCC this year? Last year I was disappointed because I was only able to attend on Thursday and Saturday, but the folks at the Mattel booth wouldn't sell me anything. Something about getting a paper voucher the night before …

    Also, are there any plans for a sequel to the MOTU art book?

  15. are you going to relrelease wave 2,3 and 8 cause there is ahole lot of people that want those waves but some people dont want them but most of us do….please matty please please please please please please with a cherry on top! >lol<

  16. @captainzero: If you look on the back of the batman/robin two pack, it shows a picture of a superman/bizaro two pack.

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