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  • Yeah he's possible. New shins, feet, forearms and belt on the He-Man body and you've got yourself Oo-Larr. I could live with that.

  • I like that spear he's holding. I hope they will make that spear with the character. And hopefully, he'll be a bonus figure, the same way Wun-Dar was so that those who miss out on the subscription won't be too p*ssed.

  • still… bare wrists/feet, new crotch cover, and spear is a tough sell at 20 bucks before shipping… i had indeed forgotten that he had the spear prior to meeting sharella though.

    it is even more disappointing to conceive that this could be the 2011 sub extra (i refuse to call it a "bonus" figure since you do in fact PAY FOR IT!) you talk about not exactly sweetening the pot! is a he-man redux the slated sub extra every year?

  • @dayraven: I agree Oo-Larr appears to be an underwhelming choice, but I have a hunch they're going to do something to, as you say, sweeten the pot on him somehow. I think he'll have more than just the spear. But we'll see.

  • I'm sure they'll sweeten the pot on him. Mattel has done an excellent job thus far making sure the lamer MOTUC offerings get nice pack-ins. Be it weapons, alternate heads or other accessories.

  • @Novelty:

    the problem is, do you think anyone will NOT do the sub next year after the 5 min sell outs, glitches, etc that have happened this year?

    so no matter how 'lame' that sub figure is people are gonna me stuck.

    i agree this seems to be a somewhat lame choice, especially seeing as we already got a pretty cheap repaint with wun-dar. however, wun-dar had some nostalgic,mythological value to fans.

    oo-larr doesn't command that respect or infamy with the fans yet.

  • It doesn't read that strangely to me after thinking that He-Man is funny enough as a title for a powerful alter-ego, but downright hilarious and bizzare for buff jungle-dude's actual name. It's like his parents named him that and forced him to juggle boulders and punch trees until the name fit. Oo-Larr is odd too, though. Do we know where this name may have been pulled from?

    Some may complain, but I'm digging the bios and I've rarely cared much for them in any line. Dropping a clue like Oo-Larr, fleshing out the history and landscape, and deciding not to stick with a single continuity but deciding that ALL of them are fact. Except whatever they still can't legally touch yet.

  • @Thomas: I do know people who have decided not to get the next sub. Then there are people who do not have a credit card and will probably miss out on the sub. I'm sure there will also be another subgroup who, for one reason or another, will "forget" to subscribe. So yes, making him a sub will probably make those who did not get a sub for one reason or another not feel as if they have missed out.

  • @Newton Gimmick: like zodac?

    i will agree that most everyone has gotten something, but to me, zodac was the weakest character design released thusfar and he came w/ A GUN, let alone many guns, so as to necessitate an entire rack… what was he gonna do… with a gun rack? (sorry, channeling a little wayne campbell)

  • @Snakeeyes22: the theory i've heard, that seems to fit the facts, is that it's an onomatopoetic name for the sound tarzan used to make whilst vine-swinging. if true, that's surprisingly clever. if not, it's even more clever.

    so i can only assume, using history as the lesson, if this he-man comes w/ a new he-head, he'll be the only one who comes w/ it. given how wun-dar cost us the accessories elsewhere and all… so no spears after oo-larr either! 😉

  • @Dayraven

    Yeah, even if he had new hands and feet, a new head would be the only way to save him from appearing to be a cheap naked He-Man. A middle ground idea: just a new, more vintage hairpiece or a different face with the existing hair.

    Zodac is puzzling. For some reason I love the figure, but he's not exciting, so why one pistol? His head was immediately reused and his armor used 3 more times.

    Meanwhile, popular Tri-Klops gets a sword, armor we may never see again, an action feature, a doomseeker AND a bonus accessory. Huh? Not that I'm complaining, all thay makes him pretty great.

  • I dig it… but what else is new. It reads okay to me. I love that first minicomic… it always stood out to me above the rest, maybe because it was on card stock while the rest were on that thin glossy paper. I don't even know how I got it since I never actually had a brand new He-Man to take out of the package. It always struck me funny as the origin story, esp. since all I knew was the filmation series.

  • @Snakeeyes22: you know, the kicker is, he looks great w/ two pistols! all i did was paint the weapons pack pistol red and now he's double fisting a pair of popguns… he looks so much better!

  • @wyngarde:

    i am holding you to that hahaha

    I'll be at dragoncon and if i don't see nearly naked he-man running around i am calling shenanigans on you.

    personally i'd rather see a half naked she-ra but to each their own lol

  • Well I'm on the fence. I could care less about Oo-Larr… Much like Wundar. It's nice to get the figure but not really a big WOW for me. What would happen to one's feet being bare fighting evil across Eternia?! Heck if I was an Evil Warrior… I'd go for the bare feet. Ala Die Hard…"Schieß den Fenster" or Shoot the Glass!!! LOL!