Growing buzz about a Sectaurs comeback

(Apologies for the title–couldn’t help myself.)

This could be old news. After reading a post that hinted that Sectaurs may be making a comeback, I decided to do a quick trademark check and lo and behold, Hasbro filed for the Sectaurs trademark in September. (Hard to keep big reveals like this a secret in this day and age.)

The trademark covers everything from toys and video games to cartoons and comics. Could they be looking to bring back Sectaurs as they are Micronauts? Could Hasbro finally be planning a toy line I’ll want to collect? If they are, I suspect SDCC will be the place to announce it. Keep your fingers crossed, obscure ’80s vintage toy line fans!

(On a related note, has anything actually happened with that Micronauts revamp yet? Or are they just trying to make a movie out of it?)

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  • Could you imagine a toyline more creepy? Seriously… if I knew that I played with these toys when I was a kid, then today I'd know for sure where my arachnophobia has its roots.

  • Wow.

    Between 80s revival hitting in full force, come creativity from many individuals, and the 4H hitting the most obscure corners of MOTU history,
    I'm pretty much out of MOTUC custom ideas now.

    I've never had a Sectaur, but they were some great looking figures. I saw a pic recently showing they're pretty much MOTUC in size and shape. How a line with bug puppets for vehicles didn't quite take off is a mystery to me. It was probably a tough game to get into with the trifecta of heavy hitters dominating aisles at the time.

  • Hot damn! Sectaurs has always been one of my favorites. I've got everything from the vintage line except the Hyve playset. I can't wait till these come out again.

  • On the Micronauts front – Hasbro has secured, free and clear, the rights and marks for all of the Mego Micronauts characters and all of the Takara Microman characters and designs. From what I have put together they are working on a TV series for their Hub network that will air starting in late spring or early summer 2011 with a toy line to support it landing in the fall. I do not expect to hear any kind of PR from Hasbro until ToyFair 2011. I do wonder if Sectaurs will be used as a vehicle for Hub as well?

  • You're welcome for the tip Poe! =)

    If you ever need fact checking (Toyfare certainly did for their article) or the COMPLETE story on Sectaurs. Just come find me, I'd be happy to share. I'm not building for nothing. =)

  • @Toygiant: I'd have cited you specifically, but I didn't want to in case you were privy to private information and naming you might have gotten you in hot water.

    If/when Sectaurs does get announced, I'll be sure to come to you for any info I need.

  • This, if well done, & if they got to unproduced characters, would drive me ape-shit happy. 3 3/4" could be a pretty cool way to go, considering the steeds & playset possibilities for the line.

    I own all but one of the original Sectaurs & it simply is one of my favorite lines of any time.

  • hearing about sectaurs really bugs me. one more story like this will leave me crawling up the walls. 🙂

  • I feel like this is a good line NOT to do in the "adult collector" nostalgia vein but rather as a line intended for kids to play with. It's just a nifty play concept that I enjoyed as a kid and think would translate well today.

  • I used to love me some Sectaurs. I agree that it'd be great to see them back on the shelves. Surely, even modern kids, jaded by their video games and whatnot, still think giant bugs are awesome.

    I'd kinda like to see real poseable bug legs instead of gloves, though. It always bugged me (no pun intended) as a kid that the big mount bugs I wasn't actively playing with couldn't even stand up.