Mattel @ SDCC: Pre-sales, Swiftwind color vote

Hoo boy…

OK…so first off, Mattel announced that they’ll be having a pre-sale for SDCC items for pick up at the convention.

The Matty team has answered the call of the fans… for the first time ever we’re going to offer a limited number of products (and limited quantities) for pre-sale here on for pick up at SDCC! We’re still finalizing the details, but here’s basically how it’ll work:

•Be at on Tuesday, 7/13 at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET).

•Choose the items you want and add them to your cart. Purchase limit of 6 per person applies to all products.

•Your credit card will be charged and a confirmation email (voucher) will be sent.

•Bring your voucher, the credit card you used for the transaction, your identification, and your Comic-Con badge to Manchester Room 1 at the Marriott San Diego Hotel and Marina, which is just next door to (and connected to) the San Diego Convention Center.

•Pick up your product on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday: 10 AM – 12 noon or 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM. All sales are final. There are NO REFUNDS so be sure to pick up your purchase(s).

•If you are only attending Comic-Con on Sunday, this option is not available to you.

•If you don’t pick up your product by the end of the show on Saturday, your product will go into the products available for sale at the show on Sunday. You may be able to purchase it then, but there are no guarantees.

•Products cannot be shipped. This option is for pick up at SDCC only, and only available to SDCC attendees (badges will be required).

Please note: there is a limited amount of each product available for pre-sale. It’s first-come, first-served and there are no promises you’ll be able to purchase a voucher for every product. But if you’ve successfully purchased a voucher, you’re guaranteed to get your product – including SDCC-exclusive Starro spores, Plastic Man suitcase, and Orko® with color-change features!

Here are the products we’ll have available for pre-sale. Individual product pages will be posted soon, but you can see images here in the meantime:

•Masters of the Universe® Mo-Larr vs Skeletor® Figures

•Masters of the Universe® Orko® Figure (with SDCC-exclusive color-change features)

•Cars Toon Tokyo Mater

•DC Universe Plastic Man Figure (with suitcase)

•Justice League of America presents Starro the Conqueror (with Starro spores)

•James Cameron’s Avatar™ The Final Battle – Avatar Jake Sully vs Colonel Miles Quaritch Figures

•Retro-Action™ The Real Ghostbusters™ Peter Venkman™ Figure

•Toy Story 3 Disney/Pixar Collection Lotso Figure

•World Wrestling Entertainment® Undertaker® Figure

If you miss this sale or the product you want is sold out for pre-sale, we’ll still have these products available for purchase at SDCC subject to availability (see below). We’ll have lots more at the show besides the ones listed above (to be announced soon), so be sure to stop by booth #2945 either way!

For those who can’t attend the show, we’ll also offer limited quantities of these products after the show on on 8/2 at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET), although the SDCC-exclusive Starro Spores and Plastic Man suitcase won’t be included, and Orko won’t have color-change features. More details will come on this special sale as it gets closer.

We know you’ll have lots of questions, but as I said, the team is still working out the logistics and I’ll let you know the details as soon as I have them. Please post your questions here and I’ll try to include the answers in my future posts.

I think we can just assume everything about this will go smoothly and everyone will be happy with the results.

Moving on, as you can see from the image at the top of the screen, Mattel will be having a vote at the panel as to whether Swift Wind–who’s evidently coming in late 2010 2011–will be pink or white.

Sigh…how is this even a question? No amount of nostalgia could possibly ever make me want a pink Swift Wind, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that 90% of fans and collectors feel the same way (that is to say, those who even want a Swift Wind). Swift Wind was white on the She-Ra cartoon, so I think it’s only going to be the diehard POP fans who want pink, like the first toy (though the “Royal” version was white).

The only pink figure I want in MOTUC is Plundor. Who we’re never getting because Mattel won’t pony up the dough for the rights to the cartoon of their own property.

So the only question remaining is how we’ll somehow end up with a pink Swift Wind.

I think these SDCC fan votes are sketchy. Last time they had a vague hand-raising count for flocked vs. non-flocked Panthor–non-flocked won, which I’m happy about, but the haphazard voting method bothered me nonetheless. I suppose we should be happy that they’re having them vote on something that’s a foregone conclusion.

(Could pink possibly win…?)

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  • They need to actually use a thing called arithmetic and count votes at the panel. Don't use the ears of your deaf employees, please.

    "what you want a flocked Swift Wind?"

  • They've said this time there will be an actual count so there will be no dispute afterwards.

  • I can't imagine the nightmare of polling fans these days, at SDCC or otherwise. The logistics and honesty/accuracy of online polls, texting polls, or other tech would be sketchy, and the likelihood that they'd invest in some tech to bring with them only for polling is nill.

    Besides, they are getting such a TINY fan sample at these panels that I can't figure why they'd invest the direction of their product lines on the decisions of such a few fans. I understand they want to placate those who braved the crowds and B.O. sea of SDCC with some type of "thank you", but maybe they should do something else.

    And Poe,

    "I think we can just assume everything about this will go smoothly and everyone will be happy with the results.Moving on,. . ."

    I laughed out loud when I read that!

  • Some how… some way…

    Its kinda funny, this whole pink vs white thing kind of mars the news of Swifty. Instead of "Oh cool, we're getting Swift Wind!" its more like "Oh, we're getting Swift Wind… and he might be pink…"

  • Hey, at least we'll know whether he'll be pink or not before the subscription sale is over.

    @PrfktTear: For using the word "Swifty" I'm afraid I must deduct two (2) Man Points.

  • So this is my diabolical plan:

    Either geeks worldwide begin transferring all of their savings to my offshore Swiss bank account OR I bribe every attendee at the panel to vote pink. I'm convinced I can do it with ten dollars and four bags of Oreos.


  • Even though most fans want a white Swiftwind, what if there happened to be more die-hard POP fans there who will vote for a pink Swiftwind?

  • @misterbigbo:

    I think they're going to write down the votes and Mattel will count them. I think they can manage that. There won't be nearly enough people in the room to require "tech".

  • @MegaGearX: Then presumably we'd end up with a pink Swift Wind. But the realist in me has to doubt the panel will be packed with diehard POP fans.

  • The picture you posted says Swift Wind is coming out late 2011, not 2010.

  • But we shouldn't worry. Mattel's BASED ON THE CLASSIC TOY dogma is thrown out the window with the Princess of Power stuff. She-Ra looks just like Filmation. I'm pretty sure it'll be the same with Swift Wind.

    Now if they make a TOY ACCURATE She-Ra, they'd better give me a PINK SWIFT WIND!!

    If Swift Wind is causing this uproar, I can't wait for Clawdeen!

  • "Last time they had a vague hand-raising count for flocked vs. non-flocked Panthor–non-flocked won"

    I could have sworn they did it by applause last year. Maybe I'm remembering that wrong.

  • @Snarf! Snarf!: What "based on the classic toy" dogma? All Mattel promised with this line is characters designed in a Classic-like fashion. THAT dogma they've been repeating since day one, since many people when seeing characters like Optikk and Carnivus throw a bitch fit and point to the word "Classics" like they've been lied to.

  • @Snarf! Snarf!: The reason she-ra looked like filmation is that she was based on the style-guide version of the character, which preceded the toon and gives mattel permission to make that version of the character. However, in the style-guide swift wind is pink and doesn't resemble the filmation version.

  • We could get a white Swift Wind with pink hair. I think many fans are assuming that a white Swift Wind translates into the Filmation version, when it could actually mean that we are getting Royal Swift Wind instead.

  • I'm actually pretty thrilled that this is what is being voted on. First off, cause surely there's no way in hell they'll vote "pink". Second, I don't give two craps about Swiftwind so I'm glad there voting on something that doesn't affect me…unlike last year's Panthor vote.

  • To be honest, I don't care about this particular issue that much. I'm not really a POP fan, but I am a completist on MOTUC, so chances are I'll just take whatever Swift Wind we get, set it up on a shelf and go admire my Battle Cat and Panthor.

  • @RageTreb: When a Character has different looks, Mattel goes for the Vintage Toy version. The only exception to that has been She-Ra which used the Style Guide as a reference.

    I LOVE ALL Eras of MOTU and wish that they had more love towards them. My only problem is that Mattel will use the Style Guide as the ONLY look for PoP characters.

  • The real question is, will the figure come with a voice chip featuring an incongruous, ten-pack-a-day baritone voice?

  • At the risk of losing further Man Points™ there is a small part of me that is kinda excited about Swiftwind. As a kid I had SwiftWind as well as Catra's steed, Storm. He doesn't necessarily need to be Filmation accurate, but just like having He-Man and Battle Cat, having Swiftwind with She-Ra really completes the package.

  • How about that $50 price for the Mo-Lar set? Really?
    It's a nice looking package and I suppose there's a bit of new tooling that the Robot Chicken guys paid for apparently…but it is basically 2 heads, a smock thing and some little dental tools.

    It's a very fun idea, but that's more than 2 separate figures! And it's not going to get funnier each time you look at it. I figured it would be $30 and had finally convinced myself to get it at that imaginary price.

  • @PrfktTear: To be fair, my sister had Arrow and I thought he was pretty cool. But he was blue.

    @Snakeeyes22: I'm still going to (try to) get it, mostly because it's SDCC and it's exclusive and I'm kind of a completist etc. etc., even though I'm not that excited about it.

    However, I am glad I'll finally have an extra Havoc Staff for Keldor/DC vs. MOTU Skeletor.

  • @Poe
    Good point about the staff, and the sword is nice to have for Keldor.
    I'm just seeing Prince Adam + some new accessories + an all new small figure = $5 more. Awesome!
    Mo-Lar + some new accessories + almost an identical Skeletor = $30 more?
    By my biased math, 1 standard Skeletor – 1 tooth = Battle Cat's price.

    I guess it's worth whatever I'm willing to pay, but it's just high enough that I'd regret missing it, but resent having it.

  • i would NOT want a pink Swift Wind.

    I am going to SDCC but i am NOT going to pre-order… a wise jedi once said…."i have a bad feeling about this"

    Mattel's track record for SDCC and exclusives is sketchy at best and horrible at worst.

  • Most of the time I prefer MOTUC to be true to the original toy and not the art or cartoon but in this case I'd rather have a white Swiftwind and it seems so would most others. Which of course means we'll get a pink one cause the POP fans will surprise us and vote in record numbers.

    I guess Swiftwind isn't a big enough deal to me to be too mad if it goes pink but I'm still HIGHLY peeved about Panthor not being flocked (as I said, I bow to the original toy design). My only hope is that they offer a flocked version like with Moss Man.

  • Moss Man's ears I mean.

    I'm also having a quandry with Mo-Larr. The figures are sweet but the skit wasn't that hilarious and the price is high.

  • My real doubt is, with She-Ra hard plastic skirt, will she be able to actually mount Swiftwind?

    I won't buy a reissue just for that…

  • @Toyman2581
    I agree, I find the fact that they managed to make a toy of the skit way funnier than the skit itself. I partially want it just to support the of fun cooperation it represents.

    @Diego Sanchez
    A Q & A stated that she'd fit on the horse, I assume its at least in early planning or proto stages. Of course, it didn't address whether she's look stupid on it. Seems like it would have to have a skinny back, unless they release a separate Bubble Power version that fits…ugh.

  • you know what would be a real blast? screw the vote, we arrange a flashmob of sorts who all vote blue or something… just to keep mattel on their toes.

  • We can all show up wearing tan pants and red polo shirts… and our cell phones will all start going off like a symphony of manufacturers ring tones by make and model… then we'll just all drop our pants and freeze.

  • Shouldn't the better question be why are we getting a Swiftwind figure before a Panthor, Stridor, Landshark, etc…? Did POP do so well in sales back in the day that it's now preceding Master's figures?

  • @Onigaijan:

    The simple answer is 1) he won't be before Panthor, and 2) because he's more important to the mythos than the other names you mention.

  • Toyguru explained on the matty boards that a figure's colors will always be based on the original toy the first time out, while the design is up to the 4 Horsemen based on what they want to include from the toy, style guide, etc.