Mer-Man by Baena

I don’t visit Baena’s blog nearly often enough, because I completely missed his beautiful update of the original Mer-Man card art. Imagine if art like this was on the back of all MOTUC packaging?

On a related note, you can buy a copy of this lovely Four Horsemen-themed poster, also by Baena, at Store Horsemen.

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  • both pieces are amazing, as always, cuz baena's got incredible talent. and yes, mattel reps, if you're reading this, let baena do the "exclusive map" next year and get your money's worth!!

  • Wow thanks for the kind words Poe! (and DR and Mek!)
    Working with the Four Horsemen is a total dream job. They rock, we all know that, I'm preaching to the choir here I know. But on professional levels as well they are the bomb to work with, I feel incredibly lucky to do what I do with them. If that ever bled over into Mattel and MotUC? I think I'd be like inception and I'd be going down another level! (careful not to spoil) 🙂

    Thanks again Poe, you da man!