Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor Video Review by Pixel Dan


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  • Nice review, but what's sticking in Grizzlor's eye is a !!#!*/? drill, not a syringe. 😉

    What I'd really like to know is whether or not the Ex-Plo-Rar issue offers any content.

    I'm still not quite sure, if I'll try to get my hands on this set.

    What would definitely have turned my interest to this set is an exclusive RobotChicken DVD featuring a collection of RC's MotU episodes. That would definitely have been a perfect cross-over!

  • Ha! Yeah…drill it is, indeed. Not a syringe. My bad.

    The magazine is actually just printed ont he inside of teh box. So, no content there.

  • I wonder if this will lead to another Robot Chicken/MOTUC crossover next year–perhaps super-powered Orko with impaled-on-the-Power-Sword Sorceress?

  • @ Pixel Dan: It's printed onto the cardboard floor? That's disappointing. It really looks like it's an accessory.

  • I'm a Skeletor and MOTU nut. So I will be buying this. I will probably keep it in the box but I'll be taking out the Havoc staff and whole powersword to give to one of my TRU Skeletors.

  • I'll be using the whole power sword with Keldor (after using his two halfs to make another full sword).

  • i ordered molarr seperately so i can pop his head off and put horde primes weird bughead on!