MOTUC Bio Discussion #12: Webstor

Inspired by’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast, welcome to PGPoA’s latest MOTUC Bio Discussion!

Real Name: Araneus, son of Raknus

One of the last remaining members of an ancient Eternian race of Spider Warriors called the Arachna, Webstor™ was awoken from hibernation beneath Snake Mountain and occasionally allies himself with Skeletor®. In ancient times, the Arachna were an advanced dominant race until driven underground by the Snake Men™. Araneus retains much of the knowledge of his people and while seemingly savage, is an expert mathematician and strategist, as well as an accomplished escape artist. He often arms himself with a grappling hook Fast Pack and uses his climbing power to escape capture!

Portrait source: Original card art

This bio is mostly a mixture of Millennium cartoon material and what I’m guessing is some original ideas by the Bio Writers (BW). The name of his race comes right from that show, as does the idea of Webstor “hibernating” beneath Snake Mountain and “occasionally” allying himself with Skeletor (as he did in the Council of Evil storyline).

There’s as much information about his race as Webstor himself. The idea of the Arachna being an “advanced dominant race” fits with MOTU’s tradition of constantly revealing another ancient race of overlords.

It’s odd, but interesting, that he’s an “expert mathematician.” I guess that must just be an innate talent of his, because I’m not really clear on how useful a talent math is going to be when you’re spinning webs or trying to inject poison into people, but what do I know? Not math, I’ll tell you that much. Maybe Webstor just had a really good AP Calculus teacher.

The “Fast Pack” sounds less like a piece of complex mechanical climbing equipment and more like plastic-sealed cardboard tray of child-size Lays potato chip bags.

His real name, Araneus, is a genus of spiders. While we can debate the necessity of a lot of these real names all day, I think this one is harmless, perhaps even mildly cool. Kind of weird that he gets the “son of Raknus” appellation, though.

Next time: Teela!

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  • I think the math aspect has to do with the inherent mathematical/geometric qualities of spider webs.

    This is actually one of my favorite bios.

  • So, does anyone else wonder if the extra legs on his backpack are meant to be Webstor's actual legs poking through the backpack, or if the legs are part of the back pack itself?

  • Webstor was always one of my favorite figures as a kid.

    I'm just glad he's from Eternia and wasn't dragged from another dimension, or duped into helping Skeletor after being captured from another planet or whatever. There's just been way too much of that in most of these bios.

  • @Barbecue17: Since they look organic, I'd wager the first. But the BW's probably don't want to piss off the hardcore fans by mentioning them.

  • That's the direction I lean in too, DMW.

    My wife and I were looking at some of the Toyfair pictures and after looking at Buzz-off's helmet, we began discussing the strange tendancy for MOTU characters to so drastically alter their natural abilities. Wouldn't spider webs be much stronger and more convenient than any grappling hook? Do Strat's wings actually do anything, or does the jetpack do all the work? Seriously, I'm surprised Mer-Man doesn't wear scuba gear…. I guess most characters are augmenting their natural powers rather than replacing them, but it still is kind of funny.

    Rereading the Webstor bio and seeing his math skills, does anyone imagine Skeletor asking Webstor to show of his cypherin' skills to the Evil Warriors?

  • @Dead Man Walking:

    I think you're right about the math/web thing and this is one of my favorite bios too. The Fast Pack thing is a tad silly but his real name is cool and everything else works so I dig it. Always loved Webstor as a kid so I'm glad the MOTUC fig and his bio turned out so good.

  • one almost has to wonder if Raknus will end up as a fig at some point, being that he wasname dropped. anyone ever see evidence that motu had an unproduced spider guy a long time ago?

    as for webbie's bio, i think this one came out cool. no silly real name, no botched reason to be a bad guy, and no corny weapon name (i'm amazed he doesn't carry the Caster of B'eeaa'mmhhhmm or some shit.)

    perhaps the fast pack implies that webspinning is slow work? if yuo're a 6 or 7 foot spider, you're taking a dump out of your spinerettes that' be the size of my arm… maybe that's why the fast pack is significant, because it's a rope on a grappling hook, it's always ready vs taking hours to spin a 6 foot web line or whatever.

    btw, quick note on said fast pack for you motucers… my oldest was in the back yard enjoying the same fun w/ webstor i had as a child, and the top portion of the fast pack popped off. so he grabbed it up and popped it back on, seemingly, no harm, no foul. except, when he left the house, the legs were all nice and tight in the pack and held any menacing position you'd care to try. now, they're floppy as hell in the pack and can't stay up, so i essentially have dangly spider legs. you've been warned.

  • Those "Fast Snack Packs" were great. They'd come like 36 bags per box with all sorts of variety, Lays, Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Cheetos, etc. So good!

    @LJ_McGee: I have to agree with you there. If you believe the bios, nobody is reall evil, they've all been duped or brainwashed, or maybe they weren't hugged enough as children or Mommy threw out their toy collections and they're angry with the world. So nobody's really responsible for being evil…

  • I kind of like that Webstor's apparently just been sleeping in Skeletor's basement, occasionally getting up to help him out a bit or just watch DVD's or something…

  • I misread that as "genius of spiders" at first, so I was thinking that was the application of his math skills.

    PS I know that the removable jet boosters used in Macross/Robotech on the transformable planes tend to be called "fast packs," too. I don't know why, though.

  • I love this bio. I can't find anything offensive about it. He probably has the best real name of all the ones they've revealed.

    I like the reveal of the history between his people and the snakemen.

    I also like the bit about him hibernating in Skelly's basement somewhere and working for Skeletor when he gets called. I also like that they specifically mention that he isn't stupid.

    The only thing I'm not crazy about is the fast pack nonsense. I actually took the grappling hook off of my figure since it was in the way.

    I wouldn't mind a repaint of this figure. I think an all black one with red or green spots would look pretty neat. Or maybe a lighter blue one like the 200x staction.

    I wasn't crazy about this figure at first, but he really grew on me. I think he's one of my favorites. The extra legs really make a big difference.