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  • The Dread Axes are almost gone (as in, there’s currently 1 left!), and we will be doing a second run. Thanks to all who helped make this exclusive a success! Sadly, Faker remains unpurchased.
  • In even better news, Spy Monkey and I are now discussing the possibility of a new item as the next exclusive. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but it’s an item I’ve wanted for a while now, and I think a lot of fans will like it too.
  • I’m impressed to see Mer-Man has, as of right now, overtaken Hordak in the “Least Popular Real Name” contest. I guess that’s what comes of having your name refer to a completely different-looking species–like if my real name were “Fox King.” Wait–that’d be awesome. Never mind.
  • Entertainment Earth has teamed up with Toys R’ Us’s website to create a “Collector Store,” and they’ll even be offering their SDCC exclusives (starting July 21). I’m not sure how this partnership came about, but clearly the fans win.
  • On a related note, Jazwares is offering their first Robot Chicken figure as an SDCC exclusive: the Convention Nerd. I decided I need to have him to hang out with Mo-Larr. He’ll also be available on Toys R’ Us.com on 7/21.
  • Does anyone else find it vaguely surreal we’re getting new Futurama episodes every week?

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  • When can we expect to hear about your posible next exclusive? Please tell me that you & Jeremy have something brewing for Tytus. It's an absolute must!

  • @Barbecue17: Its TRUe. Just a few years back I hardly stepped foot into TRU, but now I go somewhat frequently. Its right on the way home from work, so I don't have to go far out of my way at all.

    As a business decision, it was a smart move for TRU. With more and more parents on a budget flocking to Wal-Mart for cheaper prices, they need to find a way to fill in the gaps. Going after the collector market is the best way to do that. Collectors have more disposable income then parents and if there is something specific they are looking for, they are more likely to make a purchase.

    I wonder if MP Grimlock will be up on the site!?


  • I've got Spy Monkey bringing me some samples of their stuff to finally check out and probably purchase at Comic-Con.

    I'm tempted by the Horde Axe but I'm sort of waiting to see Grizzlor up close and see how well the colors will match. (The blue crossbow looks bizarre from the back.)

  • I’m so excited about the Robot chicken toys. I’m also really pleased that Toys R Us has really taken initiative to work with companies like Mezco, NECA, Diamond Select, Jazzwares and Mattel to get collector focused action figure lines out to buyers. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I bought a toy at Walmart or Target: TRU gets all of my action figure dollars now!

  • I'd love to see a sculpted Poe Ghostal head that is interchangeable with our favorite 7inch fantasy action figures (like the one on the site log right now).

    What body would it go best on? It'd probably have to be a mix and match.

  • I can’t wait to see what you and Spy Monkey have up your sleeves. 🙂

    @Barbecue17 – Same here. I don’t really even live that close to a TRU, but they’ve still been the site of all of my recent toy purchases. Their selection has really been filled out recently and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  • @Mario: My idea for the new-item PGPoA exclusive isn’t something that would work with Tytus–I don’t think I could afford something that big 🙂
    The idea we’re (ahem) toying with is more low-key, but still pretty cool, I think.

    But as I said, nothing is set in stone yet, so fingers crossed that it works out.

    I don’t know whether SMC has his own plans for something that could work with Tytus and other large figures. I’m sure he’s aware of fans’ desire for something better than the giant vacuum cleaner, though.

  • TRU rules and I smite anyone who says otherwise. Sure there are still stores that are total disasters, but on the whole they've wisely changed their company to be exactly what you'd want out of the world's biggest exclusive toy store.

    I like the new Robot Chicken nerd figure. He looks pretty cool. I'm interested in that line, just to see what they can produce.

  • Spy Monkey folks; the world needs heat vision.
    That’s all I’m sayin’.

  • My local TRU, which used to be a black hole, has vastly improved. Since they did the aisle re-set with the collectors aisle, its been a lot better. For months the same DCUC Cyborg figure was peg warming and nothing else. Now there is an abundance of just about everything.

  • Super happy to hear that the Horde Axes have done well; I purchased 2 of them as soon as they went on sale. I'm really looking forward to hearing about a new item, too! SMC is a great company that puts out exceptional products and I've bought up all of the MOTUC-compatible ones. Great news, Poe!

  • Speakings of exclusives (all though not really exclusive) Spy Monkey is casting the light constructs for me in Sinestro Corps yellow. I’ll be putting pictures up as soon as I have them.

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