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Boglins by unloveablesteve


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  • I remember Boglins! My fondest memory of these strange creatures is from a Ghostbusters themed haunted house my parents took me to probably back in 88 or 89. I remember that it was at a local YMCA when my family lived in Cincinatti, OH and I went dressed in my Ghostbusters uniform with all of my gear. I was probably about 5 or 6.

    The haunted house was a pretty standard maze of partitions, but they did have lots of wall murals of the terror dogs and Gozer at dead ends. I also remember they had someone in a Gozer outfit and a ghost in a white sheet walkig through the maze. At one point, they had a table with a Boglin on top. Someone was underneath, but it made it seem like the Boglin was talking and you had to answer questions to pass through. After the maze, a guy in a really cool Batman costume was handing out tootsie rolls. Somewhere at my parents house, there is a picture of me with him and sitting in a Batmobile of some kind.

    Thanks for posting this picture! It stirred some great memories this morning!

  • They're like really strange puppets. I think you could move their mouths and maybe their eyes.