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Yes, that’s right, I’m going to live-blog the live-blogging of the Matty Fan Panel. My sources include Open Your Toys, TNI, Toyark and Twitter. My comments in brackets. Refresh to see what’s new.


  • Retro action Green Lantern figures (Sinestro and Guy Gardner)
  • DC Universe Darkseid and Kalibak 2-pack
  • 12-pack of DCUC Proty accessory [No idea what Proty is, probably a typo –PG]


  • Ghostbuster characters coming from both 1 and 2 AND the video game [Good, good…]
  • Ghostbuster and MOTUC subscriptions will ship together [Well, yeah.]
  • TRU: Ghostbusters 4-pack with Santa Hats (50% on, 50% off)
  • Swappable heads coming […why?]
  • Egon with PKE meter and stack of books (unslimed) [Good…]
  • Peter with stream and GB logo stand (glow in the dark) [Good…]
  • November – Winston with Slime Blower and tri-pod trap [Good…long time away, though…]
  • January – Courtroom Peter with Nunzio (suit with pack) [Who’s Nunzio? One of those criminal ghosts?]
  • May – Lewis Tully with swappable head with dog head [Hmmm. OK.]
  • Marshmallow mess Ray (Ecto-1 club figure) [Well, that’s a bit disappointing, but a good incentive fig, I suppose, in that it’s not so good it extorts you to get the sub]


  • [2-packs, Club Eternia info, stuff we already knew, blah blah blah]
  • Roboto does have working gears
  • $40 2-pack Troop builder guards with four swappable heads, four chest plates, other weapons [Awesome, but need pics…]

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  • @Thrawn: Agreed. The snake torso swap-in is a bit on the puny side. I kind of dig the bendy aspect of it since it makes it seem more "realistic," but by the same token I would like to have seen hinged jaws on the snake arms so that King Hiss could hold the accessories in either form.

    It's still July. March 2011 is eight — well, really 7 months away at this point. Is there enough time for a change to be made to King Hiss before he goes to production? If there is, maybe enough reasonable and well-articulated commotion from the fan community will convince Mattel for a little bit more of a redesign. We've seen it happen on She-Ra, but all She-Ra needed changing was on the paint side of the fence.

    However, the tooling might've already been cut, in which case our considerations are purely academic. :/