SDCC News > Grizzlor gets his close-up [UPDATE: MOTUC list thru March 2011]

(Click for a much larger version.)

Here’s a close-up of Grizzlor from PGPoA’s SDCC reporter, Rustin Parr!

Loving all the weapons. Is it me, or does the axe resemble the Millennium Ram-Man‘s axe?

UPDATE: TNI snapped a pic with this list of MOTUC figures through 2011 (spoilers – highlight to read):

October: Roboto
November: Grizzlor
December: Buzz-Off
January: Bow
February: Vikor
March: King Hsss

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  • Hello beautiful. I less-than-three you and your increased figure budget ways.

    Grizzlor is like the lovechild of the aliens from the Critters franchise and a grizzly bear, sprinkled with awesome accessories, and wrapped in an affordable hug.

    *I realize this fanboy-ism is repulsive but c'mon, this figure is sweet as all get out.

  • Very cool! It's nice to see some of the staction stuff included. Can't wait to see more members of the Horde like Leech & Mantenna!

  • Poe, actually the axe is the MOTUC version of his staction version axe.

    I have to say he looks awful–very formless and silly thanks to the fur. And I wanted him furry!

    He's definitely a let down after Gygor, Marzo, Whiplash, et al.

  • Love the figure. Not a fan of the belt/loin cloth thing…just doesn't seem right to me. Looks too "tribal". Hopefully it can come right off.

  • Nice Swords! Lookin a little too crazy with the fur though… hope they dial that in a bit…

  • Wow…the figure list is amazing. All demanded figures, except for B, but I can't wait to see how great they make him look. Same with V.

    Now I need to see the beast/2 pack lists!!

    Grizzlor looks great to me. Another figure that embarasses the sparsely accessorized figures by being requiring a deluxe treatment with the fur but not skimping out on weapons. I don't even like the character or have any connection and I want to snuggle it to pieces!

    The grayskull and Hall of Justice Mattel display cases are awesome! Kind of weak that they feature so many toys that aren't even available. I'm seeing DCSH Parasite in there! Didn't he come out like 50 years ago? Great setup regardless.

  • Nice!!!! He looks way better than the Mo-larr cross sell art!!! I love he has at least some of the staction weapons. I will display him as is.

    Hey do you have more pics of this display? It looks like the new King Grayskull below him!!!!

  • I'm glad they included the loincloth as an option. The more display options the merrier. But after seeing him standing with it, I think I will be taking it off and going classic Grizzlor all the way.

    I'm also glad they decided to give us more weapons, but I personally really detest the site of Grizzlor wielding weapons. It just doesn't feel right to me. I like the mini-comic version of Grizzlor,where he just attacked you with his bare hands.

    Unfortunately him having two closed hands is going to interfere with that I'm afraid. Interchangeable hands would be an unbridled plus for this line Mattel.

    But ultimately that's minor. He still looks awesome and even though I desperately wanted Leech and Mantenna before him, I can't wait to own the little fur-ball.

  • Very nice! If the fur is anything like the staction's, it just needs to be groomed a little bit, in this picture he literally does look like a ball of hair. The staction weapons are a nice inclusion…

    I'm super happy about the revealed names. Especially for Oct & Dec! The February 2011 I'm not too sure about though, but hey, I'm all aboard either way. One thing for sure is that we know that the Feb figure won't be a potential incentive figure.

    I'm super curious how they'll pull of March 2011's release.

    Now I guess we have wait until ToyFair to find out more 2011 releases…

  • If the reverse accessory stratos in the diorama is a bonus figure, I've got mixed feelings. They already sold me the backback. I can't see his feet in the pic, but it would be nice if this one had beast man feet or better yet, the finger-toed monkey feet as seen on vintage Trap-Jaw's card back.

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  • Grizzlor looks cool, but I've always been on Team Sculpted Fur. Grizzlor looks like a toupee.

    Regarding the Spoiler list:

    -I would've switched the Oct. and Nov. figures around.

    -Dec. fig better have an alternate head and stuff with influences from the anime hyperdetailed version.

    -Jan. fig is THE BEST from the line up so far, before some members of the MOTU community grab their pitchforks and attack me think about this: The sooner those guys get out of the way the sooner we can get to characters like Ram Man or King Hiss (or Hssss)

    -Feb. Fig is the one that I'm least interested. That fig has Bonus figure Material/Club Eternia Exclusive written all over it. I'm more interested on the figure that antagonizes this one.

    IF this was a bonus fig I wonder what happened to the real fig?

    -March Fig: This spot should've been Count Marzo's (Marzo = March) but Mattel has screwed up two opportunities to release "Scary Evil figs" in the same month as Halloween… On the fig itself: I believe its a bit too soon for this one. I'm worried that it might suck because of Mattel releasing it earlier… also they're losing one of the bargaining chips…

    Panthor better show up this year even if he isn't at SDCC… And the Sorceress too! I'm getting tired of Matty teasing us with Bird form Sorceress.

  • Grizzlor needs a trim. Do we know where and how that fur is attached?

    As a more casual collector of this line, I am glad to see some upcoming figs that I have some interest in. Hopefully these will be enticing enough for many more fans to buy subs and make it possible for me to squeeze onto Matty's site to make occasional orders.

  • I guess I'm an idiot but I clicked the link to the figure list and couldn't find squat. Little help anyone?

  • @ToyMan: Hilight the lisssssst!

    I know a lot of hardcore MOTU fans aren't going to be very excited for January's figure, in some eyes it may be the least exciting figure thus far. I'm sure She-Ravers will be happy though. (When does statute of limitations run up on these spoilers?) I'm kind of hoping they'll give him two heads, one based on the vintage figure, and another based on the Filmation series. I'm curious how they'll replicate his action figure, maybe a removable plate similar to BA He-Man?

  • I don't know about Grizzlor. The fur seems a bit unwieldy to me. If it was about half the length it would be a lot better. Seems too long to get any decent play or display value out of him. I'll wait for some of the advanced reviews before making a decision on getting him or not.

  • @PrfktTear: I figure we might as well leave the "spoiler alert" until the Matty panel at 4pm ET on Friday. No rush.

    You're probably right about the chestplate, but we'll see. I'm much more curious how the March figure will be executed. Swappable parts, I'm guessing.

  • The March figure will definitely be interesting. Hoping for more of a 200X interpretation, but we know those are supposedly retired with all the nods we're still seeing, Grizzlor being the latest one. *rolls eyes*

    February's choice, if it sticks, makes sense I guess if the originally planned figure was delayed. This would kind of echo what could have happened this past June if they swapped the bonus Keldor for She-Ra. Think I said too much! 😀

  • So far, the glimpse into later in the line is proving really exciting.

    I for one never thought we'd see the mighty King Hiss in year three, especially so early in the year. Coupled with Buzz-Off, some of the figures that I remember prominently from my childhood makes me cheer.

    Vikor, I hope, is a regular-release figure and not subscription-only because I really want it and there's a good chance I won't be able to lock in a subscription for next year.

    Bow, as Snarf! Snarf! indicated, is going to be a controversial figure — but he really shouldn't. Collecting MOTUC is better than playing poker: everyone wins. If you like Bow — hey, you've got Bow! If you don't like Bow, either don't get him or if you get him as part of your subscription, you can just trade him to someone else for a figure you really wanted. Or you can sell him to someone and recoup your investment.

    It's all good in the kingdom of Eternia, baby.

  • @Harlan Rosen: You totally just spoiled the list for the 2 fans on the internet who were waiting to hear the news directly from Mattel 😉

  • @Harlan: I like your attitude! Its all good in the kingdom of Eternia, baby!"

    So King Hi.., er, the March figure. I think they'll do swappable arms or something. Maybe they'll have two heads, one for his human head and the other for his snake head. I'm partial to the vintage figure's head, as much of a fan of the 200x line as I was, that was one of the updates that I really did not like at all.

  • Oct 15, 12pm US EST. Roboto

    Nov 15, 12pm US EST. Grizzlor

    Dec 15, 12pm US EST. Buzz-Off

    Be sure to check out MOTUClassics.Com via, as far as I know it has the most up-to-date MOTUC release schedule.