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Mattel released a list of their upcoming releases, and for those of you who only check this site for their toy-related news (all two of you), I figured I should post the list:

Toy Fans,

The whirlwind of insanity that is SDCC is over, and we’re finally settled down and getting back to business as usual. We’re still pulling together final images, but here’s a list of products that are scheduled for release through the end of November:


  • Ghostbusters™ 6″ Egon Spengler™ with PKE Meter™, stack of books
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Chief Carnivus™ (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Gygor™


  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Roboto® (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Zodac®


  • DCU JLU Parademon™ 2-Pack
  • Ghostbusters™ 6″ Peter Venkman™ with Ghostbusters™ Logo Base
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Grizzlor® (Club Eternia™ monthly figure)
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Grayskull™ (with Orb)
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Weapons Pak Great Wars Assortment

November’s already shaped up to be one heck of a month, but there’s even more in store for you! We’re working on plans for a serious Cyber Monday sale on November 29th at 9 a.m. PT/Noon ET and it’s gonna be BIG! Watch this spot for details to come, and check back soon to see images of the September, October, and November products!

— Matty

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  • Wow. That is a lot of product for November. Definitely not looking forward to that day (although I am definitely looking forward to Grizzlor and Grayskull, and even the weapon pack I guess.

  • 6 months with no DCUC product of note and pretty much nothing on your site for the rest of the year. Gee, thanks Matty. And I hope they realize to have the cyber Monday sale, they actually have to have stuff on their site to sell.

  • I’m glad Zodac is getting re-issued in October, him and He-Ro are the only ones I’m missing. November DEFINANTLY going to suck. They have to learn to spread stuff out, or at least fix that turdtastic, fucking poor-excuse of a website. Also feel bad for DCUC fans for the rest of the year.

  • Is it the same Egon figure as before but with different accessories?

    I guess they're stacking November for Christmas shopping, but I have a feeling that scoring all 3 of the MOTUC items will be practically impossible thanks to their current shopping cart system.

  • @Lemonjuice_McGee: I believe this Egon will be the non-slimed variety but otherwise the same.

    I'm glad I have no interest in Zodac so I can take October off. But man November is going to suck balls. I only want Grayskull and the weapons pack but its going to be a bitch and a half getting through.

  • Hrm… November will be an expensive month! I'm still on the fence about Grayskull, so that might save me $20 right off the bat. I do want the non-slimed Venkman so I can complete my GBs, and of course the weapons pack.

  • Pray for me. Egon will be my first (and hopefully last) time in the trenches. What's the actual date on that anyway?

    Pffff. Stack of books (grumble, grumble…)

  • good lord.. there is literally nothing going on in october but Roboto, but in november you're releasing EVERYTHING? you suck matty..

    sadly, in november all I really want it venkman and grizzlor… but it's still going to be the most painful thing ever

  • "for those of you who only check this site for their toy-related news (all two of you)".

    So who's the other one?

  • The upcoming slate of Ghostbusters pretty much killed my interest in the line. I expect I'll sell the four I have to further finance MOTUC.

    I'm thankful for the light month in October. And if any month was heavy I'm glad it's November since my family hates to Christmas shop for me anyway :-p

    Don't collect JLU but I kinda want a Parademon for my desk.

    I'm curious to see their definition of a sale this year.

  • Its nice that people get to have their Cyber Monday gift shopping C-blocked by their Matty curiosity and staring at WSOD all day. It could be nothing but junk, but it'll still WSOD from people checking it out if we don't get a list beforehand. How are we supposed to know to call out of work that day?

    Seriously though…maybe its the leftover stuff that they hold onto for returns and cons. There's alot of Battle Cat speculation too.

  • Well, I guess I'll have to either go secondary market for that Greyskull & Weapons Pak, or pray for a reissue >_<

    And just for the halibut, predictions;


    – Egon = Gone by 2 PM.

    – Carnivus = Gone by 1 PM.

    – Gygor = Gone by 12:30 PM, the only reason it'll take that long is due to the sever load.


    – Roboto = Gone by 12:15 PM.

    – Zodac = Gone sometime the next day.


    Nothing is sold because the stress on the servers causes them to self-destruct.

  • You know, I almost wish that the Eternian Palace Guards were still set for the November sale, and weren't bumped.

    Just to see the carnage.

    Grizzlor, Weapons Pak 2, King Greyskull, AND the first 2-pack?

    Digital River wouldn't just go down, it'd go down so hard that it would take half of the internets down with it.


  • @Megaduce Flare: dude, i think you're nuts if you think carnivus or gygor will last longer than 15 minutes. even reissues are typically gone in under an hour.

    i can't believe they're making product for a cyber monday sale. not only do they not follow the "stock" model that would allow for the "clearance" model that is cyber monday is based on, but in essence they're adding more product to a month that's already product intensive seemingly to thumb their nose at the notion that a matty fan might have other priorities so close to the winter buyapalooza. let me just throw this out there: at the cheapest time to year to acquire my technological baubles, i'm not concerned with toys.

    not that my peeps are strict traditionalists. we typically only get one or two gifts prior to the holidays, then at the post-holiday sales, we go ape nuts. but we budget for that BY SAVING MONEY STARTING AFTER HALLOWEEN! but i don't suppose any matty reps are reading this, so…

  • @dayraven:

    With the issues that I (and others) seem to have on the last two sales, I wasn't able to make any purchases before 12:20 pm (eastern time) so I can see it lasting that long. Not everyone would want Carnivus and Count Marzo lasted an hour and the sever issues wern't as bad as the recent two.

    In terms of the cyber monday sale I agree that it was not thought out. It's like they don't understand priorities. The only ones I would be interested in are the Color of Fear 2-pack and He-Ro. I'll keep an eye on the cybersale but my family comes first (because they are important to be more than any plastic just like your family is yours).

    After reading some of the posts on the matty forums it seems not everyone shares our views.

  • @Mose: Yes, its a Wednesday, which is also the 15th. Sale days are scheduled for the 15th unless the 15th is on the weekend, in which case sale day falls on the weekday closest to the 15th. At least that's been the pattern so far.

  • @Mose: yeh, i forgot the complete blackout from last time.

    you know, even when i was a single guy w/ a good income, i had priorities that exceeded toys… cigs, beer, food, music, my nephew, movies, all came first before toys… and that list has grown appreciably since then (but i did kick cigarettes, so that's $1000 a year back in the coffers)

  • @dayraven:

    Good to hear you kicked cigarettes. Had an uncle who died because of them. It's just when you read some of the posts on that forum, you can't help but feel a bit…disturbed.

  • The only good thing I can think is that the Matty sale starts at noon, and most Cyber Monday sales start at midnight, am I right?

    Obviously they want to finish off the quarter with a bang, but having so much product on sale so soon to Christmas is a burden.

    Not to mention that other sales come up on that weekend, Black Friday, and having to shop for family, etc. I know I'd like to pick up a Blu-Ray player this year, hopefully get a bargain on a decent model. Though, part of me still wants to pick up a PS3 so I can play games AND play Blu-Ray discs. If they drop the price of a PS3 by $100, it will be more in my price range.

  • @dayraven:

    All of the re-issues except He-Man and Skeletor lasted over 24 hours (most were a few days). Even He-Man lasted 6 hours or so.