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  • Apologies for the lack of updates the last couple of days, but in the wake of SDCC there’s really just not much news going on. Feel free to pass along something…maybe a Toy Aisle Trolls? Anyone…?
  • I saw the NECA Predators at TRU last night. They looked great, but there was no classic Predator, which is the  one I really want. Have they officially announced when we’ll see a masked one?
  • On a related note, NECA’s kicking ass with their Bioshock stuff. I haven’t even played BioShock 2 yet and I want some of those toys.
  • Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I saw Inception over the weekend. I loved it. I don’t think it’s a whole lot more than an incredibly creative heist movie–to paraphrase Treebeard, Christopher Nolan has a “mind of  metal and wheels,” but I find his movies lack emotion–yes, even Inception with all its characters’ angst about the nature of reality. (I do think The Dark Knight managed to get at some disturbing emotions, primarily due to Ledger’s performance.) But I digress–I really enjoyed Inception.
  • I love this fake Oregon Trail movie trailer–“Here Lies Poopface” had me laughing for ten minutes straight. It’s really only funny if you played the game as a kid, though. I agree with DMG that it’s probably only funny as a trailer. Hollywood, listen to me: do not make this movie.
  • Oh, some MOTUC notes, in case you haven’t been checking out the Poester Gallery (and if not, shame on you): The Heroic Guards 2-Pack has been delayed to December so that they can give the guards Keldor boots, rather than He-Man boots. The guards will still come with shin-guards. Also, they’re hoping to give Battle Armor Skeletor purple feet, like the vintage figure, and King Hiss’s big snake head will have an articulated jaw.

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  • It's not a big deal to me, but it seems the obvious solution would have been to give Skeletor Hordak's feet. Aren't those armored three toed boots?

    Anyhow, I'd rather have purple or even regular Skeletor feet than Marzo/Keldor boots. I wouldn't be able to wrap my head around how his giant feet fit in the those :-p

  • The Oregon trail trailer was hilarious. "Dad I shot a buffalo!"

    "Sorry son, but we can only carry 5 lbs of meat."

  • These faux trailers are great. I'm in love with Wes Anderson's The Royal Olympians, Starring Kratos. When I first watched it I believed it was going to be a real movie, but after a quick search on Anderson, I realized it was a parody.

    I agree about Nolan's films, they do lack certain emotion. From Memento to Insomnia, and the Batman films. They're just very empty feeling. Don't get me wrong, I love his films, but its always bothered me.

  • I loved Oregon Trail. Kinda crazy that the game has been around since the days of teletype.

    Now I just need to see a Number Munchers movie!

  • Re: NECA Classic Predator – The helmeted Classic (1987) Predator will be out for the vintage series next year.

    On the MOTUC news, that all sounds awesome!

    Purple feet for skelly is EXACTLY what I wanted them to fix, Keldor boots on the guards is cool, and hinge for Hsss' main snake head is awesome.

    All good news!

  • I don't mind the blue Skeletor feet, the original had those furry looking shins that weren't painted in the back after all, but it's cool that he'll be that much different. I've said before I didn't care, but now I kind of want the vintage accurate Whiplash forearms, just to more fully recreate one of my favorite figures ever. No big deal though.

    Good news about the Guard delay, if only because people were already stressing over October. Plus, an extra difference from Man-at-Arms is great.

    Most of all, I like seeing the commitment to the product. Quite a bit of unique sculpts at SDCC and now tweaks being done on stuff that was great as-is shows they're pretty serious about doing things right.

  • i'm kind of cool w/ the 2 pack getting bumped, but i'd have been more ok if got bumped to jan, if only to alleviate the pre holiday conundrum. guess that would have take some thought about their consumers, wouldn't it?

    sometimes dealing w/ matty reminds me of when i sit down too fast in summer and sit on my own nuts.

  • Hordak feet on BA Skeletor is brilliant! I know it wouldn't match the vintage figure but it would still look cool.

    I don't mind that they are changing the boots on the Guards but I'm not happy about the move to December. Now I'm going to have to suffer Mattypocalypse every month for the rest of the year. If they hadn't been bumped I would have been able to skip December and end the year Matty-stress free.

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