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The Keeper Thinks Of Earth


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  • That was from the very first Star Trek episode I ever saw. Also, the night I met Father Ghostal-he mentioned he was a Trekkie, and I had seen an article on Star Trek in the Patriot Ledger that night ( having crashed the party where I met him) so I dropped the name James Doohan—and we went home and told our respective parents we had met the person we were going to marry. Years later, I confessed, but by then we had Poe, however, Ron still brings it up…

  • Eeewwwww the creepy butt-head guys! Man that's all I can think of when I see them. I know its because they have super advanced brains but the back of their heads look like butts. Great episode though. Probably the best Bones episode of the series.

  • This may just be crazy, but that figure reminds me the Twilight Zone's Kanamit.