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One of the greatest tributes to a pop culture character’s popularity is to be made into the immortal idol known as an action figure. And while many characters have been so blessed, there are still many deserving characters who remain un-sculpted in plastic.

And yet, while we have no figure of Dutch Schaefer from Predator, Rasputin from the Hellboy comic or Buzzard from The Goon, we do have  these obscure or unwanted characters who not only got their own figure, but were given spots in action figure lines that ended immediately after their appearance, thereby preventing a more desirable figure from getting made.

I had to draw on my own knowledge of toy collecting to come up with these, so I may have missed some doozies. I’ll happily do another list like this, so feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below.

Adult Swim Series 1 [ Palisades Toys ]

Adult Swim Series 1 [ Palisades Toys ] by Leandro [ Egon ]

5.) Mothermonsterman (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Palisades)

Palisades Toys’ [adult swim] toy line lasted just one series (consisting of a few different shows) before Palisades went under. The unproduced second series is worthy of its own Forgotten Lore post, but what we’re discussing here is the first wave, and specifically, Mothmonsterman.

As we’ll see as we move down this list, from 2000-2006 or so, many of the smaller toy companies–particularly Mezco, SOTA and Palisades, and to a lesser degree, NECA and Diamond Select–created a number of figure lines that were based on relatively small, infrequently-produced waves that featured 2-4 figures each. In order to maximize the life of the toyline, they spread the “A-list” or most popular characters of each property out through a number of waves, while sticking in an obscure, ostensibly fan-favorite character to help pad out each wave–or at least, that was the plan. Unfortunately, time and again these lines failed after one or two waves.

And here’s Exhibit A: Mothmonsterman. A relatively minor character on the popular [adult swim] cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Mothmonsterman is the only other official 6″-scale Palisades ATHF action figure aside from Master Shake. I mean, really–Mothmonsterman? Why not at least Carl, or the Mooninites? How many waves did Palisades really think they were going to be able to squeeze out of ATHF? Now fans have Mothmonsterman, but no Frylock or Meatwad. Sad.

4.) Golden Pharaoh (Super Powers, Kenner)

Both Golden Pharaoh and Cyclotron–the two brand-new characters created solely for Kenner’s Super Powers line–were pretty lame. But while Cyclotron was mildly cool by virtue of being a robot, there was no such luck for King Tut here.

Why Kenner felt the need to pad out the Super Powers line when there were plenty of popular DC characters left is a mystery that may have been solved at some point, but not as far as I know. (Anyone?) But because Kenner had plans for a never-produced fourth wave of Super Powers, we do know exactly who Golden Pharaoh and Cyclotron crowded out of the line, including:

  • Man-Bat
  • Blue Devil
  • Bizarro
  • Deathstroke(!)
  • Supergirl
  • John Stewart
  • Obsidian
  • Reverse Flash
  • Kid Flash
  • The Black Racer
  • Mister Mxyzptlk

Again, Kenner also had plans for more crappy new characters (Howitzer–bleh). But the one thing we can say for sure is that Mr. Goldenbaldy here and his pal Cyclotron took up two spots that would have been better given to a real DC hero or villain.

3.) April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, NECA)

NECA is usually pretty good about getting the most-wanted figures out first in a toy line. Look at their Bioshock line–not a Jack or an Andrew Ryan among them. They gave fans what they wanted: Big Daddies.

But NECA seems to have gone through a lot of turmoil regarding their license for the TMNT Mirage toys. After releasing some of the finest action figures ever made and showing off incredible sculpts of Shredder, a Foot Soldier and a UTROMS during SDCC ’08, NECA’s TMNT plans seem to have stalled completely. There are various rumors as to why. In any event, they did manage to get one last figure out: an exclusive April O’Neil for SDCC ’09. She was also supposed to be released, in green and yellow variations, at comic shops in October, but that never happened.

That seemed OK at the time, but now that it appears the NECA TMNT line is dead, it’s very clear that the exclusive figure should have been Shredder, not April O’Neil. Like Mezco’s comic Abe Sapien, Shredder would have brought a sense of closure to the TMNT line that April certainly does not.

2.) Joey the Ball (The Goon, Mezco)

The top two spots on this list belong to Mezco, who seem to have applied the same logic to both lines. That logic goes like this: let’s not release all the iconic characters in the first or second wave of toys, because then we’ll sell any more waves.

I’ll give credit to Mezco for putting the Goon, Frankie, and the Zombie Priest in the first wave. That’s three of the four iconic characters from The Goon (it would have been tragic if they’d held Frankie to wave 2). But who got that fourth spot? Joey the Ball.

Joey the Ball?!

Joey the Ball appears in all of two pages of the one of the earliest Goon comics. No one, and I mean no one, needed a Joey the Ball figure. He was obviously included in the line so that Mezco would have a headliner for the second wave. But the line didn’t sell well enough for Mezco to produce a second wave, and thus, we never got a Buzzard action figure.

The Buzzard, who’s so popular he has his own spin-off, was the obvious choice for that fourth spot. If he’d been made, Mezco could at least have given us what was nearly the definitive Goon line. Instead, I have Joey the Ball, a character I care nothing about, wasting space in my display.

I think Mezco’s mistake here was thinking they could even get more than one wave of action figures out of The Goon. After Buzzard, there are really no more toyetic characters. But you can at least maximize the profit from that first wave.

1.) The Alien (Hellboy Comic, Mezco)

It’s important to note that as a standalone figure, the Alien doesn’t suck. In fact, he’s quite good, yet another example of Dave Cortes‘s amazing ability to translate Mike Mignola’s artwork into sculpted form. There’s little question that, in a general sense, Joey the Ball is a more worthless figure than the Alien.

The problem is the Alien cost us a much better figure from a wonderful, diverse franchise.

The mysterious aliens are barely a footnote in Hellboy lore. They show up completely out of the blue in a few panels of the first Hellboy graphic novel, Seed of Destruction, and make a return cameo in Conqueror Worm. To my knowledge, they’ve never popped up again (unless it was in an issue of B.P.R.D.–I’m not caught up on it yet). They’re interesting-looking, to be sure, but are they deserving of an action figure in a line that had, to that point, a mere ten figures (three of them Hellboy)? No.

The proposed third wave of Mezco’s comic Hellboy line would have included Rasputin and a Frog Monster–A FROG MONSTER, the only toy I want more than a yellow-and-green war ape. Both Rasputin–one of Hellboy’s greatest nemeses, if not his greatest–and the army-building-potential Frog Monster would have been a far better option than the Alien. And there are countless others–the Baba Yaga, Hecate (or the Iron Maiden), Kroenen, Abe (who we barely got as an exclusive), Kate Corrigan (who could have been Liz with a new head–I would have accepted that!), the werewolf from “The Wolves of St. August,” Vladimir Giurescu, the chain-arm-wielding Unmensch, or the creepy old hunchback (a.k.a. Giurescu’s father)–all from Wake the Devil, the Nazi techno-zombies from Conqueror Worm…the list goes on and on.

So why did we get the Alien? I assume for the same reason we got Joey the Ball–Mezco believed they wouldn’t be able to sell future waves without some headliners, and so they padded the second wave with a super-obscure character. I get the appeal of putting a fan-favorite like Lobster Johnson in the first wave of Hellboy figures (rumor is Mignola himself requested that), but the Alien is not a fan-favorite. He cost us a more interesting figure, and as such, he’ll always be a bittersweet part of my Hellboy collection.

HONORABLE(?) MENTION: Bob the Goon (Batman Movie Line, ToyBiz)

One Poester offered Bob the Goon from ToyBiz’s seminal Batman line, based on the 1989 movie, as an example of a figure that robbed us of a better one. I and a number of other collectors came to the defense of Bob, but he incited enough controversy that I decided he was worth bringing up here.

I can understand the argument against Bob’s inclusion–there were few enough figures in that line, and Bob seems like an odd choice. The problem, of course, is who’s a better choice than Bob? No kid wanted a figure of Vicki Vale, and the world did not need a figure of Robert Wuhl. So who’s left? I suppose there are the Joker’s mimes from the City Hall attack–they’re a tad more visually interesting than Bob–but no one likes mimes. Ever. So who does that leave? Alfred? Commissioner Gordon? Those guys are even more boring than Bob (who at least has, famously, a gun), and besides, it made more sense to increase the odds on the bad guys’ side than the good guys’ side.

But apparently I could go on about this all day. I leave it to you to decide Bob’s worthiness.

Thanks to Poesters Onigaijan, Fengschwing, Novelty, PrfkTear, Doc Thomas, Newton Gimmick, barbecue17 and FakeEyes22 for their assistance in writing this article.

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  • i agree. i need more hellboy toys.

    oddly enough i DID make my own Kate(BPRD)custom figure from a Liz figure. i gave her a new head a slightly tweaked paint job

  • I can actually answer the Superpowers reason. Apparently the team working on the line were huge Kirby fans, but due to the way the contract was drawn out he wouldn't get any money for his characters so they payed him to redisign the New Gods, and to create some new characters so they could give him royalties. Pretty nice of them actually.

  • I would say Golden Pharoah was more interesting than Cyclotron. Put the two side by side and it's pretty clear which one is more drab. The better idea would have been to rid the line of both of them, though. To think that I could've had a Super Powers Blue Devil instead makes me more than a little sad.

    Excellent list!

  • I thankfully have a set of Mooninites, Frylock and Meatwad. Not in 6 inch scale, but at least to sclae with a Master Shake. It's a shame Palisades went under. I still need a Carl.

    Bob the Goon, FTW!

  • I think it's a little harsh to pick on Mothmonsterman. It's a great figure even if it's an obscure character. Why not single out every other [adult swim] two pack? They were all pegwarmers except for the ATFH one. Was The Brak Show ever popular? It was the first [as] show to be canceled. If Palisades had made Brak and Zorak they could have at least been bought by Space Ghost fans. And Sealab 2021 figures were a bad idea. I like the show but the designs are too plain for action figures.

  • Great list, and a great topic!

    If only I had known to weigh in, I would have said the last few series of Muppets figures, which held back the release of the Sesame Street figures. Oh, Palisades, why?!?!

  • I've been waiting for this list! Great idea for an article!

    I have to come to the defense of Golden Pharaoh. He's been fun at my house for nearly 25 years! If you were going to make me pick one one – it's definitely Cyclotron based on design and Super Power.

    I still need to get that Alien (I've just never gotten around to him), but I definitely lament not getting Kate Corrigan, Ben Daimio, the Frog Monster, etc.

  • missing out on that Shredder (and not-Krang-but-really-Krang) was actually painful… for me it's tied with Oscar the Grouch.

    hard to blame Palisades for how they approached Adult Swim though, when it worked so well for the Muppets line. if they'd known they were going under, it might've been a different story. i love that we got Phil and the bear from Harvey Birdman though…

  • I've gotta disagree with you on April. I think she's equally as important as Shredder. Plus she came with the open-mouth Mouser.

    I actually didn't know the green/yellow ones were never released.

    Had the con exclusive been the Foot Soldier, then I'd have agreed with you.

    Great article though. I'm sure we can probably come up with some more.

  • @AFOS: No, I think Moth Monster Man deserves all the enmity he has coming towards him. Was it an okay figure, yeah I guess, but I don't know if I'd go as far as saying it was a great figure.

    When I mentioned MMM, I pretty much said I blame him and Any of the figures from the Palisades Toys Adult Swim line that were not Meatwad and Frylock. Even to this day I'll head in to a Newbury Comics or something and still find one of those SeaLab sets on the shelf, they aught to just put them out of their misery and relegate them to the discount bin.

    I went to Wizard World in Boston in '05 and I was just lucky enough to get the Wizard World (or was it ComicCon?) exclusive multi pack that had Meatwad, Shake, Frylock, and the Mooninites. I was hesitant to buy it (spending $25 was a lot for me at the time) but I'm glad I did because it makes a great souvenir from the Con, and also at least I got the three main ATHF characters in toy form.. Did anyone ever pick up the Carl that was put out in that [Adult Swim] blind-box series?

  • Got one.

    Street Fighter minimates.

    Only lasted one wave (re-painted several times over).

    We got Ryu vs Akuma, Chun-Li vs Bison, and (because of the Darkstalkers franchise), Dimitri and Lilith/Morrigan.

    Wave 2 was slated to include Blanka vs. Ken and Guile vs. Zangief, but instead of a more rounded set of Street Fighter minimates, we got stuck with two stand alone Darkstalkers characters.

    Lame sauce.

    What could have been:

  • Yeah…
    Sorry about turning that thread into the Bob the Goon Support Group. My irrational hatred certainly backfired on me there. I still would have preferred one of the similarly dressed goons that Batman actually fought, or perhaps a blister carded punch directly into my 11 year old jaw.

    Great list though! Most of these at least has good intentions of lengthening the lines behind them. I've avoided buying into smaller collector lines for years for fear of disappointment like this.

    I'd tie Tyr with Golden Paharoah for being a design deemed too crappy for the X-Men. Honorable mention to Jabba's fat dancer for having a surviving prototype while so many other potential vintage Star Wars figures likely didn't even make it that far.

  • Joker- " Bob. Gun"

    Bob dutifully hands over the gun.


    THAT'S why he should be there!

  • Only damn reason i even got a Joey the Ball was for the piece of the buildable zombie he came with. Very well sculpted and likeness to the character but seriously a huge wasted space. I would've LOVED a poseable zombie (similar to the Attack of the Liveing Dead line from Mezco)as the 4th figure if they were saving Buzzard because I, along with most Goon fans, would've easily built up a gang of zombies to go with Zombie Priest against Goon and Frankie. Thank goodness we got the ATOTLD line so I could have multiple zombies for Goon and Frankie to pulverize.

  • Oh, the NECA TMNT still hurts, but I'll remain in denial until BBTS takes them off their perpetual pre-order.

    @Americanhyena: I must disagree. I loved the turtles since I got the first Eastman/Laird issue (granted, third printing) and Shredder is the ONLY choice for human follow-up, with a Foot real close behind. The only saving grace is the April wasn't stylized after the rotten 'toon.

  • The Superman comic line from the mid nineties brought us Conduit, a villain whom DC tried to make special, but no one wanted him and he clogged the shelves, cuaseing the line to die before we got so many more iconic Superman villains.

    Ahab, Fitzroy and so many other Marvel 7th tier X-Characters clogged the shelves, cuaseing the Jim Lee Jean Grey and a non-exclusive Kitty Pryde to be missed out on.

    Just two more examples.

  • @Caption Scott: no, you know the toy line that pisses me off? the TB LOTR line! we got what, five or six waves of b and c list characters, instead of getting… ha! what do you know, every single character in the movie, in almost every outfit, got released… sorry i doubted TB, i'm loyal again.

    talk about a line that paced itself just right, covered every major character they should have, in an appropriate amount of time… the only character i wanted and didn't get was tom bombadil, who didn't make the film anyways. and on exchange for tom, i got gothmog, who played a very small role in the novels, turned into a seriously badass and one of the most delightful of my crippled character collection.

  • 1- I wholeheartedly agree about NECA's TMNT line, but I've yet to lose all hope. That said, April should have NEVER come before Shredder, especially if they already knew that the line was heading into limbo. That's just a bad judgement call, no matter which way you look at it.

    2- One of the bigger "slot" disappointments for me was the "lost" 4th wave of Legendary Comic Book Heroes. It was supposed to have The Rocketeer & Nexus, amongst others. Not only are they two of my favorite "indy" characters, but they're also two visually interesting designs, from (arguably) two bonafide comicdom legends. To lose those two to crap (my opinion) like "Stryker" & "Ripclaw", who are creations of the most forgettable (& frankly, embarrassing) time in comics, still stings to this very day.

  • Here's a suggestion: "Newborn" Lurtz from the Toybiz Fellowship of the Ring line. Danged useless chunk of greasy Orc flesh probably cost us a Numenorian soldier (the only one of the Last Alliance characters from the Prologue to never be produced).

  • I just realized who was robbed by Bob the Goon!

    Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent.

    Boring figure, sure, but he was robbed years later by a Tommy Lee Jones recasting, so he deserves it.

    That Batman Forever Two-Face with its permenantly sculpted gun in hand cost us all a valuable possession called dignity.

  • I'm afraid the third version of Library Ray with bigger stack of books will be the cause of no Vigo, Gozer, Terror Dogs, Librarian or non-mego Real Ghostbuster Toys. 🙁

  • I was thinking about this topic some more. It is a shame that with Sigma 6, we never got Scarlett, the Baroness, or Jinx. Tons of unique characters, but never a lady.

  • @gambit320: I know the story about Kirby redesigning the New Gods for SP, but I've never heard that he created Golden Pharaoh or Cyclotron. I'll need some confirmation on that.

    @americanhyena: See, I wouldn't have included a Foot Soldier on this list, because he would have been both a.) an army builder, and b.) more importantly, a bad guy for the Turtles to fight. My April–whom NECA didn't even have the courtesy to give a gun or a piece of equipment–just stands around my display, watching the Turtles fight Mousers.

    @FakeEyes22: Again, Williams's Harvey Dent is still just a dude in a suit. Boring! At least Bob had a funny hat, a Joker patch, and a gun (for, as Mumma Ghostal noted, the Joker to shoot him with).

    @Nik: That could still happen, but I deliberately avoided MOTUC and GB because both of those lines are still in progress. It would be unfair to list any of those examples, no matter how unwanted a figure is, until the lines are canceled (I'm assuming for the purposes of this list that the NECA TMNT is canceled).

    Are there any lame B-listers that we got in Mattel's cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender line instead of Katara? Jet counts, right? Is there anyone even less desirable?

  • The TMNT line I'd have to agree with being the biggest disappointment. Been waiting for a good figure of the Shredder to come out sine I was a kid and NECA's looked so cool.

    I'm still hoping they are somehow able to put him and Krang out, though every year that goes by that gets more and more unlikely. It'd be nice if the used to be fan friendly NECA would just tell people what was going on.

  • I'll have to add to the list the LOTR Minimates. I just finished collecting the whole set, and wonder why I have a Grima Wormtongue figure but no Witchking, no Faramir, no human troop builders, no Arwen, no Eomer, no Eowyn, no Bilbo, and no Galadriel.

  • @Mario:

    See, I wanted to use the Legendary Comic Book Heroes line as an example too (bitter about missing that Frost Giant and Mean Machine), but the figures were just too well done to complain. Even the two you mention (Stryker's triple arm is tits).

    Also the Rocketeer figure was never actually slated. Per Jesse Falcon the licensing fee Disney wanted was so ludicrous that they never really considered it.

  • True… I just couldn't resist though! I've got a running joke with a friend of mine where we just randomly do that to one another.

  • How about SOTA's Street Fighter line. It just needed Dee Jay in the line up to complete all of the SF2 cast. Instead we got a hand full of Alpha and SF3 characters like Sodom, Adon, Gen, Sakura, Birdie, Ibuki, Remy, Dan and R. Mika.

  • nice list. have to agree with both shreeder being replaced by april for shredder would have been a nice way to end the line. and also still can not believe given all the dc characters Kenner filled slots with made up characters like golden pharoh who looks like lex luthor in gold paint. i would also add the x-men missle flyers that never made it was to include jean with a phoenix force as the launcher.

  • Bob is kinda like the Meat "figure" from that Rocky line a few years back. I love it because it's ridiculous and makes you wonder why the hell they make it.

  • @Poe: In the Mattel Avatar line, we also got King Bumi (twice) and Avatar Roku (again, twice). Not that they're inconsequential characters or anything, but I would've much preferred Katara and Toph. Also, Uncle Iroh, who isn't even an icky GIRL!

    I'm with RageTreb on Bob. When he was first announced (even before I saw the movie), I knew that I would own him. "Bob the Goon." It's like poetry.

    And I second the notion that Remy should've been Dee Jay in the SOTA Street Fighter line.

  • That TMNT NECA line ending still stings. That and when they just ended the Street Fighter IV line when a NEW Street Fighter game was about to hit. Jerry from old SOTA would have killed to have that popularity boost when he was making figures. He put out 26 figures when Street Fighter was dead. Imagine what he could do when it's popular again?

    They couldn't release Turtle variants with colored masks? Or release the Foot Ninja that would have been a sure sell-out because it's an army builder?

    And SOTA's Street Fighter is another misfire with it's out of scale Preview figures. The president of New SOTA wanted to make Rainbow Mika instead of Dee Jay!

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  • NICE…..Bob the Goon, what fond memories i have of a hilarious figure. When my lil bro and i had our action figure wars, he'd always perish in the worst ways….. (still got him somewhere!) TOY BIZ!

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  • can't believe april got on this list for after all she is part of the turtles history as much as shredder and have to agree what where they thinking with joey the ball of all characters though one should at least be happy the goon got the plastic treatment. and actully there were more waves planned for super powers .