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She-Ra™ Bio

Real Name: Adora of the House of Randor

Channeling the combined Power of the Universe and the Wisdom of the Elders of Eternia®, Adora transforms into She-Ra™, the Most Powerful Woman in the Universe™. Her strength comes not from brute force but from sheer will and her cunning magical powers and healing abilities. She also has the power to communicate telepathically with animals. As both She-Ra™ and Adora, she helped lead the Great Rebellion of Etheria against the Horde invaders. Later, when Hordak™ found an escape to Eternia®, she followed him along with several of her friends and allies. Once there, the Princess of Power™ joined forces with the now renegade Masters of the Universe®, who without King Randor™ had become outcasts in their own land, fighting against Hordak’s new tyranny!

Portrait Art Source: Vintage She-Ra poster (via MOTUCPortal)

When She-Ra’s bio was initially revealed, some fans took issue with the phrasing that “her strength comes not from brute force but from sheer will and cunning magical powers and healing abilities.” These fans interpreted this to mean She-Ra was somehow weaker than He-Man, and that it was reinforcing sexist stereotypes. Well, both of those things might be true, but Scott Neitlich is right when he states that those lines come straight from official POP marketing text. And as much as one could read it as “She-Ra is weaker than He-Man,” one could also read it as, “He-Man is a thick-headed jock who fixed problems by punching them” while She-Ra is “cunning” and wields magical powers. (I dare anyone to make a compelling argument that the overall example of He-Man in the Filmation series is that problems are best solved by an application of brute force, preferably punching.)

It’s tough that Adora/She-Ra had to lead the Great Rebellion against the Horde invaders–you know, the ones that were sent there by her own ancestor, King Grayskull. On a side note, I wonder if–through the vagaries of cross-dimensional time and space–King Grayskull’s banishment of the Horde to Despondos caused Hordak to arrive in Despondos just a few years before Adam and Adora were born? Sort of a relativistic effect, perhaps. I’m just looking for an explanation as to how Hordak survives the five hundred years between King Grayskull and Randor, unless he’s just a long-lived creature.

Now, the last part of this bio is the most interesting, and to be honest I’d totally forgotten about it. The idea of the Heroic Warriors being outcasts in their own land was part of the Four Horsemen’s original pitch for the 200X revamp. However, in the Horsemen’s version, it was Skeletor who had ousted Randor and the heroes, not Hordak. So it’s possible this idea is based not on the Four Horsemen’s pitch, but on the unproduced third and fourth seasons of the 200X cartoon.

In any event, the idea of the heroes of Eternia being on the defensive is intriguing. Of course, we already know that Skeletor comes out on top and then takes off to conquer the galaxy…leaving one to wonder exactly what happens to Eternia. I suppose the heroes defeat the Horde, possibly with Skeletor betraying/defeating Hordak at the last moment, and then rather than confronting the heroes, Skeletor simply takes off to conquer the Horde (planning to return to Eternia with the Horde behind him someday).

Of course, this is all speculation. Still, that’s one heck of an interesting plot line they’ve opened up here.

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  • What I don't understand is how She-Ra could be just as strong as He-Man. Look at her muscles compared to his. Is it sexist to say that a muscle headed freak would be able to bench more than a more normal looking person? No!

  • @Paul: I always assumed that both He-Man and She-Ra's strength was mystically enhanced. I mean, if we're talking about a naturally realistic proportion between muscles and strength level, He-Man would just be a giant, Akira-like mountain of muscle. Not really that toyetic.

  • well, the implication is certainly there that's she's not as "brute force" powerful, but more magically inclined and capable of healing magicks that he-man isn't. in other words, the cop-out "woman's role" in fantasy of cleric.

    as for poe's musing on hordak's age, i always took him as some kinf of vampire, given the bat motif, and as such, i think the ravages of time are not really his concern, any more than they seem to concern the Faceless Master. then again, given the vitality of randor, man at arms, and fisto, despite their age, i'd say people on eternia age much more slowly than people on earth. hell, skeletor is old enough to be he-man's dad, and regularly manages fist fights w/ the most powerful man in the universe and makes contests of them!

  • @Poe: @Paul: Muscle size is irrelevant in geek-fiction. I mean, Superman and Wonder Woman are WAY stronger than Bane, who has much larger muscles.

  • @Poe: Yeah, I actually didn't mean to reply to you, but I inadvertently, and unknowingly, hit the "reply" button when I went to click your Akira link.

  • ♪She-Ra! She-Ra!♫ victim of Gender-stereotyping. Her inability to end Hordak's evil rule on Etheria doesn't help her "She's as strong as He-Man" cause. Her bio should've read: "Her strenght does not come ONLY from brute force…" so she woudn't look as a watered-down He-Man with boobs.

    The Rebellion seems to win when Hordak finds his way to Eternia… NOT because She-Ra defeated Hordak.

    Questions that we know the Matty answer is "Keep reading the bios!":

    Where is Randor? DOA, MIA, AWOL,BBQ?

    What was Adam/He-Man doing when Randor stopped being there? or Skeletor for that matter…

    If Adam/He-Man was in Primus when Randor was King no more; Wasn't Hordak defeated by Skeletor BEFORE He-Man and Skeletor were sent to Primus? (Unless the Eternian Hordak is a revived Hordak due to the techno-organic virus)

    Hordak's timeline on Etheria is kinda needed. 500 years of conquest is long enough to remember the peaceful days before the Horde came on Etheria.

  • One thing that wasn't mentioned, but i'm kind of curious about is She-Ra's ability to talk to animals. Does that mean that Battle-cat and Swiftwind don't talk now? Or is it something that's unique to only certain animals?

    And one more thing; Did Hordak kill Randor? That's the impression i'm getting from that last sentence.

  • @Stephen: She-Ra can talk to non-talking animals… (not only Swift Wind and Battle Cat) kinda like Aquaman, but not restricted to fish.

  • I can't find anything objectionable in this bio. That's rare.

    The line about her strength doesn't bother me. From what we've been told it's a nod to the original marketing kit. I'm fine with that. I personally don't think she's as strong as He-Man, and that would still make her the second physically strongest character in the property.

    Something else potentially significant I notice is that the bio doesn't state that She-Ra and the rebels defeat the Horde on Etheria. It only says when Hordak found an escape to Eternia, She-Ra and her friends follow him to Eternia. That's potentially interesting.

    I have no doubt the rebels could easily defeat the Horde with Hordak gone, so maybe that's not a problem. Maybe Shadow Weaver stays behind to maintain Hordak's rule on Etheria with Hordak relocated on Eternia.

    Maybe Hordak really doesn't give a crap about Etheria and only took it as a consolation prize while he was trying to get back to Eternia.

    I don't know. Either way it's interesting.

    And I love that the POP characters finally get to go adventuring on Eternia. All the good guys united. Awesome.

    Very good bio for a change. One of the best I think.

  • I am pretty into this bio, as I love the Horde and I love everything about Hordak and King Grayskull. I think putting Etheria inside of Despondos was actually a pretty good idea.

  • @Snarf! Snarf!: That’s what I got from it too. In fact, I think Wonder Woman once possessed a similar ability at some point in her publishing history.

  • @ Diego Sanches: Given that the Sword of Protection was cloned from the Sword of Power that already had a whole bunch of He-Men protecting it, then the chances of a older generartion She-Ra is limited

    . . . however, the guys at Roast Gooble [with a guest panelist, who's name escpaes me] did note that Sharella could have been to She-ra, like what He-Ro was to He-man – ok its a little vague cuz the names are somewhat similar [Sha-Rella] but it would give the Princess of Power a lil more history and some firm mystic Etertian roots . . .

  • In before "Don't mix these females with my meaty barbarians man" comments.

    Ah, era wars. They're in every toyline.

  • Something I find interesting about this bio, or more accurately – about peoples reactions to this bio:

    Some fans get up in arms about any implication of She-Ra not being as strong as He-Man. That's ridiculous to me. Those same fans seem to be perfectly okay with She-Ra being more powerful than He-Man (his strength, but with a metric assload of other powers too).

    Call it sexist if you want, but there's nothing wrong with the two characters having -different- powers. She-Ra's not as strong as He-Man, but compensates with a load of other abilities that He-Man very clearly does not have.

    What's wrong with that? Nothing, if you ask me. My She-Ra is not as strong as He-Man.

    Anyway, the whole 'outcasts' thing is pretty interesting. This bio does set up some cool storyline possibilities and I'm looking forward to seeing where it all goes.