MOTUC Updates & new pics from Mattel

For those of you who rather foolishly like normal people don’t follow Mattel’s Facebook page obsessively, here’s the latest update.

Hey gang,

A few new MOTUC updates for you.

1: We just got in early samples of Buzz-Off in package. Note that we will see if there is time to turn his helmet around in package. Still pending.

2: Got some new images of Battle Armor Skeletor as well with the chest plates and axe. Still not 100% final, but getting closer. Check out those purple feet just like fans demanded!

3: Grizzlor’s head is removable. Earlier we had thought it would not be. Looks like I spoke to soon!

4: The Palace Guards are slipping out a bit due to some logistics (yes we know how you feel about this word…). Look for them now at the start of 2011. Note they are not part of the 2011 subscription even if they slip out to early 2011 avail.

A lot more MOTUC greatness is coming in 2011. We should have the April figure to reveal soon. The sculpt just came in and looks fantastic. Once it is painted we’ll reveal this next figure to the fans. Here is a hint, he is a member of the Masters….

That’s it for now, see you in the toy aisles or on!


My thoughts:

I’m liking BS Skeletor. The purple axe and feet are great.

I’m OK with the Guards slipping (though man oh man, do I wish they’d just make them part of the 2011 sub). I’ll be broke enough as it is with the holidays in December.

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  • Palace Guards. Delayed? 2011?!

    This is FANTASTIC!!!

    If we can push that bad boy out another month or two, thats FINE by me. Spending $80 in December ten days before Christmas that is really needed for stuff like, ya know, presents and stuff would not have been possible.

  • I could care less about Buzz-off. I'm not getting him so the helmet issue is moot for me.

    Same with Grizzlor. Not interested in him at all.

    The Guards I'm mixed on. I'd like to get them right away so I don't have to deal with Matty next year when the sub kicks in. But I'm also a bit relieved I won't have to fight the Grizzlor/Grayskull people to get them either. And my wallet can breathe a bit for the holidays too.

    BA Skeletor looks pretty cool. I like the painted feet though I wish they'd used the Hordak feet instead. But he still looks good as is.

  • I'm fine with delaying the Palace Guards. I think that works out better for most people.

    So we knew Grizzlor's face was removable, but that says his head is also removable now. Am I interpreting that correctly?

    I preferred the blue feet on Skelly but it's a minor issue. I also would have preferred him to have his loin cloth piece, but either way BA Skelly has always been my favorite Skelly variant. I can't wait. He still looks great.

  • I like the dark slashes on the Skeletor arnor, it looks more punctured than dented.

    I know ToyGuru wanted Grizzlor to have a removeable face, despite no 200X face. He's smart and wants to keep future options open. What's odd to me is an excited announcement that the face comes off when its a completely unique feature. There's nothing else to put there yet, so the sentence has led some to believe that the extra face is now included. I'm pretty sure it isn't, but it's cool that the possibility is kept open for later.

    The Guards can wait, although I was hoping my new sub would keep me off of that hellish site until the vehicle and diorama pieces. The Guard ad in ToyFare really undersells how much they come with!

  • um, poe, is that a freudian slip there? BS skeletor? the battle armor figs aren't my favorites either, but DAMN man! 🙂

    like most, i'm more than ok w/ the guards getting delayed until after the holidays… almost makes one wonder if they heard the general public begging for a break before the holidays nad that didn't create a logistics issue… but that would require benevolent overlords and we know matty ain't.

    buzz off's helmet is backwards in the pack… seriously, if that's a deal breaker for anyone, they just need to stop buying the toys entirely and get their whole head in front of the shotgun. jesus horatio christ what some people complain about…

  • I'd forgotten that Battle Armor Skeletor had the furry underwear and not the leather straps.

    I know they've gone to great lengths to make this figure accurate to the vintage one, but if it had had the leather straps loincloth and the Keldor boots, I wouldn't have complained.

    I wouldn't have wanted the Hordak boots, however, because those are just a little too uniquely Hordak. Just my opinion, but I would have found it distracting.

  • @dayraven: I agree with you regarding Buzz-Off's helmet. Okay, I guess it could be an annoyance to MOC collectors, but if that was a deal breaker, yeah, they should just stop collecting. People just loooove to complain!

    Does anyone rembember back in the early '00s with the millennium line: did people complain this much with that line?

  • @Dead Man Walking: Evidently you didn't hang around very much back then. There were a lot of complaints from the vintage-fan crowd–borderline flamewars, as I recall. I think Reilly can back me up on this…

    In fact, I first made my acquaintance with the Four Horsemen because they'd noticed how strongly I defended the new designs on the forums. (And I've never changed my tune on that, though there are some design choices I was never a fan of–Tri-Klops's pre-posed stance, for instance.)

    Now the shoe, of course, is on the other foot–namely, vintage fans'.

  • @PrfktTear: No, because the designs were AMAZING, and it was the first He-Mans stuff in 10 years. Only now do people pretend like they hated it.

  • Yup, it was pretty bad back then. I remember the heat and flaming when Mattel had the He-Man 200X statue on display. There were many vintage fans who totally hated the style of the 200X figures and bashed the line completely.

  • Mattel is going to have to piss off customers somehow in December. Battle Cat reissue along with Moss Man reissue is perfect for this. Even though Moss Man isn’t allegedly reissued until 2011. “Things always change in the toy world.”

  • Concerning Buzz-Off, I still fail to join the buzz (yup, cheap pun) about him. Figure’s okay, but it doesn’t excite me. I’m keeping fingers crossed that just like Chief Carnivus, Buzz-Off will convince me once he arrives here.

    I’m happy about Skeletor finally getting real boots. The bluish toenails are silly, though. I would’ve painted those in the armor’s metallic tone. But no biggie. I’m still far more annoyed by the axe. If at least that one was bluish with white or transculent top… .

    Grizzlor head: Why even bother if we don’t get the twothousandex- err, “modern” head?
    Speaking of which: Anybody read Toyguru’s post at the org about Moss Man “accidentally” being promoted as featuring a 200X head – though “in fact” it is based on Beast Man’s head, just with a new expression?
    Whatever you say, Mr. Neitlich, as long as it gets us alternative heads for certain characters… .

  • I'm not surprised to hear that. I've never been an active member of those forums. If this tells you anything: I joined in September 2003, and to this day, I still only have 110 posts there.

    Now that I'm actually thinking of it, I do belive I recall backlash against the millennium line's designs. I for one thought they were awesome. I still remember drooling over the pics of the new Skeletor, Beastman, and Trap Jaw featured in Toy Fare. The pre-posing was shit, but everything else was cool.

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